3 Free 5×7 Or 8×10 Prints At Rite Aid!


Step 1: Create a Rite Aid account.

Step 2: Login with your new account info at the Rite Aid Photo site.

Step 3: Upload pictures, and the use the following code in your cart to make a 5×7 or 8×10 print free: TUES6127

Step 4: Select a Rite Aid store to pickup your print there for free! No credit card is required.

Step 5: Make another order and this time use the following code in your cart to make a 5×7 or 8×10 print free: TUES6121E

Step 6: Make another order and this time use the following code in your cart to make a 5×7 or 8×10 print free: TUES6121

HT: jack12 and moto, via DDF

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it doesnt let me go to the page when i login it keeps saying “bad request” anyone else having this issue??


super slow site right now


Hi, I know this comment doesn’t have anything to do with this post, (though it does with the overall theme of your site) I don’t know how else to get your attention and a quick response. So I turned to you because frankly, you seem to know this system (with it’s ins and outs) better than anyone else I know.

What card/which bank would you suggest for a yeshiva student to open being his first CREDIT card? A bit info. that’d help give you an idea of my spending: generic dating expenses, $100/monthly groceries, plane ticket here and there, and some odds and ends. Though credit permitting, I’d start paying bills with it too (that can jump another cupla hundred/monthly). Then of course, my main intention is to at least build credit. In addition, points accumulation with rewards is a major plus.

Thanks alot for your help


when does this special expire?


too slow bad website


@brooke: it expires today


Don’t waste your time. Website rejects coupon code upon checkout.


Worked for me.
Are you signed in?




@Dan: Yep and tried using 2 different browsers. Rite Aid customer photo support said it may be expired, hence the trouble… basically, the coupon takes the price to 0.00 and then “disappears” from the order on the pickup and checkout screens. Any solutions?


This code worked for me: TUES6121E

M. Josef

Thanx Dan! Worked fine!


I tried all 3 of them. ALL OF THE WORKED!!! I received three different order confirmations. THANK YOU!




worked 🙂 thank you!!


somhow i got 4 for free


i did it! thank u dan!


Does not let you sign in. It says bad request & I tried many times.


Try another browser or account.


hey dan random q here but if you do a 3 browser application and get denied and call for reconsideration, if they approve it you will get one cc or 3?


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Worked like champ. I got 3 8 x 10 in a jiffy !


only code TUES6121E works!!!

Me, Of-Course!

I got 3 8×10! Yippeeee

love this blog

Got all 3 then my local store said they only print 4by6 🙁


@harry32: Confirming TUES6121 and TUES6127 did NOT work in both FF and IE. TUES6121E was the only code I could get to work. YES – I was signed in. Thanks!


just did all 3 codes on three diff emails sep and they all worked after 11pm tuesday


I could only get it to work with code TUES6121E after many attempts


I did all three from the same account. Thanks Dan!


I had no problem doing all 3 codes from the same account, one after another, in a few minutes.

Thanx for the deal.


Did they expire yet??


i did 9 orders on three different accounts only to find out that the store i sent it to be printed had theyre 8×10 printer broken. oh well…

Yosef H

I just did once I did have to pay 21 cents b/c it wouldn’t let me take off the 4×6 pic ??? any idea’s.

Yosef H

It’s only letting me do the Confirming TUES6121 code.