More Free Money From Softcard!


Update: I’m in for 16 boxes of cereal on sale at CVS for $1.99 each and hope to get $320 in Amazon gift cards! How about you?

Originally posted on 10/01:

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You can get a $20 Amazon gift card for each card that you add to your Softcard (formerly ISIS) wallet and use at least once.

So far between my account and my wife’s account Softcard has:
-Paid us $25 each to signup for free.
-Paid us $20 each for spending $40 on Serve last month for Amazon gift cards.
-Paid us $10 each in Amazon gift cards for using the Softcard app to buy something.
And they pay $1 every time we use Serve in Softcard.
-Most importantly, allow us to upload a total of $36,000 per year on credit cards for free to Serve to pay off credit card bills or transfer into checking account. All from the comfort of my home.  Plus of course we can load another $36,000 from debit cards from home to Serve and another $120,000 of gift cards at WalMart and Family Dollar stores per year.  That all adds up to a lot of miles especially if you’re getting 5 miles per dollar on gift cards…

But now they will give us a $20 Amazon gift card for each credit card that we add to our Softcard wallets and use to make a purchase between today and 10/31/14. I have a feeling that I’m going to have some fun at Walgreens and my local kosher Subway. Who in the world ever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch 😀

Gift cards will be sent by email 14 days after using each credit card. There is no minimum spend requirement. There’s no limit to the number of gift cards you can earn, but you can only earn 1 gift card per credit card added to your Softcard wallet.

Gosh I love this company.

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Dan you’re great


I signed up yesterday why didn’t I get the $50 credit? And where can I check my credit.


I have Tmobile service, with a Tmobile Advance sim card and the note 3. but i got it on amazon and not from tmobile, and when i try to download the softcard app play store says my phone is not compatible with the app. anyone know anyway around it?


Whoever said that was definitely not a DD reader!


Do the gift cards have to be added after a certain date, or is it retroactive?


The signup bonuses come and go.
We each got $25 when we signup up.

I think currently VZW signups can get $25 for using the wallet 5 times.

True that.

Not sure what you mean.
You need to add the credit cards and use them between today and 10/31


I cannot find their app for apple products, do they have one?

Dan's great

Dan, can i get the Maaser of those multiple $20 u will get? 😀

Gosh I love Dan…


This is amazing! Dan, from what I have read, there seems to be no way to use an iphone on tmobile (only android). Correct?


Thanks Dan!
I believe that one can get a GC for each AU card (Amex, Chase Business, or any other AU card that has a different number) am I right?


And don’t forget the additional 30 $ u will get for sbs for each user !


I don’t think it will work with iOS 8.

You would have to buy an NFC case for iPhone to work. And I think you have to be using iOS 7.

I don’t see why not 😀

Like I said, this is going to be fun. Though I will be sick of Subway.

SBS is going to be rocking!


What’s the cheapest way to take advantage of all these softcard promos if I don’t have a smartphone? And the cheapest data plan?


When you say “debit card” do you mean Visa gift card bought at staples?

Dfw jon

Anyway i can use this with an iphone 5? What case can i get?

Sprint iphone?

I have an iphone with sprint, anyway to get softcard/isis?


Seems like this will only work with Amex, Chase and Wells Fargo cards.


There are some debit cards that earn miles.

@Dfw jon:
An NFC case.
Look on Amazon or eBay.

@Sprint iphone?:



Local kosher grocery has touch pay capability? Or as long as the card is added, you can use the hard card to pay?


For SBS I’ll be using the physical Serve card (and the 4 physical cards of my Serve AUs.

That has nothing to do with Softcard.


) : I have a Verizon phone but can’t get it. After calling Verizon a few times they finally figured it out. Corporate account are not eligible for softcard. Nu nu

Gmar chasima tova


I have a Verizon corporate account.

Do you have the NFC/Secure Element SIM?


Can more than Serve card be added to one Softcard?



Either way the Serve account has to be created in the Softcard app to get the added benefits.


can i add my wife’s amex card on my ISIS or she has to have her own ISIS account?

Dan's the man

Dan, are you going to add all 613 of your credit cards? Remember it’s a mitzvah to eat this Friday. You can go to the kosher Subway a few times on Friday. 🙂


how do i add AMEX cards with a different username


I am trying to add chase cards and it hives me a message to call chase. and they have no clue….


1. Do you think you are able to MS more now than with BB ? Or its just less of a hassle so you don’t have to go to Walmart?
2. Will this work with a tablet on Wifi or does it have to be a Verizon Smart Phone on verizon data ?


How do I load at doller store and walmart. Do I need that money sentey mashine or it’s with a cashier?


I have created my serve account without Isis. I won’t get all the benefits?
יש תרופה למכתי?


Is it worth it to buy vanilla reload cards when I’m only getting one chase ur point per dollar



Dan, are you sure? i don’t think he softcard app is even in the appstore, so NFC case won’t work


Why not get her her own account?

Definitely less of a hassle either way.

No idea about a tablet.


Close your current Serve and reopen it from the app.

Where are you buying them? A gas station?
It’s very worthwhile. Especially if you are meeting a spend threshold.

Not sure at all. I’m an Android guy.


hmmm, may be worth it to switch from Sprint to Verizon for this….


It’s worth switching for the better service. This is just gravy.

Definitely worth switching from iPhone to Android 😀


With the chase cards it does not work for an AU only the primary card holder is it the same with serve au’s?


Is there an amount that needs to be spent with The activated card or any 99 cent purchase will get me the $20 Amazon GC?


If I currently live in Toronto, and do not have Verizon, but my father lives in NY and has Verizon, can I get Isis on his phone and sync it with my serve account?


how do i add my amex cards when each is registered under a different username?


lol, I knew you would say that 🙂

Though I’m not sure why you think I have an iPhone…


Serve AUs don’t work for the $20 GC anyway.

Read the post.


Move them into one account?

Nah, wasn’t choshed you of such a thing 😉
Just telling the previous iPhone commenters.


What does Walgreen’s and Subway have to do with the $20 Amazon gift card?


Only limited stores accept Softcard wallet.
Those are 2 of them around me.


Any way to get Softcard for Blackberry?


Hi, I currently have a serve card. I do not have softcard yet. IF I download softcard today – can I still take advantage of these offers?


I think I saw, somewhere on your site, directions for getting offers on a Serve card (via Twitter). Where can I find that?
Thank you!



Check out the terms of the offer again. Prepaid cards don’t qualify. So Serve is out completely


@Sara Re: your Chase question. I had a similarly painful experience with Chase CS. But I figured out why it wasn’t going thru online. It’s because my Chase cards say MR before my name. Do yours say MS? If so that has to be part of your name


Upgrade to Android?

Yes. But you need to close and reopen it in Softcard to take advantage of higher limits and no monthly fee.

Just register your card unmber like any other AMEX.

Serve works for SBS which is what I was talking about in the comments.


Hey dan can you please explain the loading 36000 on to your credit card and 120000 by Walmart and family dollar. Thanks


Thanks for the quick reply! The difference is that Serve has to be done via Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter account, and am unfamiliar with it. Hence my request for instructions. If you haven’t written it up, don’t worry; I’ll find it elsewhere… Thanks again.


Yeah… Maybe one day… 😉


Dan, anyway to get it to work with VZ Prepaid? 4G phone with NFC sym card


You said “There are some debit cards that earn miles”
Any suggestions?


I have Sprint and in the middle of a two year contract. Can I get a Verison phone with an account that doesn’t require a contract and will allow me to get the SIM card I need for SoftCard? Whatever the monthly fee is it should be well off set by the benefits of Softcard correct?


Bluebird qualifies for the credit ?


@dan I’m not trying to finish a spending threshold I’m just buying them to accumulate points. And what’s the difference where I buy them ?


Do i need to use my phone to pay or can i use my serve card.


If I already have cards attached, do I have to remove them and reattach them to get the bonus?

If so how do you remove them?


@rediplus I have a tablet and I can’t put softcard on it
@Dan I was basically asking, what do I do if I’ve already added my cards to Softcard before Oct 1? It seems that they don’t currently qualify for the promo, right? Maybe it will work if I delete and re-add them?


can I download softcard with a verizon android using pageplus service? or needs to be straight from verizon? (pageplus uses verizon service and verizon phones)


1 Is pageplus considered Verizon? They use Verizon net work.
2 Where in Brooklyn can I use softcard?
3 I have an andorid phone but there is no sin card. Can I just put any sim card in or do I need a special one? Thanks


can I add my card’s to my husband’s softcard if I don’t have a smartphone?


Non of my Chase credit cards is accepted! It’s only work with very few Chase, American Express, and Well Fargo credit cards.


I tried to add and Ink+ card and it will not work. Anyone else have this issue?


I just bought cat food at CVS using Softcard tap-to-pay from my enrolled Chase Freedom. 84 cents with tax. I paid 25 cents of it with what was left of the 5% iterative bonuses on my Cadillac test drive gift card ($100 > $5 > $0.25 > …I guess I now have $0.0125 left to spend 😉 and the other 59 cents on my Freedom card. Anyone need a can of cat food?

cash advance

I tried to load my serve account with a chase ink card and the charge was declined. after speaking to chase I was told that the amount I tried to add was over my CASH ADVANCE limit which I set to $1. any idea why its considered cash advance. would I be any different if I were to use a chase freedom card instead?


@cash advance
I tried to fund a 2k to a bank once, with 700 cash limit. It was denied and when I called they said it was over my limit. But then I tried again and it worked. I guess it was just red flagged.
My advice is, try again now.

cash advance

did you try it again that same day or did you wait a few days?


Dan what is SBS?

cash advance

i tried using the ink again and it didn’t work, i then used my freedom and it went through but i believe it showed up as a cash advance on my card. has anyone else tried to load serve today using a chase credit card?


Can I add my Citi AA mastercard to this?

cashing out

anyone know if you can load onto softcard Gift Cards from lets say staples or walgreens..etc via softcard and then withdraw actual cash into my bank from the Gift cards???


@cash advance
I tried the same day.
Used the freedom.
Maybe things changed…

Credit Cards

According to the Chase registration process, only the Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire, Chase Slate and JPMorgan Palladium credit cards belonging to the primary cardmember can be loaded.

For Wells Fargo and American Express, you will need to log into your online account(s) to add the credit cards.


apparently chase ink doesnt work


@credit cards
just to clarify that… I believe that only applies to softcard. I don’t think loading serve has the same restrictions

Credit Cards


That’s correct, only applies to Softcard.

Eli O

So if I want to load my serve acct (not linked to ISIS/softcard) with my Ink Plus card it should work no problem?


@Alejandro: due to apple pay iPhone 6 and 6+ are locked with the new ios8. soft card is currently in negotiations with apple. a resolution is not expected until 2015.


You can load money from your credit card at home and from gift cards at Walmart.

Because different stores have different bonuses.


Worth a shot.

@cash advance:
Just made a funding yesterday and it looks like its a purchase as usual.



@Eli O:
I’ve done that.


I am having trouble with my chase freedd and sapphire. Can anyone help? It’s not. A problem of the name, I typed it as is, but it’s just not letting mew add them. Anyone have and solve this issue?


Also a lot of vending machines accept soft card now (they still call it Isis though)


just making sure i understand. only the freedom, slate, and sapphire are able to be used for this promotion? what about the chase BA, United, Hyatt etc. ?!


I don’t see how to transfer from my loaded Serve card into my checking acc’t. Where is that option on the Serve website after logging?


Anyone getting confirmation emails confirming a purchase with the newly added card and qualifying for this offer?


How do I add au on my amex ? Its all in the same account but it seems like it just let me you the primary card…..


I seem to have a $200 daily limit on my serve card. I signed up for Serve through softcard. I did not receive and activate my serve card in the mail yet. Will the $200 limit increase once I activate my Serve?


@bob: So to clarify, I must open the serve account thru softcard app? Also, can i aownload softcard on my ipad – and then transfer everything to my phone when it comes?


Can I do this if I am abroad this year?


Why does your local subway have to be a kosher one? My local subway, on the corner of Kingston is one of the easiest ways to meet such spend requirements, and at the machine no one even gives you funny looks. (Make sure there’s no one behind you in line)


me neither


Hi Dan please explain how to get $320 by buying 16 boxes of cereal thanks


Still waiting to see the $20 amazon gift card….. 19 days and counting.


@Abe: First you open your eyes, then you wash negel vaser, & finally you read the post.


same as Moe. Been waiting forever. Did anyone get a confirmation or anything promising?


Dan, got a basic question: Can I just add the credit cards to Softbank app? Do I need to have Serve for this 20$ Amazon gift card promotion? I have BlueBird and I have to close that first before I can get Serve.


how do i get softcard on my iphone5s??


Patience is a virtue.
I’m not worried.


How can I add all my amex cards and AU under 1 log in so I can ass all AU for this $20.00 Deal?


Just returned from a Target in SE Pennsylvania and they have still not received their kits for the Prepaid REDcard. They just finished inventory this week and for this reason they have not received any shipments until inventory has been confirmed. I will check back later this week. Any suggestions to obtain my card sooner? Please advise.


@Peregrino: Yes, keep driving west in PA and you might find one.


Does chase get frustrated from users loading too much money to serve from their ink card each month? Is that asking to get A/A’d?

M Josef

Yes. Once you receive and activate your card, your limit will increase to the $500.


dan how do u know when you will recieve the giftcard by email? how do you know if you did the offer correctly. does it matter if you make a purchase and then return it right away? i have no way of contacting them about the offer.


Just received email with Amazon gift card of $140!!!!! Softcard deal forced me to combine my 7 AMEX cards (including secondary cards) onto 1 login ID. Bought 7 sodas on Oct 5th at a ‘swipe phone’ vending machine. BTW – so much easier will all cards on 1 ID….Now working on getting my wifes cards onto 1 ID.


Just got the Amazon from serve = $120 but I did 10 cards – however 4 were amex AU so maybe only primary??


Hi Dan when adding and paying do w really have to give the the cashier the codes by pressing/select offers or we still get the amazon credit still without doing that by just paying with softcard through new card

replying to and asking hh

how did you get so much from serve your saying each way you add money to Serve then pay you get credited for all those new way/cards youve added


This link doesn’t specifically reference your phone, and I also didn’t check to see if your phone is even NFC capable; but something like what is described in the following link might steer you in the right direction:


Search for “isis wallet”. It’s there.


I did 16 cards but 6 were AU & only received $120 at first I thought it was AU issue but this is the resonse I have from softcard/twitter:

Hi! Yes, we looked into the acct and only see 6 cards. Are you pulling them and re-adding? Or maybe trying to add the same type of card?


Meaning, trying to add 2 American Express blue cards? This might be the problem.”

I had 2 freedoms, 2 Sapphires, 3 delta, 4 spg,2 hh, & 3 platinum/green = total 16 but only 6 types & received $120.

Anyone else see them limiting to type of cards no matter how many AU or even primary – The sapphire & Freedoms were all primary (my 2 primary & my spouses 2primary)???