Free Chobani Yogurt Coupon

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Update: Alive again!

Update: DEAD!

Free Chobani Yogurt Coupon

Just fill out your information via the link above after clicking get coupon and you will be able to print a coupon for a free Chobani Yogurt.


Not valid in New Jersey and Louisiana.

Valid through 3/25.

HT: NTorch, via DDF

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OU-D in the title, may be appropriate here. Just sayin.


Some of us eat Kit-Kat & Reese’s. Just sayin.


If you live in NJ you will get a .50 off coupon


Where can i redeem this?


What stores can you use this coupon at?


Don’t the make these in cholov Yisroel?


No, they dont make them Cholov Yisrael, you are thinking of Normans

Bradley Wyatt

It appears all coupons are identical, theoretically, you can use this for each visit to the grocery store.


I’m not sure what you men by that. The coupons are not identical. I’m unsure if you’re suggesting to re-use the same coupon but that is fraud and they aren’t identical so they’ll know. If I misunderstood what you were saying then I apologize.


Seems to give $1.50 off any order. Not just for these products

Meir Grunhut

in NJ, although you wont get a coupon for a Free yougurt, you will get a coupon for .50 off a purchase.


People are saying that stores (like “Kosher Jewel” in Chicago) won’t accept these coupons because of rampant fraud in internet coupons.


Jewel in Chicago changed made an exception for this coupon since they promoted it on their social media accounts and had a unique link for Chobani just for this coupon. Walmart self checkout takes these with no human validation needed. I have been getting a free yogurt each time I walk into a grocery store. Not sure what Chobani was thinking on this promotion. Just printed 20 new coupons.


Since the coupon says “may not be reproduced” the question is what you are thinking.


I’m not sure if I was supposed to do this and didn’t realize until reading it now. But I made four copies and used all of them at my local Walmart yesterday without any issues.


When I click on it, I don’t see any coupon.