It’s Time For Baseball: Here Are Some Ways To Stream Games For Free


Update, 4/10: Today is the last day to signup for a free 2016 subscription if you are a T-Mobile customer or have access to a T-Mobile phone.

Originally posted on 4/3:

It may still be cold outside in the Midwest and East Coast, but baseball is finally back in the air.

There are 2 new options to stream games if you can’t make it to the ballpark or take your kid to an away game with your miles.

1. T-Mobile customers can signup here for a free premium subscription, a $109.99 value. You must signup for a free plan by 4/10. Your subscription will be valid for the entire 2016 season. Unfortunately MLB blocks local broadcasts, though workarounds do exist. You must be on the T-Mobile data network, not on W-Fi, in order to enroll.

2. If you have (or can borrow) cable TV credentials you can now login online to FoxSportsGo or to the FoxSportsGo app on your phone for free streaming local broadcasts of the following 15 teams:
-Arizona Diamondbacks
-Atlanta Braves
-Cincinnati Reds
-Cleveland Indians
-Detroit Tigers
-Kansas City Royals
-Los Angeles Angels
-Miami Marlins
-Milwaukee Brewers
-Minnesota Twins
-New York Yankees
-San Diego Padres
-S. Louis Cardinals
-Tampa Bay Rays
-Texas Rangers

Play ball!

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What are some work arounds for in market games?


On this topic, anyone know a way to get free streams of the NY Mets games?

I just went on my computer and asked for mlb free streaming no signup no credit card. I got . I now watch every game every team free. I’m not very techy , but it says on my favorites bar I just touch it and it gives me the schedual for every game that day. I just push watch now , and get the game live. no cost.


By local does that mean can only get teams in region- for example can you watch Yankees in Texas? Thanks!!


Vpn/location blocker


FoxSportsGo airs every Indians game? Streaming video, audio or both?


Links to free streams for all games can be found here:

Curious G

Can I watch the Diamondbacks in New York with this? Or have to be in Phoenix to watch?



That would work with, not FoxSportsGo

Every game with the regular TV broadcast.

Those usually come with free nasty popups and viruses too…

@Curious G:
That would work with, not FoxSportsGo.


I jus logged in to my fox sports go and yankles disappears once I sign in… doesn’t look like it works in NY… I saw articles that Manfred said in market streaming would start but I don’t think it has yet


Fox sports go gives you yes network but not yankees. (In article it says sans yankees)


@yehuda check out this article should help for the workaround


Can someone provide a detailed workaround for to watch local games (like Mets in NY).

Thanks in advance

The newguy

I need mets too. Can anyone help?


Here’s another great link which I’ve verified and it works.


Is there any way to stream it on a blackberry classic? Through any of the ways above?


Will this work now?

Verizon Wireless customers — myself included — frequently complain about paying higher bills than most other mobile customers. But in the case of football, being a Verizon subscriber pays off. The company has an exclusivity agreement with the NFL, making it the only wireless provider whose customers can stream live games — including the Super Bowl. If you’re on Verizon, just download the Go90 app (iOS / Android) before kickoff (scheduled for 6:30PM ET) and you should be all set. And, net neutrality be damned, it won’t even count against your data plan!


And what about NBA ? Someone have a good plan to watch games ??


I have an account but my blu-ray player doesn’t have an app for it. Anyone know of a workaround?


@Dan @Sal I think there is a thread for this on DDF can you post link?
Would love to know how to do this on a mobile device. The vpn works only for desktop and laptop but not for mobile that I know of can someone enlighten or post link??

Anonymous can be a good option for streaming mlb games but no guarantee it doesn’t have bugs or viruses

Chris S.

For those looking for a location workaround, Unlocator is excellent for blocking your location on stuff like AppleTV, smartphones, etc. They’ve got a truly free several day trial, so it’s absolutely worth giving them a shot.


download the app in your phone, and stream it with chromecast


You can activate a free mlb account on any display model at your local T-Mobile store. Activated 3 accounts earlier today. No need to be a subscriber or pay anything. Just make sure WiFi is off.

Chris S.

Mike, what are the logistics there? How?


@Elliot: stream to PC and show on TV with HDMI cord, or buy refurb chromecast for about $20. or Fire stick.


just to be clear, I can watch from any device once I’ve set up the account from a T-mobile device?


VERY IMPORTANT: You need to use your actual TMOBILE phone while using data to sign up. If your phone is on wifi, it wont activate. Thanks Dan for the link.

Dan Fan

Blue Jays fan here living in NY area. Any ideas on how I could catch the games?

yankee fan

anyone know a direct link for the yankees?


You can always go to
Not always the best quality, better than nothing though.


Just got this to work with my chromebook that has free 200MB of TMobile data a month.


On my T-Mobile android phone:
From website:” This MLB.TV application is not supported on Flash-enabled a Android devices”


Download the MLB app to watch on your phone.