Extend The Life Of Your USAirways Miles And Starpoints For Free


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Audience Rewards: Starwood
Audience Rewards: Delta
Audience Rewards: US Airways

Audience Rewards allows you to answer trivia questions to earn miles from Delta, USAirways, and Starwood.
Delta’s miles are just about the worst out there (well, besides for El Al points) and they never expire, so there’s not really any point to waste your time there.

But Starwood and USAirways require activity every 18 months to keep your points alive, so take 20 seconds and answer a trivia question and you’ll get 2 miles or points per correct answer.
You can only answer each question once, but you can answer one USAirways question for 2 miles and the other questions for Starwood points.

Here are the correct answers:
Q: True or False? The original first act of The Phantom of the Opera was presented at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s home. A: True
Q: What is the last song of Act I in Jersey Boys? A: Walk Like A Man
Q: The Wicked backstage tour, Behind the Emerald Curtain, was formed by a man who played what role in the original Broadway company? A: The Witch’s Father
Q:  How many dogs are in the cast of the current Broadway Annie revival?  A: 3
Q: Who directed Once on Broadway? A: John Tiffany
Q:True or False? The song “Rock of Ages” is not featured in the musical of the same name. A: True

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Thank you, just did it.
However just to correct tha fact that on spg website it says that Starpoints expire after 12 month with no activity.


There is also a 6 month grace period with SPG, effectively giving you 18 months to have any activity.


dan is starwooods 30K coming out tomorrow?


That’s the word on the street.


For Starpoints: I have heard that the only way to keep SPG points active is have SPG card. That is the only way. Anybody knows about it?


Completely false.


audience rewards sends an activation email. does anyone know if you have to complete that and give out your personal info in order to get the 2 miles. I already completed a question and it said they’d deposit miles in 4-6 weeks. please advise

Dan k

can you combine husband and wifes starwood points into one account?


I don’t think you have to.

@Dan k:


At the risk of sounding stupid and not so savvy with my points, where do I go to find these trivia questions?


Anything for aa?


How do I get to these trivia questions on my US Airways mileage account. My question is same as stella B

StellaB Says:
August 5th, 2013 at 5:59 pm

At the risk of sounding stupid and not so savvy with my points, where do I go to find these trivia questions