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hey rabbi dan will it afect the ones im getting now from last time if i sign up thanks


it should just extend it


Dan, you posted yesterday about 500 free united/delta/continental points from thanks-again.
i finnaly got my virtual number from citi and i wanted to go back for the offer and it does not show up.
if you can post a new link for it if it is still available.
i will check back for your answer here on 4/25


Actually i posted it on sunday.
Just perform a search for thanks and scroll down a few posts!


it said only for one year 🙁


Anon 1,

I believe my bright and handsome nephew is mistaken here. Being the magazine subscription addict that I am, I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting double issues (until your original subscription terminates). That’s happened to me.


lol, if you’re getting a double issue just call them up and have them extend one of them for the length of the 2nd.


Dan is me again, i posted here about the thank again points,
do you think i could try signing up for all three airlines


Nope. Called them. Didn’t work.