Get A 3 Month Sam’s Club Membership Extension For Free Or Get A Full Membership Refund!


Update: Sam’s Club has updated the terms of this offer to indicate that it will only apply for people who have a local store closing.

Sam’s Club abruptly closed 63 stores today.

As part of a goodwill effort, you can click here and select a free 3 month membership extension or a membership refund.

Don’t have a Sam’s Club membership? See this post for how to stack savings and see if you’re targeted to get $45 back when buying a $45 annual membership!

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Not clear, if I select refund, will my membership still be active, or will they cancel it?



Thank you! Worked!


is it worth signing up at this point? and if i sign up to get amex offer, can i still get a refund? or does it not apply to future subscriptions?


Is there an amount of time that needs to be left on the membership? Like if it expires in 2 weeks will they send me a $50 check?


I have the same question. My membership expires on the 28th of January. Was wondering it I should extend it or request a refund (if I would get one).

Avi matt

Dan, whats your take on this sudden closing? Is there a story? Seems odd for workers to show up and not have been told… strange.

P.s. is there a convo on ddf about this? I didn’t find anything.

Eric G.

Some data points for everyone: My Sam’s business membership expired about 4 months ago. Put my # in and got extended for 5 months (not just 3). Showed up on my account instantly. Thanks, Dan.


I was wondering what egiftcard are they sending? A Sam’s club egiftcard?


sams club gift cards are valid at walmart too


Oh I didn’t know. Thanks so much R!


Your request has been processed.
Thanks for entering your information. Your request is being processed. Your e-gift card will arrive in your inbox within 7 business days.


Says we have until March 31 to make a decision. If I wait to request a refund until after I receive the $20 egift card for signing up through your link, do you think I will still get a full refund of $45 or will they minus $20?

Bulk Kosher

Any idea how Sam’s clubs in NJ/NY rate in terms of kosher products (cheese, meats, etc) compared to Costco?


Fine print says you have to be a member of a club that’s closing. Excludes me.


My club not closing but I still entered, there is no instant extension but got an email abt extension. not sure if I will get actual extension.

David R

I got this email today:
We received your request for a 3-month extension of your Sam’s Club membership. This extension is only for members who received a notice about their club closure. As such, we are unable to process your request and apologize for the confusion.