SIZZLING! $59.99 Off Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Books!


Update: This unprecedented deal is scheduled to end on Sunday. Check out the comments for some of the deals people have landed!


Originally posted on 10/31:

Shutterfly Offer Linky
Signup or signin via the link above to have a $29.99 hardcover photo book credit automatically applied to your account. (The signin link for existing users is shown in the red box below).









Plus save 50% on Photo Books with code (Exp 11/03): PUMPKIN

Shutterfly Photo Books Linky

The codes are stackable and the 50% discount is currently being applied before the $29.99 off, so any size hardcover photobook you make up to $59.99 will be $0 plus shipping!

Shipping will add $7-$11 depending on your book size but if you spend $30+ at Shutterfly after all discounts you can also use free shipping code: SHIP30

You may have to click on “See saved offers” in your cart to click to have the free shipping applied if you hit $30 after the discounts.

We’re in love with Shutterfly’s 8×11 sized hardcover photobooks, we make an 8×11 book for every trip we take (big bookcase ;) ).

In the cart below is the normally $39.99 8×11 photobook.  11 pages were added on top of the 20 included pages making it $50.99.  The 2 stackable promos wipe out the cost of the book, leaving just the shipping charge:


If you add more pages beyond $59.99 or if you make a size or add options that are more than $59.99 you’ll save 50% on everything over $59.99.  So a massive 11×14 photo book that is normally $69.99 will be 50% off or $34.99 less $29.99=$5 plus shipping.

Plus you can also get 151 free 4×6 prints!
Use the following code for 101 free print (Exp: 11/01): SPOOKY
50 free prints (Exp: 11/17) 50FREEPRINTS

HT: ushdadude, via DDF

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Also – through November 3rd they have 50% off all photo books with the promo code PUMPKIN. You can’t combine this with free shipping but it comes out cheaper – for the 8×11 it comes out to $8.99 (just the price of shipping) and for the 12×12 it actually comes out to just $11.99!

Yosef B Chicago

ON your text to the 7k+ people, it was missing a link to the deal, it only sent a link to twitter.

Rebecca Brooklyn

I try logging in with that link but nothing is getting added to my account.


@Leo: shipping isnt free?


I love your album cover! Gorgeous picture! 🙂



@Yosef B Chicago:
Hopefully they’ll know where to look 😉

@Rebecca Brooklyn:
Worked for me on several account.

Read the post.

It’s actually from a trip report posted before.
Bonus points for the first to find it 😀


If already created an album in my account is there any way to open a new account with different email and send the completed album to that account to buy with the discount?


Sure, just make a Shutterfly share site to share it with another account:

Yup, well done.

is this good for bulk books

or only 1 book?


Thanks! Just ordered two books (that I’ve been waiting to print from my trips), for $14, which was just shipping. Can’t wait to get them.


Thank you,

Just saved $65 off a photobook


Any advice how to upload a large folder from dropbox with photos directly to shutterfly?
There express uploader seems to be corrupted.


I just made an order last night using the 50% off. Any way I can get them to refund me 30$ from this deal?


Thanks Dan, we just ordered our $177 lay flat book (99 pages) for $70!



Doubt it.



will this work if I already have an account with them? or do i have to sign up as a new member? thanks!


Awesome deal!!
Paid $9.77 for a photobook! with xtras…………


Thanks Dan. Saved $55


can i use the promo code and make the book in a few weeks? or does it have to be ordered by 11/03?


The only way all 3 codes are stack-able is if you have $30 total BEFORE shipping. Then shipping is free. Also, it doesn’t seem to make a difference if it’s a new account or not.
So an 8 by 11 with 91 pages added is a grand total of $37!


the code yay4holiday will get you an additional 10$ off a purchase of 20$ or more


11/03 for the 50% off.

Well done!

Not stackable.


Thanks dan!! Got 151 free prints and a free 8×11 photo book for free!!! Just paid shipping! Wow!! Keep them coming!!


And a free 8×8 book that expires dec 4


Its not working for me

Continue Shopping
Shopping Cart

8×11 Book (23 pages)
“My Photo Book – Nov1”
Each: $32.98
Subtotal: $65.96
Preview Remove
Items $65.96
Promo discounts -$24.99
Estimated shipping $0.00
Total $40.97
Total Savings $38.98
Promos / Gift certificates



It still works. You didn’t apply the free $29.99 promo to your account properly.


@jewkugel: So you payed $37?


How do I go about that dan?


for some reason the link is not allowing me to submit any info or sign in. I tried 2 different browsers.


got it to work on my phone. Does the shipping cost go up if I add the prints as well?


@Mordy: How did you get it to take the full 50% off of the lay-flat? It doesn’t do that when I try it!


I was told that you were not eligible for the free photo book when I tried to make the second book with a new account. Any ideas how to do it?


What is the free $29.99 promo code please?



Thanks Dan. have been waiting to order a 12×12 108 page photobook for months until i felt it was more affordable. i just saved $157.26!!!


Cool! Just saved more than 50 bucks! thanks!


I keep clicking the red box for the free photo book and its frozen…tried 2 different browsers..
Any tips or links?


Just saved $75 off the 41 page photo book from our trip to Israel for Succos thanks to the Delta Glitch!!! Dan, you Rock!!!


Just got my 11×14 awesome


Ordered 3 books and saved hundreds of dollars!!!! You are awesome!!! Thank you!!!


Did I do something wrong? Used both promos and the book which was originally $55 was a total of $8 plus the shipping. Well, good enough for me… thanks for the deal!


Deal still going strong! Finally placed my order for an 8 x 11 with 101 pages. Total: $32.30!!

Make sure that you check off each offer under saved offers to stack them all properly.


Tried to get a second copy from a separate account that was showing the promo as well (the IKEA one, not just the pumpkin one) but I didn’t read the small print:

Offer cannot be redeemed more than once per account and/or billing address. This particular offer code can only be redeemed once.

So they take the promo off your account if you try to use the same billing adress. No luck reviving the code so I’ma try creating a new account and sharing the book to it… Has a1 else had luck w/ that?


any chance the 50 percent off code will still work tomorrow, I am not finished my book yet, how can I get them to honor it tomorrow



Description Qty Each Price
8×11 Book “THIALAND FINAL” (39 pages) 1 $63.98 $63.98
Storytelling Style – Yours Truly 1 $4.99 $4.99
Standard pages 1 $0.00 $0.00
additional pages (1 page) 19 $1.00 $19.00
Hard photo cover 1 $15.00 $15.00
20-page 8×11 Book 1 $24.99 $24.99

Shipping: $8.99
Discount: $-59.49
Tax: $1.13
Total for this recipient: $14.61
Order Total: $14.61


New code which will give you almost the same deal, 40% off instead of 50%
use code BIGDEAL
good until Thursday 11/7


@YY: Nice find!
That 40% is stackable as well. My order would’ve been $42 instead of $32.. still not a bad deal!


@Dan: I called them, canceled the 1st order, then made the same order again and saved another 30$! thanks!


another coupon for $10 off $20 for all orders
expires tomorrow 11/6
not sure if stackable


@YY: Nope not stackable with the ikea discount.


is this still working?