Get A $10 Statement Credit From 11 Merchants With AMEX Express Checkout


AMEX is introducing it’s own checkout option called Express Checkout. They are offering a free $10 statement credit for any purchase made from the following stores by 09/07. You can get a $10 statement credit from each of the stores.

-Offer ends 9/7/15.
-Limit one $10 statement credit, per American Express online account, per merchant.
-Offer only valid on orders shipped within the United States and its territories.
-American Express® Cards eligible for this offer are U.S. Consumer and Small Business Credit and Charge Cards.
-American Express Corporate Cards are not eligible for this offer.
-American Express Prepaid Cards are not eligible for this offer.
-Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 9/7/15

Seemingly there is no minimum purchase required to trigger the statement credit.
Additionally cards that have their own login should qualify for their own credit to each store according to the terms.

For example from NewEgg you can pick up money-making HDMI cablesAUX cables, or SD cards after the statement credit. Post what you find!

Just select AMEX Checkout in your cart:










Eligible stores:

HT: Marco Polo, via DDF

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Only newegg is useful.


Newegg sells Visa Gift Cards….


can we use to buy ticketmaster or newegg gift cards ??


If we are limited to 1 statement credit per statement, we can really only use 2 or 3 stores. (1 in July, 1 in August, 1 in September) Is that correct?

Why don't you say thank you

This deal was first posted on ddf, why not thank the OP?


Warby Parker is very useful!


Who said anything about per statement?


Will I get the credit for each additional card with a different login or will I only get 1 credit pet statement?


How do I remove cards from my Amex account so I can create separate logins for them?


Does one per online account mean i can make a separate login for diff cards under one account and get the credit on each? (Is that called a separate online account?)

Mendy from lakewood

Can we buy gift cards?


does wsj have a store or is it just subscriptions?


Warby Parker is a good one!


Is shipping cost including the $10? Meaning if I buy something for $8.99 + shipping and it equals $10+


Home Depot $10 gift card


Where does it say that you need to spend $10?


works on gift cards(can be shipped)? Different cards but same address? Does ‘prepaid’ exclude serve, bluebird? tks


can I buy a gift card via email delivery?


Great. No syncing. No adding to amex account. Just use and wait. Automatically will be posted. Do we get any confirmation for each credit or is it a waiting game after the fact?


Will SPGcards work?


Waiting game.

Of course.


can vanilla VGC from newegg be run thru redbird/bluebird?



Would additional user cards on the same account with separate logins each get the $10 credit?


How about a $10 Home Depot E-gift card from Newegg………..


I received an email immediately thanking me for using is – “Thanks for using Amex Express Checkout for the first time….” So far I only used it in an account that contains one card.

Do we *really* need to create separate accounts (logins) for each card to maximize this deal? Or can we select a different card each time within the same account (login)?


@yitz did you read the main post?


if I have 10 cards on one account as additional users but each user has its own online account, does each card get a $10 credit?


$1.01 shipped!
Let’s hope it works.

Thanks Dan!


I hate how awesome posts like this are burried underneath lame posts about breadmakers and other stuff that barely qualifies as a sale. Is the poor design of the site intentional? That’s a serious question. Maybe you don’t want more people here. It’s just odd to have the really important/good posts clumped together with lame posts that <5% of your readers care about.

Current examples:

$350 Dell Gift card off a $950 TV
A stupid breadmaker
2x shoes for $90?

A lot of mediocre sales flood this website now. And with no sidebar to show previous posts, it is quite easy to miss important posts.


Y is the same question asked so. Many time when it says it on the post! As Long as new login u should be able to use it


how many diff ways can ppl ask the exact same question???
quote from the main post:
“Additionally cards that have their own login should qualify for their own credit to each store according to the terms.”

does newegg charge shipping?



I have COSTCO AMEX business card.

I am not sure if that counts as small business or corporate card. I didn’t read the entire post and now that I did I see it mentions not avail for CORP cards.

Anyway… I tried to order something from Newegg and it wouldn’t got thru because my billing address is PO Box.

I called AMEX and they had me on hold for a while trying to figure out etc etc and finally when transferred to a supervisor they said for the inconvenience of this all he will give me a $25 credit on my statement.

It always pays to call, be nice, but respecfully express frustration with whatever the issue is and ask for a supervisor.


if i have 2 completely separate cards like gold and every day on one account do they both qualify?


thanks “good deal”! LINKSYS RE1000-NP Wireless-N Range Extender for $9.99 after $30 off using code EMCAVAX45 + $10 statement credit.


Thanks, Dan! I got free facial cleanser and shampoo!


Limit one $10 statement credit, per American Express online account


Is this available on “Newegg Business” also?


please give a link to signup for amex checkout. tks


they seem to have removed the link for amexexpress


#40 – ditto. First I got an error message then when I went in again the AMEX Express Checkout logo has disappeared.


Try clicking regular checkout and then at the billing page look for the AMEX checkout.


I contacted burberry to add $10 gift cards to their website. If many people do that, they may listen. I may be able to buy 1 item with all my cards 🙂

Mitzvah yingel

I just spoke to AMEX and they claim that additional users wont get the $10 statment credit


is it possible to pay with mor than one login for same item


Apparantely most people here don’t know how to read goes from left to right 🙂




Digital video game “Thief” may be the best item from NewEgg. $0.40!! (On sale 60% off of it’s expensive $0.99 regular price)

Unfortunately though, there seems to be a problem on their end with digital products. They require you to be logged in to purchase. But even when logged it, after I finish putting in the code for AMEX, I get a non-loading newegg page, and get stuck. Tried 4 times, and gave up and just went with the aux cable. We’ll see if we actually get a full $10 credit, or if it’s “$10 or cost of item, whichever is less.” Thanks, Dan!


#42 Dan – the logo shows up but you cannot click it


Did anybody confirm “Mitvah Yingel” that authorized users with seperate online accounts will not get the $10 credit


did “Mitvah Yingel” clearly specify that each AU has their own login or did he just ask about an AU in general. cuz for all intents and purposes, regarding amex, an AU’s statement still goes to the primary account holder…

Mitzvah Yingel

@ben: @jacob:
No I did not know that there is a difference between users who have a separate online account and I did not specify when asking Amex…. Keep me posted if u ask Amex, thanks!!


@lam is possible to buy a newegg egift card with amex checkout? i dont see the option

Mark P

I’m trying to make a purchase on Newegg with Amex express checkout and it doesn’t work. I anyone else experiencing this?


I have bought many things already on with this offer both physical items and gift cards. if you are experiencing problems with buying gift cards the work around that i have found to work is to first click on the secure checkout button (not express checkout) and then when you get to the billing page choose express checkout as your checkout option. I have not had any problems with buying physical items (aux cables, flash memory, etc.) and just choosing express checkout but if you do try the workaround


Anyone having a lot of luck finding multiple options besides Newegg? Just bought a $10 gift card on to try it out. Never got the confirmation email though like we do when we have an AMEX offer.


Yes, this a no brainer. Make the important hot deals a section by themself – perhaps pin them to top.


bought 10 gift card on newegg and did not get the credit… yet…


bought $1 item from Newegg and got $10 credit. AU with separate login got $10 credit.


bought $1 item from Newegg and got $10 credit. AU with separate login got $10 credit.


didn’t notice that it has to be shipped from within US. Not sure that everything I bought is shipped from us – but everything was free shipping – does it matter?

a gast

@yosef:”-Offer only valid on orders shipped within the United States and its territories.” WHERE DOES IT STATE from within US ?


does this offer work on newegg gift cards? If so, can you use multiple gift cards for a single purchase later?


can i get $10 credit for each merchant on same card ?


did anyone ever answer whether bluebird cards are eligible?


@a gast
sorry – but not sure I understand your comment – my concern was that some of my newegg orders may be shipping from overseas – is that eligible based on the info above?


looks like bluebird is not eligible – from amex website”Amex Express Checkout is available to American Express Card Members with an User ID and Password and any American Express U.S. Consumer or Small Business credit or charge Card that is not cancelled and that is issued to you by a U.S. banking subsidiary of American Express. Prepaid cards and products and American Express Corporate Cards are not eligible.”


If I have 2 accounts on same login, will I get 2 credits if using each separately or is it only 1 per login, even if you have multiple cards on that login?

Dan Fan

Is the Blue Cash Everyday Amex card included in this offer, I don’t see it in my offers page?