AwardWallet: Keep Track Of Your Mileage Balances And Never Have Your Miles Expire Again!


Update 3: The code below has been used 1,000 times so it is now dead but AwardWallet has made another code for DansDeals users, use it while it lasts!: aw-dansdeals2

Update 2: The code below expires today!

Originally posted on 02/23:

Update: AwardWallet has expanded the code below from 500 uses to 1,000 uses! Get AwardWallet Plus for free while the code lasts!

I’ve been using AwardWallet for some time now and it’s an excellent service.  You do have to have a leap of faith as you will need to hand over your account passwords for the service to work.  They have been around since 2004 and I’ve yet to read about any security breaches or problems with the service, so that’s a good sign 🙂

It keeps track of all your mileage accounts on one convenient page.  One glance and you’ll see your up to date balances for airline mileage account, hotel points account, and accounts like AMEX Membership Rewards.  They’ll even keep track of points you have with Pampers or Tropicana and hundreds of other programs!

You can track all of your accounts and even your family’s accounts all one page. Plus it will keep track of upcoming itineraries and stays!

That part of the service is free.

Their paid service, AwardWallet Plus, also displays the expiration date of each of your mileage accounts, displays extra reward accounts, allows the exporting of award balances into excel, and displays charts of historical account balance changes.

The expiration part is wonderful, you’ll never have to worry about any of your obscure accounts expiring again without getting advance notice!

And the best news? Here’s how to get a free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus!

-If you don’t use AwardWallet yet, signup for it here.
-If you have AwardWallet but don’t have the Plus version go to “My Account” and click on “Upgrade to AwardWallet Plus”
-If you have AwardWallet Plus and your account is expiring soon and would like a free renewal go to “My Account” and click on “Renew Now”

-On the next page it will say “I elect to pay $ for the next 6 months of service.”
-Enter $5 and click on “proceed to payment options.”
-Click on the credit card payment method.
-Use the following coupon and click “enter” (Exp: 03/01 or after 500 uses) :
-Click continue and you will have a free 6 month extension of AwardWallet!

Use the service already? Love it? Hate it? Just starting to use it now? Sound off in the comments!

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Seems to be a great tool, i signed up and it worked just as described.

Thanks Dan for always bringing us such good stuff.


Thanks Dan!




if i am signed up until july is there anyway to still get it

PDX Dan Fan

I have Award Wallet plus and think it is great! I wanted to extend my membership but when I click “My Account” but couldnt find the “renew” link you talked about- can you help? THANK YOU! You and this site is the very best!


I’ve been tracking five users miles/points using AW Plus for about 18 months; 38 accounts totaling approximately 1.6 million miles/points. It also tracks my travel plans such as hotel and airline reservations. Accurate and reliable so far.


Have been using it for months love
Thanks Dan for the code




Thanks, Dan!


Is this a payed ad?


Just a service that I use and enjoy and am passing on to you guys for free.




FYI – AwardWallet also has a free Iphone App, which makes it even more accessible and handy.


Thanks Dan!


@PDX Dan Fan: +1 on the question


Thanks Dan!


@PDX Dan Fan: +2 on the question


@PDX Dan Fan & @anon: +2 on the question
I thought I was extending my Plus with your approach to a free renewal, but now believe I just donoated another $5.00 because I never got the chance to use your code. I assume they used my CC that they have on file.


The also have a android beta version


Have it for about 2yrs Thanx for the upgrade 🙂


@PDX Dan Fan:
My AwardWallet Plus was expiring in March and it had the renew option.
After I used the code it no longer has a renew option, so it seems like your Plus account has to be expiring sometime soon in order to use the code. I’m not sure how soon it has to be expiring in order to renew.

PDX Dan Fan

@Dan, @anon: +2 on the question–here is the response I got from AwardWallet: At the moment you would only be able to extend your membership once the current one expires, however we are working on making it possible. I will let you know once that happens. So looks like Dan is right (again)!


@PDX Dan Fan:
My membership wasn’t expiring until mid-March, so there is definitely some period where they let you renew before it expires.


I have been using AwardWallet for quite some time and it really is a great service. Keeps track of all your miles and points, and even can log you in with one-click.

Even if you had to pay for the premium membership, it is well worth it.


Dan thanks, it’s absolutely great, it even picked up all my trip bookings, fantestic.


thanx dan!!! awesome program!


is not so good ?


Why is this better than Bank of America? click play on this video.

Or the American Express Version which I did not personally use yet?


Thanx Dan You are the man!!!

shmuel b

I don’t see starwoods or some chase cards there, how do i keep track of those programs?


@shmuel b:
Starwood is under hotels, not credit cards.

shmuel b

got it, thanks


how secure is it to give them ur user name and passwords to all of your accounts?


Avid Reader

Thank you!




I am using this for a year and LOVE it.
However, I cannot find “Renewal option” when I go in to my account? It just tells me I have 2 months left. Can you direct to this option please?


I use Mileport and it works really well. It does not have the “plus” option.



Mileport also tracks other family members accounts with one login.


the code does not work!


this code does not work.


Linky=expired or dead.


Why is this any better than Yodlee? I actually think Yodlee is better, especially for the credit card churners and bank promotions “adventures”. It keeps track of all my almost 20 bank/brokerage accounts which I dont even use and all my credit card accounts, being in this business makes it mighty hard to remember all those usernames and passwords. Go Yodlee!!



another expired

yep, done.


go it thanx!

PDX Dan Fan

For those that are current Award Wallet Plus members and want to take advantage of this great deal you need to go to this url:

Then sign into your account- then enter in the “Dan Coupon” and you are good to go. I had to cut and paste the link twice into my broswer but it worked! Thanks Dan!


coupon is dead


@PDX Dan Fan: With your link I was not able to enter any code. However I was able to go directly from my account (which was expiring in July ) and upgrade with the code my account now expires in Jan. of 2012!!
Thanks Dan and thanks PDX for the heads up!


Thanks dan!


I used the code it worked. Thanks Dan!


thanks dan


Totals: 6 Accounts 1,290,575


Thanks Dan, Second time around for a free renewal!!!


thanks, i said it was worth $20 andthey gave it for free b/c of u, thanks.


thanks dan!


dan how many do you have left (miles)


I still have 7 figures for AA, Continental, Hyatt, and Starwood.
More round-the-worlds in First class in my future 🙂
Gotta’ love credit card companies!


I am JEALOUS of Dan’s Award Wallet page. New code is still working. Thanks again for all the deals.


to dan
in general are most of your points for cc signups or mattress run or mileage runs


Almost all from credit card signups. I have done MRs at Hyatt though during FFN periods.


I tried to renew my AW Plus subscription using ur code but it says that “This coupon code is only valid for the first time users of AwardWallet Plus service. Our records indicate that you have already used AwardWallet Plus in the past; therefore, this coupon can’t be used with your account.”