Buy $300 In Visa Gift Cards From Staples And Get A Bonus $20 Visa Gift Card Via Easy Rebate

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If you buy $300+ in Visa gift cards from Staples between 06/15 and 06/21 you can send in an Easy Rebate online to get a bonus $20 Visa gift card.

Seemingly this is valid in-store only and not for the $200 Visa Gift Card sold online.

If you buy 2 of the $200 gift cards in store you’ll pay $13.90 in card fees. Use your Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold, or Chase Ink Cash cards and get 5 points per dollar spent. That’s 2,070 points for a $413.90 purchase. In addition if you’re registered at you’ll also get 1% cash back.

$413.90 (Outlay)
-$4.14 (1% cash rebate)
=$409.76 out of pocket for $400 face value
-As usual with Ink you’ll get 2,070 points (worth $31.05 at a 1.5 cent per point value).
-This week you’ll also get a $20 Bonus Visa gift card via easy rebate just to sweeten the deal even more. That makes your $409.76 cash outlay get $420 worth of gift cards, so the 2,070 points cost you negative $10.24 😀

The pin on the Visa gift card is the last 4 digits of the card number, no need to set anything.
-You can cash out the Visa cards using EvolveMoney to pay bills like your mortgage, property tax, auto loan, insurance, store charge card (Gap, Macy’s, Target, etc).  There is no fee for this. As of June 1st there is a limit of 4 payments per bill per month.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird card at a WalMart ATM machine.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird card with a WalMart cashier or customer service.  Just say you want to use your debit card, no need to mention that it’s a gift card. (Note that some Visa cards like Vanilla branded ones have gotten a bit trickier to load in recent weeks. You have to hit cancel immediately after swiping and change the payment method to debit. However the Visa cards from Office Max or Staples should still be easy to load).
-You can buy a money order with the Visa card at any store that accepts debit cards as payment (except the post office).
-You can pay your credit card bill at WalMart with BillPay at Customer Service.
-You can send the funds from the Visa card to a friend via Amazon Payments.
-You can gift a Visa gift card as a wedding gift instead of giving a check.
-You can just use the cards for your everyday spending to earn 5 points per dollar everywhere!

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-As usual with Ink you’ll get 2,070 points (worth $31.05 at a 1.5 cent per point value)…………. Where do you get 1.5 I m seeing only 1.4 ?


Do you still earn 5 points per $1 if you use chase sapphire preferred or freedom card or only with ink?


Use them to travel and you can easily get a value of 2 cents or more.

Only Ink, but with any card you’ll still come out ahead with this deal.


Blue bird any ATM or it has to be mine pass machine?


MoneyPass or any ATM at wolmart



In your example How get the rebate if not applied to the $200 cards?

The calcs require the cost of the in store $300 card minus 1% minus $20

What is the charge in store for the $300 card?


MoneyPass ATM in WalMart.

There is no $300 card, you can buy 2 of the $200 cards like I wrote in the post.


Is there a limit?

a daf a day

Is there a limit to this deal? What if I purchased 25 $200 cards to satisfy a 5k spend? Could I then get the $20 rebate for every $300 spent?


“Limit 1 rebate per name/address/household.”


Can it be cashed out via Moneypass machine elsewhere? ( other than Walmart)


i m not traveling where I can I sell points for 1.5


In the Staples weekly ad it doesn’t mention that this is only in store. Just wondering where you see that it’s not valid online? Thanks


Dan, where do they sell vanilla visa gift cards?


Get a $20 Visa (R) Prepaid Card on a Purchase of $300 or more of Visa Gift Cards (SKUs 763604, 763602, 374172, 763607, 374177, 866291) at Staples Stores ONLY


@David: Where online did you see those terms. All I see when I go to the weekly ad is ‘Limit 1 rebate per household.
Subject to availability. See gift cards for details, terms, conditions and (if applicable) fees. Limit 1 rebate per household.


@David Thanks. I found it on the easyrebate form.


Can I order this ONLINE or I need to go to the store?


@points: If u do a little shopping around before u sell ur points, u can easily find 1.5 for Chase UR… GET PEYD is a great person to deal with. Iv sold them points in the past and they have great rates.


Hi Dan, you mentioned they can buy money orders anywhere you can use debit. I asked rite aid and they said no gc. Is this a case of dont ask dont tell, or is it possible its hard coded? Also, I tried getting cash back in ralphs, and it was declined- does it matter that I had not yet registered the card, or do some stores program their machines to recognize gc?


Just got home from staples, rebate was great thanks. Just got my ink plus in the mail on shabbos so perfect timing for my first purchase 🙂 The store manager said i couldnt buy more than 1000 in visa gift card per person per day. Is that a store policy or is that a nation wide staples policy?
Thanks Dan


the dont go true , and i call them and thay said that they dont work for chase cards , is that correct Dan?


@Nathan: in store only. Look at last few posts before yours


@Kay: my store has a $2k limit. Each store is a ymmv




Dan: I also tried getting money orders from many stores. can’t find one…


can these be purchased from canadian staple stores dan? thanks.


1 per household. does that mean billing address of the card or can i use different names and addresses to send the rebate to using the same credit card to purchase?


Try harder 😉

No clue.

The latter can be done in my experience.

Jacques Cukierkorn

I get the following screen when I try to go to the rebate:
Bad Gateway

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

abraham ungar

can i get this in canada?


The only problem with Staple Visa cards using Evolve is that you are limited to an $800 mortgage or credit card payment ($200 x 4). If you have big bills you need to buy Vanilla Visa from a different store cards for $500 and not get 5x bonus so that you can pay $2,000 using Evolve ($500 x 4)


Evolve is working on exception for large mortgages, possibly fall 2014 according to customer support


Dan, can I set up an amazon payments account in my name and load visa gift cards to send payments to my wife and then she transfer the money to our bank account?


@abraham ungar: hi.

@Dan: thanks dan!


@Eli: which website?


“Note that some Visa cards like Vanilla branded ones have gotten a bit trickier to load in recent weeks. You have to hit cancel immediately after swiping and change the payment method to debit.”

can someone please tell me which $500 gift cards still work as easy as before? Is only vanilla gift cards the problem?



the ones that are a problem are the ones that are issued by bancorp.


@Mike: That’s an old story. Look at the Dansdeals Forum where ppl’s Amzn pmts accounts(including mine) been shut down after using gift cards on Amzn pmts. Many times the funds from the gift cards get stuck in the amzn pmts acct and its really hard to get the money back from amazon. I wouldn’t recommend using amzn pmts with gift cards anymore. That ship has sailed a few months ago.


Warning. Check the SKU’s carefully. The SKU on the $200 cards at my Staples are not included in the list on the rebate form. YMMV.


@Harv: thanks for the heads up! Wonder if you can do it with an amazon gift card. May not be worth the risk.



why arent the 200$ visas included for the rebate?



Can you give me an example of ones that are not issued by bancorp.

Thank you


Do you know what the sku is for the $200 gc sold in stores?


Only one rebate allowed! Any way to beat that?


rebate receipt printed automatically when i bought 2×200$ gift cards


Bought 2x$200 Visa but no rebate receipt printed. I’ve never had that happen before! Is there a way to claim the rebate with just the standard receipt?


Will any other ATM besides Walmart support the bluebird loading?

Making the most of Blue Bird

Maybe it is just my local Wallmart, but some of the cashiers are clueless on how to reload Blue Birds. I tell them it is a “code 70” and then they get it.


Does Chase Bold Inc show on the statement that gift cards were purchased? Because everything I purchase from Staples shows on my Starwoods statement?


Does Staples in-store even sell $200 Visa GCs? All I can find in the local stores in MA are $100 denominations or less. Please advise – thanks.


how long does it take for transactions to appear on visa savings egde? i made one on friday… still don’t see the rebate on visa savings edge… 🙁


@Anonymous: Whats the point of that? A Visa gift card can be used anywhere, including on Amazon, while an Amazon gift card can only be used at… Amazon!


Purchased 2-$200 cards yesterday online, called Staples today, Staples gave me the rebate number (14-92677). Filled out online Easy Rebate form. Worked, so far.


Can i buy the Visa gift card with a staples gift cadr? if yes, than i would buy from Lowes, and get 5 points on my freedom.


I just went to the store… no stores in my area have $200 ones… so I bought 3 x $100 ones. No rebate thing printed, SKU on the receipt says 763703 but rebate form says only 763702 and 763704 and up. Skips mine. Am I screwed???


Call Staples.



I just tried that too since I order these gift cards online anyway with just 1% visa savings to meeting the new signup bonus but not sure if this rebate will go through. It clearly says “at Staples Stores ONLY” on certain SKUs…



Some says yes but when I asked a sales associate at the store, they said no.



It takes few days for visa savings to appear.

Michael Howland

How can you tell the SKU from the receipt? I am guessing this is why my rebate form did not print…

@TJ did you get any advice from Staples on the cards you purchased in store?


@Michael Howland:

look for 6 digit numberr on the receipt. I recognoized mine becase it was close to what was listed on the rebate form but not exact. Mine (763603) falls between 763602 and 763604. Other SKUs on the list are 374172, 763607, 374177, 866291. no idea what those are for and why my version of $100 ones are not included in the rebate. It seems some version of $200 one is not part of rebate too. I haven’t called Staple yet as I realized this when I got home. I am going to revisit the store with the rebate form in hand and talk to the manager.


Any problem to be aware of if I go on-line and link the visa GC as a debit card to my BlueBird and transfer the $200 into bluebird?


EandN Dont do it, bb will shut down your account


Thank you


wal mart does not pay american express credit card bills and i havent found a place that takes debit cards for money orders


@Michael: Look on the left part of the receipt. Is the 6 digit SKU below the price, above the amount of the GC one of the six SKUs on the rebate? I’m assuming it was on @sb’s and not on @Michael’s.


So i just signed up for chase ink and wanna make the 5,000. I have a credit card bill that is about $2,000 on it. Can i go to walmart and use these giftcards to pay some of it off and get these points and closer to the 5,000 spending threshhold. Im a newbie with this stuff but trying to work my way into it. Any advice would be great!


The $200 Visa gift card has a number beneath it (076750095160) and the $6.95 charge has a number beneath it too (375429).

I submitted a rebate. Fingers crossed it works.



can someone please help me understand how to use the vanilla GC in loading onto BB? i tried and it says “invalid tender”. i tried changing the payment right away to debit but it still didnt work. when i pressed cancel right away it cancelled the whole payment. ive done this in the past but now it doesnt work…


I was wondering why u didn’t mention the Plink points in this offer as well
Ink card 5 points
Visasavingsedge 1%
Plink, and additional 300 points or $3.
Do you NOT recommend Plink anymore?


I was reading through the Q/A and found one Q that I haven’t seen the A.
Since WM has changed their policy recently I’m looking for other options to move OV’s to MO’s. I called Rite Aid near me, 3 of them, they all said they would take Debit cards, I didn’t narrow the quesiton to Debit [i]Gift[/i] cards, didn’t want to tip my hat. They would take the debit card but all of them reported their machines were out of commision.
Anyone have any experience with Rite Aid?

ellen schnur

walmart has shut down all vanilla visa gift cards. no workaround. heip stuck with 1000.