Complain About An Airline, Get A Free Subscription To Time, Fortune, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, And More!

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Update 2: My free magazines have already started coming!  Even if you haven’t signed up yet it seems that the promotion is still alive, so complain and get yourself some free magazines!

Update: My 8,000 miles just posted. I ordered The Economist, Time, Fortune, and Money for 8,000 miles on the nose.
Thanks Spirit!
Originally posted on 07/08:

Spirit is offering 8,000 miles for complaining about an airline. Any short complaint will do.

At first I ignored this. After all getting free Spirit miles is sort of like winning a contest for a trip on Greyhound to Pittsburgh where the grand prize winner gets 1 free trip and the 2nd prize winner get 2 free trips 😉
And frankly I think going Greyhound may just be preferable to Spirit…

However DDF member springles correctly points out that the best use of these miles isn’t to save up for what’s sure to be a torturous flight, but for using for free magazines!

-Click here to view the free magazines you can get with your Spirit miles.
-Here is an alternate link with some other redemption options.
Sample redemptions:
Conde Nast Traveler: 12 issues, 900 Miles
Entrepreneur: 12 issues, 900 Miles
ESPN The Magazine: 26 issues, 800 Miles
Fortune: 20 issues, 1,700 Miles
Money: 12 issues, 1,200 Miles (I’m partial to the June cover issue they show…I’m in it 🙂 )
People: 26 issues, 3,300 Miles
Sports Illustrated: 56 issues, 2,100 Miles
Sports Illustrated KIDS: 12 issues, 1,500 Miles
TIME: 52 issues, 1,800 Miles
TIME + Fortune: 52 issues+20 issues, 2,000 Miles
The Economist: 51 issues, 4,800 Miles
The Wall Street Journal: 228 issues, 4,100 Miles

Bear in mind that Spirit’s industry-worst miles expire in just 90 days and it will take 10 days to get your 8,000 free miles, so be ready to attack the magazine offers as soon as your miles post.

HT: wayfe and springles, via DDF

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how do you “save up” miles? can you do multiple complaints? or are there other offers?


I complained about the time I flew spirit, and my seat was missing a cushion.


You don’t. Earn and burn ’em when it comes to Spirit.
Limit 1 bonus per person.



could I complain about a magazine & get a free airline ticket ? lol


They let you complain about spirit! That should be easy

Happy Thanksgiving

Can you complain about spirit?

Rapid Travel Chai

Mags for Miles are some of my favorite redemptions, and now I can renew everything, thanks!


@Happy Thanksgiving:
Yes, you could complain about Spirit. But they only give you 140 characters, so good luck keeping it short.


thanks great find guys


8000 miles in my spirit account where can I transfer it? can I transfer to different airline?


@Rapid Travel Chai:

Lol, if it could be transferred this post would have a different title!

Was a couple months ago. Been on much bigger places than that, national news shows, CNN homepage, etc.

Your average Joe is too scared of it…


This sounds way too Jewish. Just complain, and you get points… 😛


Do they offer other redemption options, such as merchandise or gift cards?


•Timing: The Promotion will end on or before June 25, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. ET, unless extended by Spirit.

Did they extend it?

Men of Steel

Dan, since 98-01 in Pit high you have taken a serious dislike for that local. Maybe it was the restaurants or maybe the Steelers. I guess super bowl ’09 was painful for you.


@dan 1 huge mistake they made in the article

“How’d he get the 25,000 miles necessary? by buying a $500 Visa gift card at Staples, you’d lock in 2,500 miles, quintuple what you’d earn with a typical 1% cash-back card. Then you could use the gift card for any purchases for which you couldn’t otherwise earn 5% rewards.”

Staples DOESN’T SELL $500 GC !!!


@Men of Steel:
All fun and games.

Lol, you expect a reporter to get little things like facts right 😉


@dan lol but that’s kind of what they get paid to do even though they never seem to do it


Despite of issues with Spirit – they can be an occasional option. Some cheap Spirit routes have really lousy BA availability, and sometimes it’s worth it just to suck it up and go with Spirit. This is especially true if you are flying with just a backpack

Last time I flew it, I booked a SWA flight with points a few hours later (with points), which I canceled after I got there in time.

My point – it’s not THAT bad, but you do get what you pay for.


@Rapid Travel Chai: I saw at Dan’s forum in Monsey. I was sitting in the row in front of you. I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to talk with you and Darius. Why did Darius say no when that kid asked him if his name was Darius?

Dan's the man

@avi: They also didn’t say that Dan doesn’t use them for other spending but unloads the GCs using things like BB, Evolve, Serve reloads @ Family Dollar, etc 🙂


Dan, do the remaining miles expire in 90 days even with redemption activity?!


Just tried to submit but it expired June 25th.


based on the terms these seem like regular spirit points which will not expire as long as there is activity every 3 months. My spirit miles never expire because I have the credit card and always spend a little bit every month.


A Spirit credit card?
Nebach, hashem yerachem 😉

Do you also have the Greyhound credit card?


@Dan: discrimination!! If you owned a basketball team, you would be out.


Dan, +2 u gave me a good laugh. (he signed up for the Cc because he got a free T-shirt…


The only problem is they only allow 140 characters for the rant against an airline. I need at least 1000. O well, my rant will have to be short (ahem United Airlines)


I don’t know why a Spirit cc is such a nebach. This year I flew 4 RT’s lGA-ORD plus free lap child. Saved my Avios for other destinations. Free is free.

Andy Shuman

Dan, you’re not serious!


1. It’s 5K RT between FLL/MIA and most beach destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, often with good availability.
2. Same 5K between dozens of short hops in the US, many with excellent availability. Keep your Avios for things that really matter.
3. Their online award engine is top-notch, light years ahead of
4. Pay $12 for Economy Comfort or $40-50 for the Big Seat. Big Seat is a domestic first without booze! Why would you care if their coach seats do not recline?
5. Yes, you do need a credit card, so what? It’s BoA. 15K miles after the first purchase and no AF for the first year. Why is it a problem?

I only see one real problem with Spirit. No interline agreements. If you get stranded with Spirit you REALLY get stranded. Wouldn’t fly for time-sensitive business meetings with them.

CLICK on ME for some ideas on what to do with the Spirit miles. Or keep getting magazines, I don’t know. 🙁


@Andy Shuman:
Dead serious.

All that stuff you mention requires:
A. Burning a hard pull to get a Spirit credit card with just 15K miles.
B. Paying an annual fee for that card and keeping it active.
C. Actually using that card.
D. Paying award expedite fees if you don’t book 6 months in advace.
E. Working around onerous blackout dates.
F. Having to fly on the worst airline in North America as the reward for all that.

I’ll keep using my Avios, thank you very much. And yes, I’ve had agents rebook my AA flights on Delta and United several times. Good luck with Spirit in IrrOps.


Yeah I complained to Spirit that my seat cushion was not a flotation device!!!!


Economist + Entertainment Weekly + InStyle


Be careful what you write:

Publicity: Except where prohibited, participation in the Promotion constitutes recipient’s consent to Sponsor’s and its agents’ use of recipient’s name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions and/or hometown and state for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration.


never got points


sorry they did post, i checked yesterday and wasnt there


Thank you


Dan you wasted 4,800 Miles the Economist is easily available for free online from RewardsGold and RewardSurvey.


I put in an american address for my accnt etc but is there anyway theyd deliver magazines to canada?


Is there a direct (non-survey) link for it?

You can try having the magazine change it once the order is processed.


do they ever add more magazines? i know its free, but was hoping for something worth while reading

Happy Thanksgiving

SI, ESPN & WSJ 304 papers for me. Thanks!


Glamour, People, Entertainment Weekly, In Style, and Vogue 🙂

Dan's the Man

Thanks Dan! Just ordered some magazines.


Thanks Springles for the magazine idea. I would have totally overlooked this spirit nonsense otherwise.


You can expect to receive your first issue in 6 to 12 weeks.
The Economist; Money and TIME / Fortune 😀 😀 😀


Copycat 😀


Any way these magz can ship to Canada?


Comment 43.

Dan's the Man

@Dan: Dan, don’t worry even though FT copied you, you’re STILL “the Man” !!! 🙂


Dan, there is a new survey each week which gives you $20 in credit The Economist is $130.
You can also get $15 a week any fake email address will work
They offer some new magazines every couple weeks so it is useful to build up some value.
Has the Economist for 8600 points. You can earn the points in a couple minutes by continuously referring friends with fake email addresses.
Both websites also have the WSJ


Meh, unless there’s a direct link I don’t have time for that stuff.

@Happy Thanksgiving:
WSJ on the other hand does have a direct link to get it for free.



The Economist through Rewardsgold would take you less then 5 minutes. All you need to do is create an account and then type in fake email addresses in the refer a friend field until you have enough points.


Complained about Tower air standing passengers in LA. Anyone here old enough to remember that?


Have the link for the final redemption page?


Is this still going on? Does this hold true for all airlines? Where does one issue a complaint?


Went to my Spirit account and saw miles posted (never received email). Just got WSJ, ESPN and SI. Thanks Dan!!!!


@dan I never flew with spirit can I still complain?


Dan, just got my 8,000 miles for my complaint and ended up with 4 new subscriptions for free. Nice offer, thanks for posting it!

chaya G


What was the subject of your email? i may have it in spam or somewhere…


Not finding Entrepreneur…

Deal Guy

If I send the espn magazine to someone else, can I still get the Insider code?

Can I get a few of the same magazine, so that they should run consecutively?

Rabbi Shmuley

Thanks Dan! Just ordered Cigar Aficionado, Western Horseman and Tikkun magazine subscriptions.


why not put in a complaint about jet blue kicking off the jewish passenger. let them get as much negative publicity as possible and earn miles at the same time

Really That Bad?


I’m with Andy. I and many others I know had the card and flew themselves and their families free several times. Yes Spirit is notoriously bad on many levels. Are they as notoriously bad as Dan and others make them out ot be. IMHO NO. I have had very pleasant flights with them and I have had other slightly unpleasant flights with them. All were well worth their basically free price.

On the last flight a couple of yeshivas boys were mockingly asking the flight attendant infinite questions as he hawked the Spirit 3 free flights credit cards. Asking him tons of questions about redemption etc. The flight attendant answered all of them patiently and pleasantly despite their obvious snickering.


Earn additional spirit miles by completing surveys!


Just ordered SI, SI for Kids, Time and Money (and congrats on being reported therein!).
Thanks and Good Shabbos, all. Praying especially for peace this Shabbat.



Let’s see: there’s me, my wife’s work address, my sister’s school address, her dog’s address (home)… then it’s just a matter of stacking them up once they start coming.


What’s the expiration date for this offer? I’m able to see the links, including something which leads to “MagsMiles” but there aren’t any magazines listed there….

Richard Sagman

Amazing!! I just got a FREE year of Time, People, Entertainment weekly and Entrepreneur.
Thanks so much!


Can we order 2 of the same sub to have it stack for 2 years?


There’s an Economist 51 issues subscription available for 2,600 miles in addition to the usual 4,800 miles one. Probably a mistake, but it went through for me.


Should work.

That’s the online only subscription.


Started cming to me too!


Bummer. Looks like SI Kids is no longer available.

no more ESPN?

Looks like there’s no more ESPN?


Oy gevalt, I’m so ferklempt that I could plotz!


Are magazines the only thing other than travel you can redeem for?


how long till they send u tht email taht you have gotten the 8K miles?


I am very unhappy about all of the airlines who stopped flying to Israel, But hats off to the Italian discount flyer who managed to stay on schedule and fly to towards the south.


Can I also use the points toward hotel purchases?


My magazines came on Shabbos. My mailman must think I’m crazy with all the magazines I’ve gotten from this promo and Rewards Gold lol.

stella arsenakos

The airline I would like to complain about is Olympic Airlines. When my daughter was 18 months old we were in Greece and she got blisters in her mouth. She could not eat during our vacation and was constantly bleeding and in pain. I was told to get to the Athens airport early to get a good seat for her. Well we boarded and they put us on the last seat in the back that does not go back. I spoke to the head steward and told me to go outside and speak to a supervisor. I said no becuase I would loose my flight. She said she would come back and change our seat. the doors closed and never saw her again. It was the most uncomfortable flight especially having a young child in your lap and a seat that did not go back. Needless to say got to New York with a child in pain and a shirt stained with blood. Never never would I fly them I hope they go out of business and I think they did. On top of that the staff on the plane were nasty and rude.

Stella Arsenakos


Created acct posted complaint forgot pw
Tried to log in w forgot pw told they email a link never got link not in spam either Antony forgot pw n managed to recover?


Any way of canceling the economist that I ordered online only by mistake?



“Online” as in digital-only?


Dan, thank you for this post. I used 7,500 of these miles to book a ticket from PHL to LAX for succos (one way). Keep up the good work


@Stella: you forgot to tell Dan which magazines you want Dan to send you. By the way,People is now a full year instead of 6 months.


Didn’t work for me. Followed the link and submitted a small complaint after having created my Spirit Airlines account but no miles, and it’s been 12 days. SIGH. Figures it doesn’t work for me- and I luv magazines!


Can someone specify exactly how long it takes for the Economist, Time and Wall Street Journal to arrive after submitting the order?

I’m in Canada, so I’m going to use a US address to sign up initially. But I need to know approximately when the first issue arrives so I can quickly get online and change the address to Canada. This especially holds true for the WSJ!