Free Daf Yomi Poster For Your Sukkah

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Free Daf Yomi Poster For Your Sukkah

It seems you must be doing Daf Yomi to be eligible for this poster based on the questions you have to fill out.

Once you submit the form the poster will be mailed to you.

The next Siyum Hashas of the Daf Hayomi will be 2020, they may even have their own live stream by then, otherwise I will have to be there again 😉

HT: ybeeds, via DDF

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Why would you NOT want to be there in person


Gevaldik!! Thank you!!!
Where they will hold the siyum hashas, no idea as MetLife would be ice cold that week

Carl M Sherer

They don’t seem to be willing to ship posters to Israel – you have to give an address in the US. Unfortunately, I just came back to Israel for the last time before the chagim. Anyone want to volunteer to get me one in Israel before Sukkos?


Lubavitchers don’t do daf yomi, and we don’t hang posters in our sukkas. Why would we want one of these?


Um, because it’s free? :p


2 negatives make a positive?


what about learning the daf on mermaids (i.e. “dalf”hins)


Mine arrived today. I don’t (yet) do daf yomi, but I hope the poster inspires all who enter our sukkah to enrich their own learning. Chag sameach and thanks, as always.