Free Shutterfly 8×8 Hardcover Photo Book Or $29.99 Towards Larger Books; Did You Have Your 8×11 Credit Extended?


Update: The free 8×8 code has been extended until today, 03/26. Order yours now!

Originally posted on 03/19:

Shutterfly Photo Books Linky

Use the following code for a free 8×8 hardcover photo book or a $29.99 credit towards a more expensive photo book: STORYTIME

You’ll have to order the book by 03/25.

You can click on this link to apply the code to your Shutterfly account.

20 pages are included, extra pages are normally $1 each but often are on sale as well.

Shipping for the 8×8 book is $7.99 which is a true bargain for a stunning high quality hardcover photo book.

If you order $30 of other items from Shutterfly (or if you add a lot of extra pages to your book) you can get free shipping on the order with code: SHIP30

In other news, my wife ordered a free 8×11 photo book of our recent jaunt to Kauai and Maui but I didn’t get around to using my credit.  I used the online chat and they first offered to extend it by one night.  I said that wouldn’t really be enough to use it and they extended the 8×11 credit through 05/17!  Others have gotten the same by calling them.

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I had 4 codes but I lost it does anyone have a extra code that he won’t use from the 8.5 x 11 that expired 3/17?


Dan & all members: I applied the credit to my account when you first posted it. Where do I see it in my account? Will it only be applied when I checkout?


I just got the free 8×11 book extended to 5/19/14 via live chat.
Thanks Dan!


What’s the cost of a 10 by 10 book with this coupon?


Thanks Dan! I don’t know what I would do without you and all those codes. We now have a stack of Shutterfly books from all our vacations. :O)

Yitz Weiss

PRC8-BVA8-YPR2-BMRCDM gives you an additional $10 credit on the account good until 3/27 but they will extend that offer too if requested. Just got mine extended to 5/19


what was the first few digits of the code of the free photo book from facebook


will code of 29+10 you posted be total of 39 off, which would make your book cost zero?

how much is ship for a book, if value is 30+, but you end up paying zero with coupons? does ship30 still work?

and btw, choosing pics takes forever!


I got my free photo book extended


Yitz-code didn’t work for me. Says I am not eligible. Is it working for anyone else?


@@yitz: no you cant use both


Thanks! Got a 8 x 11 book paid the extra buck and shipping was $8.99. What a great deal! Like 60 pictures in that book from an Israel trip for $14 shipped. Cant beat that !Much appreciated.


Got mine extended – didn’t need the code on hand – to 5/19. Then did it for my wife’s account and they extended to 6/16. Thanks Dan!


I used STORYTIME and got offer 8×8 (not 8×11) Also got mine extended to May 19. THANKS!


I tried to get my free 8×11 wedding book extended, they said I need the original code that facebook gave. Does anyone remember what it was?


mike, how did u get 60 pics in? can u do several pics per page? can u super impose writing like pic loccation?

never did it, seems like a time commitment.


I went on live chat help, and the rep told me that the date cannot be extended, how did you do it?.


Yes, you can put many pictures in one page, it has different templates, backgrounds, stickers…. it depends how involved and creative you want yo be in your project. I’ve put many pictures form my son’s Brit into one. They are really great!


The rep says he has to have the code in order to extend it.. I cant find where the code is now. Any recommendations?


Got till 6/16 as their policy is they extend upto 3 months from expiration. I didn’t need code. You just need to tell them that you liked facebook and the credit goes straight into account so they would be able to see the code.



Can I use the free 8×8 and free 8×11 in one order to save on shipping? what would be shipping if so?


Ordered 2 books.

thanks Dan


Not worth it…the food there sucks!!


You should go on this show:
Do you eat only the 8x8s or also the 8x11s? Do you prefer hardcover or softcover?


@Dan: Ok now. It’s a good thing I finished eating dinner