Free 1 Year Regus Businessworld Gold Membership


Free 1 Year Regus Businessworld Gold Membership

An Avis Preferred membership number is required, you can signup for a free account at Enter your wizard number to enroll for the free Regus membership.

You will receive an email with your membership number right away and you will be sent a membership card in the mail.  You can access the lounges for free with the email.  DDF member David B shares what you’ll find in a Regus office.

“As a Businessworld Gold member you can now enjoy:
-Unlimited, walk-in access to any of our 1200 global business lounges and cafés, with complimentary internet and refreshments.
-Preferred rates on meeting rooms, day offices and videoconferencing at all Regus locations.
-Access to professional administrative support, from packing and shipping to document printing and binding.”

HT: Gman, via DDF

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i received an email from United about this, i still don’t know what this benefit is all about. it talks about extra miles for office purchase or something.

Does this offer free lounge access at airports?


I’m not 20 yet. Can i put a fake D.O.B. on avis to make an account? will anything happen? or can i use someone else’s regus card?




What’s A Wizard Number and How Do I Get It


i signed up for this a while ago and they still let me in to the lounges. its nothing specail but its a good coffee, wifi and a bathroom in many main areas of the city


Just did it don`t know if Ill use it but its free so….




When you use the lounge can you bring a guest?
Are they any good for dates?


Thanks Dan!


Can my entire family come in with me like at an airport lounge?


@commentor @ymk @Matzaeater and alike, can i bring my date and fake id and my bubee and zaydee and can i take the whole bowl of whatever small refreshments they have so that none are left and my pockets are bulging when i leave. can my bubba and zayyda geb a call tzu my newphew in bnei brak while i print out my favorite hedding and p’cha recipe from allrecipes? dan can i? can i?

Dima @ Dima's Corner

I have been using this for two years now. Been to lounges in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Ukraine, South Africa, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and Argentina. Essentially, it is access to office space in prime locations in big cities with decent free coffee (in most places).

The quality (of coffee, internet connection, and the ‘lounge’) varies greatly. In Cape Town and Buenos Aires it was downright crap. Nice place but internet connection and the computers in the lounge barely worked.

The ‘lounge’ itself could be anything from a table in the kitchen (with people always around you) to comfortable arm chairs in the ‘lobby’ to ‘business pods’ aka mini cubicles to a separate room with a table or two. Usually they have a single iMac available for use or you can connect to their WiFi with your device.

I have experienced issues connecting to WiFi in some lounges with my Mac products (either Macbook Air or iPhone or sometimes both would not connect).

But overall, it really is a good thing to have in my pocket as I travel around the world. Having a familiar ‘face’ in any big city helps a lot when you need an internet connection and have no clue where or how to get it. I am loving it!

Oh, and usually the prime location of the lounge means that you may be treated to some awesome views (without having to pay to go to a touristy observation deck).

I have been wanting to blog about my love for Regus for a while and this finally kicked my butt so I just threw together a blog post highlighting the above with some of the pictures and other thoughts:

To answer couple of the questions above – this is NOT airline lounge membership. There are a couple offices located on the airport property, but not inside the airport (I have been to one in Munich and it is located at the office building between two terminals).

Birthday-wise, I don’t think it would matter. I never bring my card with me, just give them my number when I come in. Sometimes they ask for ID just to verify the name. In most cases they didn’t. Note that in some countries, I had to show my passport at the office building entrance to get the visitor pass for the building in order to come up to the lounge (so make sure you carry one with you if you are outside of the US).

Oh, and my favorite pet peeve with these is how Regus is pronounced differently in different countries (and how everyone insisting on correcting me in each particular country): Reeeegus, Rehus, Reagus, Rigas and so on.

Dima @ Dima's Corner

Also, as far as dates/guests go – bringing your entire family in, you will be pushing it. My guess is in most cases they will not allow it, but some people might.

It’s not really a dating place 😉 But I have encountered people having business meetings/discussions in the lounges as well as interviewing people for a job. These are not ideal because lounges are open spaces (and it gets quite annoying to others as well). Get a room 😉 or an office, in this case.


These subscriptions are not dependable.
You’ll sign up, but not get anything


I think got some form of Regus membership from my Platinum AMEX. Or did I mis-remember?

If I am correct, does that get me this type of access or is it a different form of membership?


i thought the lounge is airport lounges.

Dima @ Dima's Corner

Joe – you probably got TripIt Pro through Platinum AmEx and then Regus through TripIt Pro. That’s how I got it. Same exact benefits. Good for a year since you signed up.


Since were all here looking for someway to get into airport lounges, dan can you please post some info or strategies for obtaining such a pass. Thanks!


I signed up and just got got a thank your page for signing up. Are they supposed to mail me a card?

Dima @ Dima's Corner

Nathan – not sure how it works with Avis, but when I signed up through TripIt Pro, they did mail me the card but I never carry it with me, just give the receptionist my number (some gave me grief about that but whatever, I am not lugging three dozen of plastic cards with me for no reason). From what I remember, I also received and email from Regus with my membership number fairly soon after signing up.

Bubba in Phoenix

Just tried to signup but it is now a standard membership with a limited number of visits.


My free BusinessWorld membership has given me access to some great Regus lounges in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and London (Mayfair). I primarily go there for hi-speed WiFi and most lounges deliver on that. It’s a good place to work for a couple of hours.