Free 12 Ounce Slurpees At 7-Eleven Tomorrow


Update, 07/11: DDF member ybeeds went to 7-Eleven in Lakewood, NJ only to find out that they were not participating in the free slurpee promotion.  He called 7-Eleven corporate at 800-255-0711 and they are sending him a book of free slurpee coupons!


In honor of Rafi’s second birthday today I’m sponsoring free slurpees for everyone. Or something like that ;)

Tomorrow there will once again be free slurpees at 7-Eleven stores in the US and Canada between 11am and 7pm local time. No coupons are necessary, valid while supplies last.

This year they will be giving 12 ounce slurpees instead of the 7.11 ounce size they used to give for free on 07/11 in years past!

7-Eleven Store Locator Linky

Kosher Slurpee List (Chicago Rabbinical Council)

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Awesome! Now we have a treife drink to go with the treife movie that we can pick up after Mincha as long as it’s b4 7p.m!!!

love this blog

Get a free slurpees and start paying full price for Rafi’s tickets. î„…î„…;)
Anyways Mazel tov A lot ydishe and chasidishe nachas!!!


dan where’s the SMoking Hot!!! ontop? this deal deserves it


Happy Birthday Rafi!!! Thanks for having the best dad!

Captain D

If they gave out only 7.11 oz…DATENU!!!

Captain D

If they gave out 12 oz but only one flavor…DAYENU!!!


Dan can I churn this deal?


There’s one coming to crown heights soon. Empire and Bedford!

bal habus

if they gave out 1 flaver but only gave it for free from 7am to 11am dayenu.!


@bklyn: how did u leave a comment? With the treifa Internet?


mazal Tov
@ Chabad a birthday is a very big day IIMR


July 11 is the worst day to go get a Slurpee. They cost under $2! I always try to buy one on July 10 when nobody is there 🙂 Why would you wait behind 25 people to get a watery slurpee for free (they don’t have time to freeze properly when people are using the machine nonstop all day)?


mazal tov


Doesn’t do a lot of us any good. While 7-11 is based in Dallas believe it or not none in Houston or anywhere near. We just have Stop and Robs!!


thanks for the tip for coupons in lakewood! took about 10 min w wait times etc, but they will be coming in the mail…thanks!


I called they said since the free slurpees were only from participating branches there’s nothing they could do 🙁

Joe S

Said not all are participating, but they’re sending 2 free slurpee coupons


I just got call from the Lakewood branch saying that they WILL be honoring the free 12oz slurpees until 4pm today!!! 😛 8)


The 7-11 slurpee store in Lakewood, is one of the most expensive in NJ. They take advantage of all their “frum” clientele who don’t know any better.
They decided not to partake in the 7-11 offer, just not to give back to the “frum community”
They are one of the stingiest 7-11’s. The straws are even behind the counter “lest you mistakenly take 2”

They should be ashamed.


@Gabi: The “Frum” Jews who acted in ways that required the store to take such action should be ashamed


The Brick 7-11 off exit 91 GSP has free slurpies until 7 PM.

nice dan

my sons camp goes there each year..i think its a chillul Hashe- sending 100 kids for something bc its free,,,is the camp program so thin they need to take time for this?

Liam Knuj

Why the automatic assumption that the Frum Jews that patronize the Lakewood 7-11 are guilty of any deplorable actions?

no more

no more left at the Lakewood


Reality is they are super nasty and show no respect to those that are literally keeping them in business!! People should BOYCOT them!


They are giving out free slurpies in lkwd, on the 9


sorry that was at 1pm


@Gabi: the straws are always behind the counter, seams like you only go when its free…


@Chaikel: I didn’t see anything unusual today and or any other day


Closed now:


That was a stupid comment!!


Just called to tell them my store in Manhattan ran out of the 7oz cups (before 7pm) and werent giving anymore free slurpees and they are sending me coupons as well!


got 8 free slurpies cuz my store on kennedy in spring valley were out of them


Chaiel is 100% correct. The frum take advantage and behave in a way that make that 7-11 act to protect themselves.
@nice dan: you are correct. it is a Chillul Hashem. at best – its in poor taste and the non-jews see this all too clearly!

Liam Knuj

Yeah, I totally agree. Gotta stop “the frum” ASAP! So help me out here. How do I find “the frum” that are so offending? Do they all weary black hats or long skirts & long sleeves or are they just anyone who appears frummer than you? Also, are we talking about ALL frum people or just the ones in Lakewood or “the frum” that frequent 7-Elevens? What about “the frum” that are “too frum” to go to 7-Eleven? Are they a problem too? Please reply ASAP (before the next promotion). We’ve got a lot of work to do to stop “the frum”.

nice dan

to liam ..its only the frum w horns like u know