Get 90 Days Of SiriusXM Radio Streaming For Free!

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Get 90 Days Of SiriusXM Radio Streaming For Free!

Just register via the link above and you will receive a free 90 day trial.

You can use SiriusXM via the internet, a smart device, or their App. This will not work with SiriusXM car radios.

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If only worked for the car. Need a free subscription to that. To expensive.


If you have Bluetooth feature in your car then it will work.

Deal Guy

You can BT it from app to car.


For the car just go to If it says you are not eligible just use the chat feature that they now have. You might have to HUCA a little but so far it has always worked for me. Mine just expired this week and I was able to sign up on the page itself no need to chat this time.


Thanks, it worked for me


Call Sirius and ask for their best deal. They give discounts.


Need cc , auto renew ?


didn’t ask for any cc info. you do create an account though. my guess is at 90 days, they will ask you to pay to continue.

Deal Guy

No CC required. They can’t charge you anything.


It says for T-Mobile customers, has anyone who’s not using T-Mobile tried to registered?


I always call them that I want to close my account because it’s too expensive. Usually what happens they give you a better deal, but don’t take the deal they give you just tell them it’s still too expensive for me (you can say you only use it 10 – 20 minutes a day maximum and it’s not worth paying so much for so little) they will keep on going down & down until you feel that it’s their last offer. It works for me all the time. Some times work better sometimes not as great (depending what hidden promotions they have available) but you won’t pay as expensive.

Harry K

Any idea how long this deal will be live?


This worked for me and it lets me access it from Sonos and Echo as well as directly online. It’s nice that you don’t provide a cc. Thanks Dan!