Free Sample Of Seattle’s Best Coffee House Blend Via Facebook

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Free Sample Of Seattle’s Best Coffee House Blend Via Facebook

Like them and request a free sample.  Probably only works from a computer.

HT: Eli C.

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their server just crashed.


The circle of death is just spinning when i submit my address.

Dear dan

Dear Dan, first of all I really want to thank you your amazing work, and all your great posts, but I think it’s about time for you to understand that people are following you because they are interested in your amazing deals and your knowledge about the points industry and how to use them where to use them, but I’m sad to say that lately you’re pissing off a lot of people by tweeting out those free samples and those free stuff and these few % off at shoes or such things, we don’t need you then for those little freebies or lepton tea or samples of coffee there are many different ways to get those stuff, and I am stuck sorry to say that Amazon deals and all those other eBay daily deals I can check myself if I want to you don’t have to tweet it everyone knows where to go if they’re interested in Amazon deals!!! Dan ! get back to doing what you do best thank you


Completely agree with comment number 3.

dear dan2

i second the motion


He tweets the Amazon deals so that you will click his link to buy it, and he gets commission. And frankly I’m ok with that. Everybody has to earn a living.


@Dear dan: “pissing a lot of people off” Let me gues thats you, your wife, and your kids. Get a grip. There are people that are interested in points, then there are people interested in free stuff. If you dont like it, dont visit the site.

I am sure Dan has a good grip on his daily site hits and would adjust the content accordingly if need be. If you dont like it then go somewhere else.

Thank you Dan for posting free stuff.


@Dear dan: Hate to tell you but the way Dan keeps his site up and running is to guide you using his links to sites where we buy things. He benefits from it Im sure. Nothing is free in life. This is not just a charitable contribution to the Jewish Community. Its a living. Also wouldn’t doubt it if it helps him to fly free as well with the cards he promotes from banks. Its a business. Its like a newspaper full of ads. There is something in it for everyone. But the owner collectds on everything.


There are hundreds of people who do order all these free samples thanks to Dan I see evry morning until my building 5 wall street journals which I believe are all from dansdeals deals as well as I remember seeing one day 8 of the sample k cups so that’s the good thing about twitter is that you see the headline and decide if you want to go for it also some people who are loyal dansdeals fans still don’t want to open credit cards and have no interest in the vacation deals so.. This is what they come here for

Be grateful.

You guys can take a hike. But, you cannot find a better place than

Dan U R #1

#3 and all of you out there who have any issues with the stuff Dan puts on and tweets out:

I have but one comment to make.


No one asked you to be here and no one asked you to follow Dansdeals on Twitter.

For the rest of us:

We love what Dan puts on. I personally have saved money, got free stuff that I would have never been able to find on my own and hopefully soon will be taking my family to Eretz Yisroel using POINTS that I never knew I could get so easily.

Wishing all a great shabbos and chag kasher v’samayach!!

Dan U R #1

I know I said one comment but here is another:

Have some hakaras hatov (give thanks) to Dan for doing what he does. I am sure at your job or in your place of learning you want people to respect and give an occasional “thank you” to you even though you are getting paid to be there and are making money to support your family. Dan is helping US save some of that hard earned money by posting these things. Don’t forget the time (and possibly our neshama) he saves us by not having to search the internet for all these great deals.

Wishing all a great shabbos and chag kasher v’samayach!!


I, too, have thought about the issues expressed by “Dear Dan” and tend to agree with the points, though I don’t feel strongly about it one way or another. Would be nice, though, if you could limit the tweets you receive from DD to certain catagories that interest you, e.g., flight deals, cc offers, etc.

What actually disturbs me more is how the site contains very little info or links on how to manage cred card debt responsibly. I know that maybe it’s not Dan’s responsibility to teach ppl how to avoid debt he** but seeing how he has 1000s of ppl following him so closely, I think there is some Achrais to alert ppl to this big issue. And a BIG issue it is for many frum households. If nothing else I’d love if Dan could run an online survey (so easy to set up) asking ppl about their CC debt and balances. I’d bet it would shock how many ppl are way over their heads and barely making minimum payments on CC debt in the thousands or tens of 1000s. And having a site promote the amazing deals one can get by signing up for more and more cards certainly is not helping the situation, to state it mildly. I’m not even discussing how the site often promotes business cards and practically tells you how to sign up for one even if you don’t have a “legitimate” business.

I truly hope Dan is not threatened by this comment and permits it to be posted.

Dear dan "here I come again" !

First of all to all you haters, I started off my comment with thanking him for all the work that he has done till today ! And second of all I think that if Dan is a grown-up man he can handle some complaints that might actually help him understand on the receiving side how it feels like when your phone rings and you take it out and you see some annoying tweet, it is nothing wrong to complain or two comments and I do have the right to remain a fire if I want I know I have the option to unfollowed but I’m just telling then my personal advice what I think lots of people feeling but they are ashamed to say it because at the end of the day the 10% of amazing deals/tweets that then does send way it by far I am not saying that left, but then again he might reconsider and minimize those so-called stupid tweets work freebies, have a great Shabbos !!

Dan U R #1

#13 – R’ Dovid,

I say this with all due respect. I assume you are an adult and mostly adults go on this site or “follow” Dansdeals. That being said I will give you something to think about: If I work in a clothing store that is owned by non-jews, as a frum yid do I have the obligation to go over to every Jewish or at least every frum customer that walks in and say to them, “you know there are things in hear that are not tznius and advertisements in here that may not be good for you to look at maybe you shouldn’t be here and you should only go to a frum owned store.” Of course not!! I would probably lose my job if I did that!
We are all adults and make choices on our own. Dan is doing this for his parnassah (livelihood). Do you expect him to lose his “job” because he has to tell people not to be here?? We as adults have the choice to be here and listen to Dan or not to listen to him.

Wishing all a great shabbos and chag kasher v’samayach!!

Dan U R #1


No one was making any personal attack on you. You have the choice to look at your phone or not to look at your phone, follow Dan or not follow Dan and go on this website or not go on this website.
Opinions are one thing but calling something that you have a choice to AVOID “so-called stupid tweets work freebies” is totally uncalled for. I am sure you have a lot of “followers” whose opinion you are commenting on. If so, start your own website with minimal tweets of the kind that you commented on.

Wishing all a great shabbos and chag kasher v’samayach!!


Guys ,if you dont like it then dont sign up and dont look on dans deals, stop whining and complainig .dan doesnt owe you anything or have to send you any deals at all.


Dovid, if you read the posts carefully you will realize that one of the fundamentals of utilizing these credit cards is to pay on time. Dan even recommends often that you should pay your balance before you get the bill. Having a credit card does not relieve a person of their ability to be fiscally responsible. I have 20 credit cards but I don’t buy what I can’t afford and I always pay my bill in full. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT DON’T BUY IT. Dan is not a nanny, he gives excellent advice and a heads up on different deals.And Dear Dan, just like if you read a newspaper you read what you like, same here. While my major focus here is the same as yours, I still appreciate and take advantage of the little things.


As an adult most of the time lol Im not really interested how to get free airfare. I don’t mind paying a fair market price for my air travel which Dan does afford me this opportunity. Last year my son married in Israel. Thanks to DansDeals I got 4 round trip tickets from IAtalia for $2756($689 each). This means I was able to stay at Ramat Rachel basically for free where the wedding was held. Not a cheap hotel to say the least. Thanks to DansDeals I was able to upgrade my stay and threw in a rental car for the price of 4 regularly priced round trip tickets from DansDeals doing the research for me. But it only got better because when I came home from putting all this on my credit card I was able to build reward points and make purchases on Amazon for things I needed during the course of last year. I paid the bill don’t owe a dime got free needed merchandise and don’t need to juggle credit cards.
Which brings me to last point. Hey Dan when are good round trip deals to LAX going to be posted?


Dear Dan,
Ignore all the naysayers and ingrates. I love seeing all your deals!
Have a great Shabbos, and thanks for all that you do.


To #15:

I disagree. Now, I disagree with #13 also, so perhaps I’m just a disagreeable fellow.

The one I Do agree with is Dan. You see, he DOES go out of his way to warn people that if they’re not paying off their CC debt, the whole thing isn’t worth it. He says this even though that may mean less people signing up through referral links. And I believe he does it for one simple reason – because he actually does care.

Now, while I don’t think it’s an achrayus he has, I do think that to push people to get something that will hurt them is wrong (even if that’s your job). But Dan has never done that – quite the opposite, in fact.

The one thing that someone could request is that perhaps Dan should have an article or two, or perhaps some links, for people who DO have credit card, to help them escape it. BUT, that is far beyond the scope of his website, is certainly not his responsibility, and DEFINITELY is not something he should be criticized for not doing. If someone were to request something like that, he should suggest it as a favor, something nice that Dan could consider, if he has the time, and feels that it fits well with the rest of his website.


I actually 100 percent disagree with that guy. I don’t use you for knowledge about points I use you for great deals and freebies so I don’t have to look for them for myself.


Just as warning that make sure ti will come before pessach so you dont own it on pessach, even though its is not real chumatz.


@Dear dan: excuse me! But I really appreciate them and you know, what I really don’t think that this is a place to complain about Dans work. He’s doesn’t have to help us find deals – but he does.
Dan, please keep the free samples, eBay deals, amazon price mistakes coming – I LOVE THEM


@Dovid: if u read this post Dan posted a few weeks ago, Ull c he warns ppl about credit card debt.


I LOVE DANS FREEBIES!!!! and anyone who dznt… go take a hike!!!!! i got to try all sorts of cool random things and its AWESOM!! everyone clap for dan.. he is the man.. who can do what no one can… GO DAN GO!