Free 1 Year Regus Businessworld Gold Membership!


Free 1 Year Regus Gold Membership Linky

Regus Lounge/Office Locator Linky

As a Businessworld Gold member you can now enjoy:
-Unlimited, walk-in access to any of our 1200 global business lounges and cafés, with complimentary internet and refreshments.
-Preferred rates on meeting rooms, day offices and videoconferencing at all Regus locations.
-Access to professional administrative support, from packing and shipping to document printing and binding.

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where are these business lounges and cafes located. it’s not in the linky you have here?


very useful if you need a office or internet anywhere in a major city. Many of the offices have desktop computers. All of them have free coffee.

Mike Cook


As a budding digital entrepreneur, this lounge access will be awesome!

Thanks so much for your great curating–you rock!



How this compare to the airlines clubs?

Regus have 2 in ORD one in terminal 2 by Delta ” Illinois, Chicago – O’Hare International Airport Terminal 2 Concourse E Delta Sky Club

“New York, New York Laguardia – US Airways Club (US Airways Terminal) LGA”

can we use the Club for free to wait for our flight?


as a gold member can i also bring in a guest for free?


how much does this usually cost?


$600 dollar value (says so on the site)

Chava Java

Thank you so much! As a very frequent flier and traveler, this is uber appreciated.


Where is there a list of their free Lounges?


Gold Membership;

Access to business lounges and cafés
Unlimited, walk-in access to business lounges and cafés with free internet and refreshments
Choose from local, national or worldwide membership
10% discount on meeting rooms, day offices and videoconferencing
Professional administrative support, from packing and shipping to document printing and binding
Access to Regus Purchasing Group
From $15 per month


The ORD lounge meeting room is $50 plus $25 admission of you are not a Delta Sky Club member. I did not check other airport lounges.


looks like access to a few USAirways clubs MIGHT be free with this card, but I’m seeing significant fees for Delta access — in fact, it would just be cheaper to buy a day pass for the DL clubs.


Dan, any idea if this deal has an expiration date? Would be great to wait to sign up until when I’ll be traveling more in the spring…


Awesome. Thanks!!
I’ll use this in Europe during my trip coming up.


@Pete: 1 Year membership would include the spring.


where is there a list of the free lounges ??


thank you tozku lemitzvos !!!


How does this work? Do you have to be a member of anything to get the offer? I enterd the promo code and all I got was a message that my member deatils could not be found.
I was sent the offer link, by a fried.


I tried it this morning, I put inthe code preferreg and it did not work, is it atill alive


Seems to work for me still.

Shmuel Boruch

@charles: @confused: @Zalmen:

anyone has any idea/answer? They list offices but not lounges/cafes which are supposed to be free and “they have 1200 globally”. Maybe they are still in formation?


@Shmuel Boruch:
I didn’t include the locator link for my health.

Shmuel Boruch

Mazl”t! Finally I found a link, you can search or go through the index! This is not for Offices or virtual offices etc, just business lounges, you should have free access. Anyone called up a location? I’ll try later to confirm no entry fee or reservation needed


I went to one of the NYC lounges in midtown Manhattan (non-airport). They had 1 computer for use, free Wifi, free Flavia coffee machine for both coffee and tea (most flavors had the London Beth Din (K-LBD) hechsher) with little packets of half-and-half. No snacks or anything else to eat. Print-outs and copies are 15 cents per page or $1 per color page. They had phones available, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a call and didn’t have time to ask. So bottom line (for me), it’s place to get a free mediocre cup of coffee or tea.


Just to add: …but since there are so many locations in NYC, it’s nice to have a place to “hang out” every few blocks.



Vishal Mishra

offer expired long back