5 Days Left For $20 Off $20 At SamsClub.com With Your Previously Registered Amex Card

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Registration has been closed for some time now, but if you already registered to receive $20 off $20 at SamsClub.com you have until 09/30 to take advantage of the offer.

You can read this post on how I got tens of thousands of free diapers and wipes with this promotion.

Post what you got for free with this deal in the comments below!

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13 Comments On "5 Days Left For $20 Off $20 At SamsClub.com With Your Previously Registered Amex Card"

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they reinstated the $20 gift cards


never mind didnt realize it sold out once again


I have been trying to take advantage of this offer for a while. I have 1 amex but they dont offer GC of $20 and the $10 GC have a min of 10 gc. Anything for me to do?


Dont forget to take advantage of the free membership for new moms http://help.samsclub.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2042/~/free-annual-membership-for-new-moms


@Anonymous: If you have an Android phone you can use the SC app to buy 2 $10 GC – there’s no minimum.


I registered around 30 cards(some were additionals) using the method explained on your site, and had received a confirmation email stating that they were registered. After using around half of them, I noticed that I was only credited for around 3 of them. When calling in they said it was only for 1 per account and I can not use additionals. Any thing I can do to get the other credit and use the other cards?


You did something wrong. I got credit for all of my primary and secondary cards.


@Dan: I received the email with the subject line ” Congrats! your card is now connected” on all my cards. So I got like 60 0f those emails. But when I started using them at Sams, I received the email with subject line “Congrats! You just used your Amex Offer” only on a few cards. Any ideas what I have done wrong? When I call amex they tell me its only one per account.


When did you make the purchases?
The post-purchase confirmation emails are not reliable.


Around June 15. So what do you suggest now?


If i purchase today, do you think the credits will post in time?


Any way to search for free shipping items only (actual items, not gift cards)?


I purchased through an Android phone 26 $10 cards without a problem.
Thanks c