Followed Through And Got Hyatt Diamond Status? You’ve Just Been Given A Free Night!

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Update-12/31: Today is the last day to use the free night!
P.S. Purchase a soda at check-in and you may get a nice surprise a few days later in your Hyatt account!

Originally posted on 09/24:

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If you did the past 2 Hyatt deals (both are now dead) for a free upgrade from being a base member to a Platinum member and then from Platinum to a top tier Diamond member then you’ve got a sweet surprise waiting for you in your account!

In addition to the 4 free confirmed upgrades to a suite, you now have a free night good at any Hyatt Place or Hyatt Summerfield Suites through 12/31/09!

To claim it just login to your Hyatt Gold Passport account, click on “Awards,” and then click on “My Promotional Awards.” The first option will be to redeem your 4 Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards. The next option will be to redeem for a free night in any Hyatt Place or Hyatt Summerfield Suites!


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Holy !@#$%^&* its really flippin’ there!
DAN YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dan, when you click on the terms and conditions of the offer, it says that you are entitled to one free night at the andaz, and one night at the other places you mentioned. Any info on this?


Thanks sooo much, This is awesome!!!
Never thought id actually use the status as i’ve never stayed at a hyatt b4, but i spent the few minutes signing u to both promos, and it really was worth it.
Is it likely they will withdraw this and should i run and book now?
Whats there cancellation / changing dates policy?


Im upset only because I have 3 platinum hyatt accounts and only upgraded one of them to Diamond…oh well


Hyatt Corporate has noted and corrected the misleading language. It will not work at Andaz. – thats what I found out at FT.


Thanks dan i ended up receiving a total of 3 free nights with hyatt out of this thanks bro


whats the nicest place between those 2 in the new york and new jersey area?


dan im not happy.. why didnt you mention anything, i didnt bother signing up cuz i figured id never use it


Has anyone successfully gotten Starwood to match the trial Diamond Status to SPG Platinum? I have tried and been denied multiple times.


Can the “Diamond Suite Upgrade Award” be used together with the free night?






i tried last week to get the trail and to bump it up to diamond and it worked!!


Yup…I had a perfectly scheduled business trip for tonight and cashed in on it…..I tried buying bottles of water in the gallery but the host insisted that it was on the house. Finally after the 4th drink he begrudgingly agreed to bill my room!




What happens when you buy a drink?

hyatt points

we got the promo for HYATT DIAMOND STATUS and managed to acquire 5,000 pts.
1- do the points get taken away when the promo ends?(12/31/09)
2- what is our best option for redemption? redeem them for a free hotel night at hyatt? transfer them to one of the hyatt partners?
If we do transfer we will get less points with the partner company so are there any that offer good merchandise redemption for minimal points (instead of subscriptions)?


@dan wat happens wen u buy soda???


“Semi-official” word from Hyatt is that the deadline for using the free night will be extended. So if any of you Diamonds didn’t use it, look for something in your email soon.


Sorry, Dan. That was for the SPG Platinum Gift, not Hyatt. I got my chains mixed up.