A Chilling And Awe-Inspiring Malaysia Air Flight 370 Story

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Please scroll below this update for the original story.

Update, 03/11: Well this turned out to be more controversial than I thought it would be…
At any rate let’s make a few things perfectly clear:
1. My thoughts and deepest prayers are with every single man, woman, and child that was on-board MH370 as well as their families.
This story isn’t intended to diminish from the shocking events even one iota. It was only an attempt to shine a small glimmer of light into the darkness, just like stories of people who were saved from other tragedies.
2. This story is 100% true. I know the travel agent very well and he is a completely honest person who shies away from attention, even more so given the negative responses here, and while the saga is ongoing.
I examined the original unedited email exchange and I’ve heard from the traveler as well. I am absolutely positive that the story below is legitimate.
3. Call it a coincidence, call it the hand of G-d, call it whatever you want, but because a travel agent put his religious convictions and values over profit, Andy is alive and safe today.
4. The fact that the fate of hundreds of people is still unknown is a terrible tragedy beyond my comprehension. However hearing the true story of even 1 life being spared from that fate is something that shouldn’t be tossed aside like rubbish, as it means that 239 passengers are missing and not 240.
The Talmud says that he who saves one life is as if he saved the entire world.  This particular article may focus on that one life, but does not imply that the disappearance of MH370 is any less of a tragedy.
5. In absolutely no way am I implying that G-d struck down the plane because of the Sabbath. Nor am I implying that anyone would ever deserve this fate. Again, Andy had a small religious awakening and for whatever reason, that had a direct correlation to him being safe today. It’s rare that we get to see a story like this with the digital trail left behind so neatly and I enjoyed reading it. I hope that sharing it inspired more than it offended.
6. I fervently hope that somehow, against all odds, we hear about the safe rescue of all onboard MH370. Once again, you are all in our prayers.

This is the original story as posted on 03/10:

The whole world’s eyes are on the far east, wondering how a Boeing 777 can just disappear without a trace.  Malaysia Air Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur at 12:43am this past Saturday morning and has yet to be located.  Flying is the safest mode of transportation that exists today, so the disappearance of an airplane like this is really sobering.

I heard the following story firsthand from the travel agent involved.  He is an avid DansDeals follower that I’m friends with.  He sent me the unedited exchange that follows and I made the necessary edits to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

The saying goes, “More than the Jews have kept the Shabbos (Sabbath), the Shabbos has kept the Jews.”  When I think of that saying, I picture my life if I were constantly wired 7 days a week.  As it is, I feel like a slave to my digital devices, but the knowledge that Shabbos is right around the corner keeps me going. From sundown Friday evening until when the stars come out on Saturday night it’s 25 hours spent completely offline and it’s blissful.  It’s 25 hours spent praying to G-d and consuming obscene amounts of calories eating scrumptious meals with family and friends.  It’s perfect.  Sure anyone can always disconnect, but there’s something awesome about the forced routine that can’t be properly explained to one who hasn’t experienced it.

But the saying goes much deeper than that in this story.

Click on any of the emails to enlarge them.

On 01/13/14 Andy emailed his travel agent his desired itinerary:





The travel agent, an Orthodox Jew, proposed the following business class itinerary, slightly altering the Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight from Saturday to Friday.






Andy loved the price, but again requested the Saturday morning flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing:




The travel agent responded that he would not be able to book travel for him over the Sabbath, but that he was free to book that flight by himself:



Andy agreed with that and planned to book the flight by himself:



And the travel agent noted that if he changed his mind to just let him know:



Shortly afterward Andy did just that:



And the travel agent recommended a place to get a nice kosher meal and booked him the originally proposed itinerary, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Friday early morning instead of Saturday.



Fast forward to 2 days ago.  The travel agent is in Israel and reads this email once Shabbos is over.  The email was sent after shabbos, at 7:15pm Beijing time/1:15pm Israel time:




And the travel agent wrote back, equally in shock at the realization of Shabbos saving his client’s life:




Indeed, due to the travel agent worrying about the religious observance of a fellow Jew, Andy was persuaded into flying on Malaysia Air 370 exactly one day prior to the ill-fated flight he wanted to take.

It’s not often we hear a story like this.  It’s been 103 years since Rose was saved from the devastation of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire thanks to observing Shabbos.  And now it was Andy’s turn.

Prayers go out to the families of those still missing.

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Chills and tears. Thank you for sharing!


Wow!!!! Shabbos is such a gift that I am so grateful for!!!






I have chills as I read this.
Thanks for sharing safe return for everybody in that flight!


Awesome, thanks for sharing!


WOW! This gave me chills. What a miracle. Glad he is safe but prayers go out to all those who are still missing. Thanks for sharing this




Ma rabu maasecha H.


Wow beautiful story! Incredible hashgacha pratis!



I’m speechless…. Thank you for sharing.

good sam

There are no words. Thanks for posting.


Ein od milvado!!! I have tears in my eyes .. Actually I’m balling!!!


OMG I am speechless! this story should be covered by all news agencies world-wide. What a beautiful kiddush hashem. Thanks Dan this was a real change of pace after all the forum controversy!


What a kiddush hashem !


WOW WOW WOW. i’m speechless.
major kudos to the travel agent


Wow. Thanks for sharing, Dan. That was incredible.
Hope we somehow hear good news about the flight still.


Got the shivers!


Wow! No words, complete shock


How awesome!!


wow. just wow. the power of Shabbat… unbelievable. we dont realize the protection observing the shabbat has on us!
thank you for sharing, so amazing.


Wow what an amazing story awe inspiring.


one word “WOW!”


Sooo….. a coincidence much like many others than happened that day, I’m sure.


Ain Od Milvado !!!!


tears in my eyes too





I just want to add in the last 108 years there were more jews who got saved by shabbos financially or physically…if one searches you can find stories like that, this story is just chilling as we see the actual exchange and how it happened!!!

Thanks Again! AM YISROEL CHAI!!!


כִּי כֹה אָמַר יְהוָה לַסָּרִיסִים אֲשֶׁר יִשְׁמְרוּ אֶת שַׁבְּתוֹתַי וּבָחֲרוּ בַּאֲשֶׁר חָפָצְתִּי וּמַחֲזִיקִים בִּבְרִיתִי.

וְנָתַתִּי לָהֶם בְּבֵיתִי וּבְחוֹמֹתַי יָד וָשֵׁם טוֹב מִבָּנִים וּמִבָּנוֹת שֵׁם עוֹלָם אֶתֶּן לוֹ אֲשֶׁר לֹא יִכָּרֵת.


Wow!!! Chilling and amazing!


I am totally overwhelmed by the story. This is totally amazing. hashgacha pratis.

James L.

Amen brother. Rose is my wife’s great-great aunt. We told that story at my daughter’s naming (her middle name is Rose).

y id

thanks for sharing with us
pls note the hardness this travel agent had saying what he had to – to a loyal costumer, but b”h he was the shaliach for saving this xostumer, the shabos pays for all !


Oh wow! Dan Thank u so much for sharing! I have chills and I’m shaking! We all need to follow the lead of this travel agent! To b more aware of our brethren and bring them closer to hashem! Thank u for showing us that we can do this through our every day jobs as well.


Just wow!

Hashem is awesome



wow i would like to switch all my company travel over to this amazing travel agent pls post how i can contact him thank u


that story moved me to tears, literately!
Thanks for sharing, and may we all stay safe always.
I particularly liked the travel agents humble reply after the miracle played out!


Wow.. Goosebumps everywhere


Wow, Wow, Wow!!!


Wow amazing story shows hashems is watching us




WOW! So impressed by the travel agent’s principles. I’m sure it’s cost him some hardships over the years, but he too has been rewarded by being part of this story.


I want to add to my comment:
The travel agent gets a huge amount of credit as well. He made the decision that Shabbos is more important then making a few bucks (and possibly loosing a customer).
Here he gained too. 1) He saved a life, 2) The customer will keep using him now and 3) he made a huge kiddush hashem.


Thank G-d!
And nice to see Chabad in Beijing as an option for any Jew for a nice Friday night meal.


What a kiddush Hashem! Score one for Torah and mitzvoth!

Non fanatic Jew

I like this site, but this story is disgusting on so many levels.

What about all the other souls on that flight? Don’t they have children, mothers, loved ones who cry for them exactly like the Jews? What are you implying, that God wants to kill all the goyim and only keep the orthodox fanatics? Well, the history shows that this is not truth (quite the opposite) and if he does, I don’t want anything to do with such a racist God.

Better stick to your gluttonous consumerism without borders, Dan.

I served in the Israeli army, really defending Jews (unlike probably the majority of the ignorant readers who sing your praises on this horrendous piece of non-Jew hate), and I will be not surprised at all if such sickening posts are not reinforcing the image of Jews as penny-pinching, racist, primitive tribe, gleeful in face of others’ sorrow.

Let’s see if you have you know what to post this comment.

I know that you or your obsessed crowd won’t be ashamed, but I hope you’ll delete this obscenity before someone from the mainstream press discovers it.


@non fanatic jew,
Your comment is a textbook case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Your very username bespeaks your derision of religious jews!
Anyone with a religious education knows that G-d does not expect non jews to keep the Shabbos. In fact, they aren’t even allowed to! Any non jew who keeps the 7 Noahide laws is guaranteed a place in the World to Come.
Your accusation is ridiculous because no logical person would conclude that merely being grateful for one’s salvation equals gloating over another’s death. You are spewing irrational hate of the highest order. Would you rather this man Andy dead? Don’t answer that. You realize that by fighting for Israel you were also protecting religious jews.
We have enough enemies; we don’t need self-hating jews too.


wow! i do this too my clients as well, this inspires me to keep on doing this even thought i lose money sometimes! wow so amazing! this guy will become frum and write a book mark my words!


What is it with people these days? People cry at the drop of a hat.

Beautiful story? Yes.

You were bawling? Really?

Lori Palatnik

Does anyone know the name of the Orthodox travel agent so this story can be verified?


thank u for sharing u should forward the story to pesach kron


Wow thanks Dan you should forward the whole conversation to all Jewish, papers ‘ v

אריה בן ישראל

מזל אדר דגים The Torah life is rewarding make Hashem holy by cleansing your souls that is the purpose you are here on earth keep the Shabbos keep the Mitzvos do it at a growing pace and you will be cleansed redeemed under Hashems protection,


Chills. Wow.


Dan, do you think twice about flying after such horrible stories ? Sure it’s safer, but there’s no such thing as a fender-bender when you’re flying.


@Non fanatic Jew:
Wow, talk about going through life being cynical.

I ended off that my prayers are with all of the families.

I don’t pretend to understand how Gd works. I don’t know why we had to suffer through a holocaust or an inquisition. I don’t know why he let a 9/11 happen. I don’t wish anything bad on any jew or gentile.

I do know that one person’s life was spared because of a travel agent with morals and a traveler who took his religious message to heart.

You’re hundreds of times more likely to die in a car crash or even just walking than on a plane.

These stories are sobering, but don’t merit second thoughts about flying.


Without meaning in any way to come across as preaching, it would magnify the Kiddush Hashem infinitely if all of us reading this story would resolve to strengthen our own Shmiras Shabbos in some small way. It’s not every day we are privileged to see Hashem’s hand revealed so overtly.

Ari murkoff

@Non fanatic Jew: I think you’re misunderstanding the point of the story .The point of the story is that a religious orthodox Jews will not and cannot cause another Jewish person to desecrate laws pertaining to the keeping of the Sabbath. So because he refused this customer’s request this action by keeping the Torah is responsible for the survival of this particular person.


wow amazing story, am very inspired, thanks dan for posting!!


Wow!!!שבת קודש


Dear Dan,
Why post comment #47? It is disgusting!

Thank you

@Non fanatic Jew: Thank you for your reply. My thoughts exactly. This was a coincidence – nothing more, nothing less.


WOW..it makes you really appreciate the power of keeping shabbat..thx for sharing this incredible story!!


@Non fanatic Jew: he did end off Prayers go out to the families of those still missing.
but either way your comment screams ignorance, how do you even imply that this article implies that the others deserve or whatever your trying to imply?? shabbos is a protection, fact is that whatever happened to the plane unfortunately happened and we feel bad about it, does not mean we should not be happy that one person was spared, or that it was shabbos that spared him, if someone by some miracle was spared death from the 911 tragedy, do we not tell others because so many died??


This is insanely awesome! Bh!


thank you for sharing. truly inspiring!

wow wow wow wow wow

I just read the word WOW a lot of times. What is wow to the power of wow?


WOW crazy story this story should be all over the news and papers. they have to know what Hascho protus is all about


this is incredible


@Non fanatic Jew:
First of all, thank you for your service in the IDF protecting Israel.

Second: Every human being is a creation of G-d, and there isn’t a single passenger on that flight whose blood is more or less red than mine or yours. That isn’t the point of this story at all.

Terrible tragedies happen every day, all around the world. Judaism doesn’t see them as senseless, though, but as decreed from Above, for reasons that we can’t possibly begin to understand.

Avoiding travel to avoid crashes makes as much sense as avoiding food to avoid choking; we live our lives with the belief that there is a purpose and a reason to everything that happens, and if/when our ‘number is called’, so to speak – that’s what the Heavenly plan had in store for us.
That being said, there are forces that can fight Heavenly decrees, that can plead our cases, that can weigh the scales in our favor when our future is called to judgement. One famous force is charity, the meaning behind the axiom “Tzedaka tatzil mimavet”, “Charity saves from death”. Another is Shabbos, as quoted above – when we guard Shabbat, Shabbat guards us.

That doesn’t mean that a victim of tragedy was lacking in some way, or G-d forbid “deserved” anything. The whys of what G-d does will forever be beyond our comprehension. What that does mean, though, is that Andy had, however accidentally, tapped into a powerful defender – Shabbat. And Shabbat protected him from the Heavenly decree that had been laid against him – to be on that flight.


WOW, BH for the travel agents Ahavat Israel


@adult: +100


As for #47 you didn’t have to mention you served in the army you can tell what mindset you’re from from your comment…..you too will have a day when you will turn to Gd for help and you’ll put your tail between your legs and realize there is nothing wrong with being proud to be a Jew and realizing you’re special and thanking Borei Olam for being kind to you and he will answer your prayers even after you’ve been such a jerk


@Non fanatic Jew:
You come across very bitter. Though we are grateful for your IDF service, how does the story imply that anyone on the plane deserved death? Answer: It doesn’t.

Fact: Client intended Shabbat travel. Fact: Travel agent goaded him to do Friday instead. Fact: Client relented. Fact: If client on that plane would have chosen that flight he’d be a dead man. Opinion: “Thank you” (7:34 pm) is one of the most cynical people around. Opinion/speculation: Client would agree a major miracle occurred.


Wow! Unbelievable story!Thanks for sharing!


Wow! Unbelievable story! Thanks for sharing!




@Ari murkoff: He’s not trying to understand any point. He just wants to go off on a tear, which he did.


I agree this is an incredible story and I find the comparison to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire disheartening. The girls who worked in that factory were dirt poor and faced a much more difficult life situation than whether somebody ought to fly on a business trip in the Far East one day earlier or later. I humbly believe those souls died Al Kiddush Hashem in that their being niftar brought about labor regulations that have saved countless lives since.


@Non fanatic Jew: All i think this article was implying is that god saved him from a tragedy that was bound to happen anyway (not that God kills anyone that’s not a Jew, or someone that is not Sabbath observant.)
But I guess each person has his own way of extracting some unique point in a story.


I’m so deeply touched by the travel agent’s commitment to Shabbos that he wants to forfeit commissions that would come through booking his clients trips (that are Jewish) on Shabbos. Intrusive? I guess that argument could have been made on January 13th, yet I think history has vindicated the travel agent. He is even such a mentsh that he guided the client on how to book the ticket himself if he so chooses to travel on Shabbos, so long as he will have zero financial benefit from the Shabbat travel. Wow!


@Non fanatic Jew: I feel sorry that you totally missed the point of this story. Be happy and positive and you will feel great!


@Thank you:
Exactly-it was a “coincidence”. But my thoughts as a believer is that just as G-d created this world and continues to run it -He is also responsible for all those “coincidences” that occur daily. Some “coincidences” appear greater then others, but they are all G-d planned. I enjoyed reading about this “coincidence”. Thanks Dan for posting.


follow the lead of this travel agent tell us his name at least ask him if you can so we send business over his way he deserves it


@Non fanatic Jew: You are making a big mistake, god wasn’t the one to kill these passengers, and wasn’t the one who saved this passengers life, ultimately it was this passengers choice not to fly on the holy Shabat that saved him.

God is not killing no one it is the evil choice of humans who choose to do evil, do you expect God to immediately stop any evil person from committing a crime? If it turns out some Arabs brought this plane down it was their decision to do so, not Gods, Hashem gave us the choice to do good or bad and he doesn’t interfere, miracles do sometime happen, but proper choices of people will sometimes turn out to be their biggest life saver.

When the entire world would behave according to the Torah there would be no Evil in this world, all the nations that the Jews wiped out on the Word of hashem were the worst kind of humans that ever lived.

Dear Dan, please don’t pay any attention to this pitiful person and continue to bring us such kind of uplifting stories and your Zechus will be amazing.


I am trying to make sense of this story. Why would God play favorites and save one Jew but let 239 non-Jews perish?

you dah man

Dan, it would be a great idea if you can forward the article to the publice via mishpacha Aim Yated….
its an unbelievable story that everyone should know about.


Again, I can’t fathom Gds ways or why he allows evil and tragedy to exist. That’s way beyond my paygrade.

I don’t think Gd played favorites here, I’ve even read that there were other Jews onboard this flight.

I think this story just shows one Jew who decided to honor Gds commandment to the Jews to honor the Sabbath and because of that he is still alive today. And it’s about another Jew who put religion over profit and helped make that happen.


@Non fanatic Jew:
As you can see a lot of people have “you know what” to reply to the comment. To tell you the truth I don’t think you need “you know what” to post to the comment because your racist slur wasn’t to logical in the first place (and you probably don’t still have your gun with you).
I am just waiting to see if you have “you know what” to defend your position. Or are you going to retreat into you racist cynical world. I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting such a coward defend Israel.


@Non fanatic Jew:

How was the asifia yesterday??

Why can’t you once in your life acknowledge that G-d exists?? We don’t know why G-d does certain things. But when a miracle like this happens one should give thanks.


@dan amazing story. Travel agent has really good prices for those flight. Can I have his details so I can use him.


@Non fanatic Jew: Look at the mirror. The only one who promotes hate here is you.


@Malka: beautifully said! Thank you!


I think you missed the point of the story:)

Doniel Yehuda

@Non fanatic Jew: Your self hating, it’s a beautiful story of survival. Can one not celebrate there birthday because other people died this year and can’t celebrate their birthdays??? Can one not rejoice from recovery of a terminal illness because other people didn’t recover??? Stop looking at the negative and try and look at the positive. You’ll be a lot happier.

The wealthy barber

This is so beutifull that’s what is such a good quality of Shabbos


This story is truly inspiring. Such a pitty there was one jew from russia who started keeping mitsvos sometimes but failed to keep shabbos yet. And he was on that flight R”L. Anyways I’m allways in for such stories. Thanks Dan!

Batsheva S

@Doniel Yehuda: very well said. So holy and spiritual. Your an inspiration to us all


Usually these stories end with the guy becoming frum I hope it will follow soon!!!!!


You’re doing the job of a chabad shluach from your computer 🙂


What if the plane that went down was the one he was on. Would you then say his death was because he kept Shabbos? These things happen all the time (changing schedule) that results in one living or dying.


Doniel Yehuda wow that says it all!!!!perfect


beautiful, no words


An amazing story and reminder to stay observant. Thank you for sharing.


@Dan: I bet you saw this coming, but I guess the 100/102 positive comments made it worthwhile.


@Non fanatic Jew: Thanks for showing the world what serving in the IDF does to ones rationality and religious perception. You truly have gone out of your way to let us know why the Rabbis are right, and why Chareidim must do everything they can to make sure they don’t get drafted into the army


this is the most amazing and inspirational story that i have heard in a long time! this travel agent made such a kiddush hashem just by sticking his morals and not selling another Jew a ticket, even though it meant that he would lose out! He ended up indirectly saving another Jew’s life!!!


@HM: But it didn’t happen that way. Stop with the ” what if’s “

Your vitriol sounds familiar

@Non fanatic Jew: You don’t happen to live in Australia by any chance, an Aussie? Your words sound so familiar. I am “friends” with you on facebook and you spout the same condescending filth all day long. Just get over it buddy.


Rose Goldstein chose a life style. This guy chose to not fly on Shabbos, hardly the same thing. Dollars to donuts that he was not shomer shabbos. Although I give credit to the agent for not booking flights on shabbos, its a logical fallacy to say that keeping shabbos saves lives. As comment #101 pointed out you probably wouldn’t say the same thing if the situation was reverse.


@Non fanatic Jew: Go see a therapist

Also a Believer

Please read #83

… my thoughts as a believer is that just as G-d created this world and continues to run it -He is also responsible for all those “coincidences” that occur daily…

You can choose what you want to believe in

And thank you Malka that was very well said


Non fanatic jew: What you don’t seem to understand is that he didn’t miss the flight
So it’s quite clear that SHABBOS SAVED HIS LIFE!!!


Maybe the New York post should post such a story on their front page instead of the screaming headline they wrote abt Menachem stark!!!


This is a GR8 story. Why is it that some of the comments are negative. Can’t we all be united and appreciate a great true story and learn from it instead and be positive, after all our world is in a very bad situation and the only 1 thing that will bring the GEULA is if we all just appreciate each other lets stop all of this negative attitude Let there be peace. Amen


@Non fanatic Jew: Dear Non fanatic Jew, you and I share a common pride in being Jewish and in support of the IDF, however, by linking your service in the IDF and the venom with which you appear to be expressing yourself seems to suggest that you actually come from an observant family and in the course of your service gradually departed from the holy path your parents and grandparents had sacrificed their lives for. Be honest with yourself, do you think your own 2nd generation will still identify themselves with Israel?.
Being an observant Jew may not be the easiest thing in a secularist and materialistic world we live in but believe me it helps to maintain a balance and purpose in life and for life. Afterall, what was being praised in the article was that as a direct outcome of one Jew caring for another fellow Jew’s spiritual well being he actually saved his life physically. Wouldn’t you be equally grateful if g-d forbid this episode happened to you.

Tani @unlimitedisrael



Wow wow and wow again


Thanks for shearing


I am a travel agent I Leider do have costumers non religious Jews that fly on shabbos all the time but with speaking with my ruv several times about it I was to I do nothing wrong as they will fly anyway even I don’t book it for them. The money I make on it is for my time of work during my weekdays. But it’s a very nice thing from that agent for doing his efforts trying to make them not fly. And I’m sure it will be a big zechus to hopefully get that Yiddish kid abserve the shabbos kodesh


@Non fanatic Jew: When Andy would have been on the plane, and it would crash and everyone dies except for him then you can say Gd saved a jewish life over other non-jews. But as it happens to be that he was at all not on the plane, just his own decision to be observant of shabos, is what saved his life!



Oh, but it didn’t!




@Also a Believer: I respect your beliefs and your religion. I hope you feel the same way.

Uri from Jerusalem

It is amazing how many plane crashes occur over Shabbat. I recall the SAA Drakensberg crash near the Seychelles happened on shabbat about 30 years ago & there are many others.


If I don’t know the answer to 1234567890×1234567890… does that mean I don’t know the answer to 1+1?
Just because I don’t understand everything doesn’t mean I don’t understand anything.
If the story would have happened as in your comment, that would have been hashgacha pratis too, however I wouldn’t have understood it. The way the story did happen was hashgacha pratis that I do understand.


Thank you Dan for sharing!

@Non Fan-Jew Are you afraid to answer everyone? Are you afraid of the truth?
By the way Hashem sites in the Torah that no good comes to the man that says “Kuchom V’otzem Yodi Osoh Li Es Hachayil Hazeh”!

Chani Rosen

@Non fanatic Jew:

I am sorry you feel this way- you are a fellow Jew and I just wanted to say I love you for who you are. I do not agree with what you are saying and with your opinions but deep down you are probably a good person and are attempting to understand this confusing and challenging world we all live in. May Hashem grant you love and happiness in your life and help you see the good in the world.


@Uri from Jerusalem:How does that tie in with this thread?


@Non fanatic Jew: @ Non Jew Fanatic No one is minimizing the loss of life here. G-D created all of us, including the ignorant readers. You obviously have a pretty deep hatred to all people who feel proud to be a religious observant Jew. The story is a horrible story and we cannot understand Hakodosh Baruch Hu’s plan.
Thanks for defending the Jewish state. All power to you. However, you erred badly with your assumptions here, today.

Thank you,
A competitive triathlete(who is also chareidy with laange Peyos) Please don’t hate me:(




@Non fanatic Jew: Where did you learn such a warped way of thinking ? Would you think the same way if it this story happened to you and it was you this story was about ?? Do you really think you would remain the atheist that you seem to be ? I really hope for your sake that one day soon you will be able to learn how to think clearly and rationally.


@Thank you: Really? Coincidence? DNA, 23 pairs of Chromosomes each one unique and with it’s purpose. Coincidence? Probably all happened with a BIG BANG??????????
Think about it for a moment or go take another biology class to jolt you awake!!!!!!!!!!


ישרים דרכי השם, צדיקים ילכו בם ופושעים יכשלו בם
Thanks for the interesting story.
We who are aware of Gods presence, see these and greater miracles every day. From thd moment we get up until the moment we retire, and then some. Wheareas these who unfortunate souls that don’t know about god. Everything is a “conincidence” beginning with the big bang. This story is especially inspiring coming up with the big “coincidence” of the miracle of Purim


does anyone here think that this guy on the shabbos didnt to any melacha? he probably would of been mechalel shabbos much less if hed be in a plane

just sayin

What ever

Get over it, it did not save his life it’s just called luck nothing else.

A Believer

Your comment is total provocative jibberish.

Being a believer in g-d,
I fully understand the “chance” happening that occurred, it is quiet an amazing story that can definitely be understood in the way implied.

That said, I’m sure other non Jewish people missed this flight or have been spared death in some other way and are attributing it to some other cause.

But unanimously any thinking person (Jewish or not) to experience such an occurrence, would ask “why me?” and would strive to be a better person however it is they feel they have too, so to justify their continued existence.


@incendia: Do you have or have you heard any stories where the situation was reversed ? To the best of my knowledge it’s no so simple that the reverse could happen in under these circumstances and it didn’t. Just like there are laws of nature, there are laws of spirituality and I believe one of those laws is that generally during a time a person is following the will of G-d, he is protected at least during that time.


So if you believe this is a coincidence then you don’t believe in God?


@Non fanatic Jew: your look on. Life is so backwards.


Judaism doesn’t believe in there being any coincidences, but let’s try not to turn this into a theological debate…


@Non fanatic Jew: the article said nothing to discredit the fate of those on board the doomed airliner, it merely shared a heartwarming story about a man who’s fate was changed at the last minute. Its not to diminish from the tragedy, it is merely to shed light on something positive that happened to this particular individual. You are one sad self hating Jew, I bet if you ask this particular man what he thinks of orthodox Jews, now that one just saved his life, his view would be much different than the one you paint here.


@Non fanatic Jew: Hey, why the anger? Dan told one miraculous story and in as much as we are all curious about what happened to the other passengers, and how it’s truly mysterious, we must appreciate the small things in life. Serving in the IDF is amazing and we all salute you, we pray for you every day, and especially on shabbat, but it doesn’t stop there. We are individual and each of us has a story. This is just one inspiring story. and like we pray for you in the army, we pray that the passengers are safe. And if nothing else, this shows that the travel agent has a backbone. He doesn’t waiver in his beliefs and I’m sure, as someone who’s served us as a nation, you would appreciate that. Wishing you a happy, miraculous Purim and maybe you can share a story that happened to you in the IDF.


What a shame that the Russian jew didn’t use the same travel agent he might have saved another jewish life!!

This is an inspiring story, what also inspiring is that we breath and gods giving us bread and water and clothing this is not less inspiring then this story that happened with Andy we just don’t realize it because it’s happening to us on daily basis.

Thanks dan for sharing this magnificent story with us.

y id

# 47 is a sample how it looks someone hoo served in the Isreali army r’l how his mind runs


Wow. What a story.


Truly amazing!!! Very inspiring
Thanks for sharing.


This kind of thread really irritates me. Ive read the responses from the top and am disgusted as well at the total lack of respect or comment left for the families until a similar comment to this was made. Typical selfish self centered behaviour ive come to know from the orthodox jewish community and im glad to be out of it! No one even knows what happened to the plane yet , there are families in greif going through hell but you cant wait to jump on the chosen-one bandwagon. Its shamefull that a praying comunity doesnt offer prayers to those who need it. If this was an israeli flight I’m sure there would be prayer messages left! Think about how you as a people are perceived from this thread. Racism works both ways.


I included my prayers in the post. And I fail to see how this is racist. Like I said, there were other Jews on the plane.

Post-9/11 there were many stories of survivors who should have been in the towers but were miraculously (or coincidentally if you insist) not.

Does that mean their stories should not be told because so many others perished and suffered?


Amazing story! I bet this man will start keeping the laws of shabbos. Unfortunately since we are in galus we (jews) don’t have an understanding of who we are as a nation. When we had the kingdom miracles would happen every day and there was no way not to believe in a higher power (G-d) since we don’t have that today people’s beliefs are lost. That is why people here debate this story. SAD …. very SAD
I”m yearning for the ultimate redeemer who will bring us as one in all areas of life.AMen


@malka: indeed it is


@Non fanatic Jew: When the Lubavitcher Rebbe told Arik Sharon not to go on the airplane back to Israel and the plane was hijacked, someone close to Sharon asked the Rebbe why he didn’t just save the whole plane…

Anyone know the rebbe’s answer? I think it talks to your concern.


You go girl!

Scott Reich

The ultimate reward for mitzvot is mostly hidden in this life. But occasionally, we get a glimpse of their transformative effect on our life and our neshama…


Truly amazing, the power of shabbos. Leaning toward foul play, for all we know this plane could be part of a much bigger plot. Hope we find it real soon.

god is 1

Wow wowowowowow


@Non fanatic Jew: There are some good psychologists and psychiatrists out there. Perhaps you should seek them out. Might cure your insecurities and self-hate.


@Dan: Look at comment #144 and try and understand how a non Jew might see this as only caring for Jews. I don’t believe that was the intent on the comment but I am not your average non Jew.


And that was not your average commenter.

At any rate, it the story itself racist in any shape or form?


thanks for sharing Dan! as always proud to be a yid!


Please erase @NFJ and @David commont. I can’t see jewish people writing like this on jewish sites. Its a shame. Perhaps they are waiting for answers and they need a little התחזקת they aren’t writing cuz they don’t believe in god, but because they want people to answer and explain them.?!
It remines me when the rav haroshi had a debade with yoer lapids father if there was a god by the holacost. Lapid started shouting how horible it was no god etc. He was screammming. When he calmd down the rav haroshi said if you really think there is no god you wouldn’t scream like that for nothing. Its that you admit there is god but you have complaints why he let the second w w. הנסתרים דרכי ×” we don’t know why 1 yid died and one happly escaped death. But one thing is for sure “if you keep the Shabbos, Shabbos will keep you”!


its a real shame how people can read such an amazing story and have such hate.
may G-d help them find clarity in life.


@Dan: No! It shows your deep belief in your faith.


@David: the orthodox community is bad ? Go read the vile & disgusting comments on LL after every tragic movie. & u call this bad ??


@HM: And what’s wrong with that ?


WOW, Im at a loss of words.


Wow Tnx dan


Dan, No the story is not racist but it jumps on the chosen one aspect that the orthodox feed on. The posts however are what I’m noy happy with, not one prayer or r.i.p offered. And for “bawling” posters, did they “bawl” thinking there may be 2 infants sat at the bottom of the ocean? It doesnt appear so. Reminds me of a holywood movie where it doesnt matter who dies as long as the star is saved then we can all leave the theatre happy. Its just wrong and looks very bad on here.


If this story is true — and it sure looks true to me — it is one of the greatest “how I cheated death” stories of all time.

I look forward to seeing the travel agent and the traveler on all the media outlets in the next few days. It’s a story that must be told.


@David: You are a depressed person, who fails to find light among the darkness. What happened was terrible to all involved. But somehow, you manage to find hate among this tragedy. You disgust me.
Dan, thanks for sharing.


Wow a beautiful story. God watches over the people who keep his Torah.


@Jamie: Really? Exaggerate much? Or just unstable?


I’ll take that 😀

I’m not sure RIP is appropriate when relatives still hold onto whatever glimmer of hope.
And people did offer prayers but I think most people just enjoyed reading about a story with a happy ending in a world with constantly bleak news stories.

Definitely true. I’m friends with the TA and I was sent the original email chain and did the editing myself.

However this TA shies away from attention, so I’d be shocked if you see his face on any media stories.


@Tim: Nothing that I know of.


A good friend of mind has told me there is no such thing as mere coincidence.
Everything in the world is a direct “Kuh-Incident” planned by Hashem. Instead of saying co-incidence we must realise that everything is from Hashem “Kuh-incident”.
Just sharing this with you


@yitz hatred, insults and abuse from any fanatic is expected. @dan prayers were only offered after @not a fanatic posted his views. My comments were directed at those above who offered no thought toward the victims.

a guy

I think the answer the Rebbe gave in the Arik Sharon story was something like: I did not see that the plane would be hijacked – I just saw that you should not get on that plane.


Veery nice.nice to hear good things

ari murkoff

So the couple of the people here failed to recognize that the travel agent had no idea that something was going to happen to the plane he only had an idea that the traveler wanted to travel on Shabbos


I don’t think it is outrageous to say that there was a situation where a Frum Jew died from a random act that could have been avoid if they weren’t frum. Think shabbos candles that burn houses or getting hit by a car walking to shul on shabbos

Specifically I recall that a few years back a family in borough park died in a house fire. The fire was started from heat of a blech that transferred through aluminum foil covering counter tops (this happened on pesach)
Using the logic from this story one could argue that this family died because they were shomer shabbos or pesach.


Hey everyone: that guy non fanatical jew or whatever he called himself- HES A SELF HATING JEW STOP RESPONDING TO HIM!! It’s feeding his appetite! Ignore him! Do you think answering him will change what he believes??? Haters gonna hate.. Don’t waste your time


Someone was supposed to fly on Saturday September 8 2001. His Rabbi begged him not to fly on Shabbos so he rescheduled for the next available flight which was September 11. He died. Who’s telling his story?

If my story really happened, would it prove there’s no god? Of course not. So don’t use these stories to prove there IS a god. Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t but these stories are absolutely meaningless even if true. Belief is a leap of faith. Take the leap if it feels right and works for you but understand that it IS a leap and please stop trying to believe that you have it figured out and trying to convince others.


To all ddf readers.
As a proud Jew, and an ex-idf soldier.
@Dan amazing story!!! i like to read through the comments of stories/articles i like, and I the comments on this are very disturbing. from my life experience, bad is the absence of good, while all bad happens for the purpose of good. In my 26 years i should have died (from terror attacks)many times (living in the settlements from 1996 to 2002). and from my army service 2006 to 2009 (Lebanon 2 included). and my health…
in every situation throughout my life, god has changed the out come….. (for the good)
life is not easy, we all know that. jews have a certain responsibility, and yes EVERY JEW even @Non fanatic Jew:
I’m not sorry that people don’t understand physics or math like i like, but i dont put them down or degrade them.
Those lives on the plane, each and every one of them is a soul… is anyone sad that it was short one soul? i hope not!
does one jew have the power to give or take life? no, but god gives them the option to do so, and the strong ones do.
to the rest of the readers, please understand that the ability to give oneself to a higher cause is not easy.


Jewish philosophy teaches that Gd is good. So when good things happen, it’s easy to understand and attribute to a good deed. Especially when it’s as clear-cut as this. Had he not been persuaded not to fly on Shabbos he’d be in the same situation as everyone else on the flight.

When tragedy happens it’s also Gds will, but our minds are too small and feeble to comprehend the ways of heaven. Ultimately there is a divine reason for it, but we can’t possibly begin to understand or explain it.

When someone dies we bless Gd. Because we trust that He has a plan.

But we wish each other to only know revealed good. Because things are better for everyone that way, even among those who don’t wish to believe.

Rational Jew

It’s amazing the confirmation bias (look it up) that people have. When Christians lives are same through similar flukes do Jews believe it was Jesus? When Muslims are saved do Jews attribute it to Allah? What about all the people that have been killed or injured while traveling somewhere to make it in time for shabbos? Or what about all the tragic accidents that don’t have any stories like this? Neither shabbos nor God had any roll in this dude missing his flight


Is the storey racist? No, but it can be seen to value the lives of non Jews and non frum Jews as less.


@yid: I know many people who served in the IDF who would completely disagree with this character so please lets not discredit the IDF whose members put their life on the line every day. There are two extremes so don’t be the other extreme with a different kind of faulty reasoning and put yourself in the same boat as non fanatic Jew.

Hugh Cohen

what did he mean by “ticket will be sent within 24 hrs” who sends tickets anymore…sounds fishy


That’s a very jaded read of what I wrote.
Try reading it again without those glasses on, it’s just a nice story of someone who lived to see another day.

@Hugh Cohen:

Obviously you’re not in the airline ticket business.

When you book a ticket (especially with multiple airlines) it goes through processing until an E-Ticket number is issued.

At that point a travel agent will email the passenger the full ticket details with an E-Ticket number.


NFJ must be someone who tried avoiding death but failed and therefore cant stand the fact that Andy was able to do so… i really believe that im making a mistake with responding to this nonsense but… 😉 so:

God watches on every single object he created including every person on the missing flight and including you NFJ (whether you like it or not), same he did for Andy in this case in which he sent a loving message to him “please keep shabbos” – we are certainly not sure why he decided to save him and not save others but we are absolutely inspired when receiving such a clear message. Get well soon NFJ

p.s. its ridiculous how such a heartwarming story should get interrupted by depression spreaders. Dan, please reconsider posting such next time, you’re still the best.


@negative comments
First coincidence or whatever you want to call it, if he would have been stuck in traffic you would have to say the traffic saved his life, here you have to admit being more observant in regards to Shabbat saved his life. Period.

2nd point, if your brother or sister or anyone close to you would be on the plane wouldn’t your concerns be for them above the other people and if they would be saved wouldn’t it be a cause for happiness despite the overall tragedy, so what’s wrong if we feel closer to a fellow jew?
Finally, my prayers for all those affected.


to number 47
we obviously feel for everyone else on that flight. every person is is likened to an entire world. and that’s exactly the reason why when atleast one person/soul is saved it means the world to us and forsure for every person more that was saved means so much to us. when something bad happens we generally try to look at the positive..and what we could learn out from what happened In the future rather then to just look at the bad side of things. If even one more person begins to keep the holy day of shabbos then it was worth printing this story and especially since we don’t know how many people this story could had eon then in a positive way.


@incendia: It should be seen to value any human being doing a good deed, For a Jew one of those good deeds is to remember the Sabbath to keep it holy. That’s all there is too it having nothing to do with anyone’s degree of frumkeit. The mere acts of two good deeds by one who happens to be frum and by one who happens to be not frum saved a man who happens to be not frum. What are you talking about ??


Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow


@CLARITY: well said


@Malka: well said!


and btw 47 etc, why are you so mad that humans are happy when another human was saved??


what do you care that by coincident it is a Jew?

U.R. Mistaken NF-Jew

To address NF-Jew’s comment:

You seem to interpret an extra level of compassion between Jews as being equivalent to less-than average compassion toward non-Jews. Your logic is flawed for the following reasons.

(1) How many non-Jews (who did not know the identity of any passengers) would get emotional over hearing that a person they did not-know was saved from death?

(2) A significant number of PUBLIC hospitals in this country (USA) were started by Jews. Jews were highly involved in the fight for racial equality in this country, and Jews are leaders in philanthropy among non-Jewish institutions. Jews are world-class leaders in compassion to people of all stripes.

These and other facts demonstrate that in fact, Jews are more empathetic to tragedy of non-Jews, than most non-Jews are to tragedy’s of other non-Jews.

Still you would ask “Why can’t Jews take that extra level of compassion and apply it equally to every human on the planet? The reality is that it’s simply not possible to feel the pain of every human being in the whole world equally. There is a limit to everyone’s emotional energy and we feel more acutely for those with whom we relate to more closely.”

I empathize with the tragedy of Jews and to the tragedy of Non-Jews, to American and non-American, to family and non-family, and to co-worker and competitor, but I still often feel a closer connection to an American than a non-American, to family than non-family, to a co-worker than to a competitor, and to a Jew than to a non-Jew.

It’s not a function of one person’s blood being redder than another, it’s the degree of connection I feel with those individuals.

There are many reasons Jews feel an extra bond with each other. There is a common history of persocution and grandeur. There is the extra shared obligation to take responsibility for each other as ourselves, in addition to the responsibility care for all people . . . and creatures too.

The bottom line is that Jews care about non-Jews more than non-Jews care about non-Jews. Suggesting any excess care they have to each other is hate is simply a disortion of the truth.

With Love,
A Jew


@Rational Jew: A person told Rabbi Avigdor Miller that he finally came to the realize gods presence in the world. He went on some crazy mountain biking and slipped of a 70 foot cliff. Being sure these are his last few seconds, he cried out “Shema Yisrael..” just before he bumped into a rock that flipped him to fall onto a tree and survived!

In place of saying “wow!” etc. he replied:
“And who do you thing pushed you off that cliff in the first place?!”

Do we always understand why someone dies or why someone is saved? Absolutely not! We don’t KNOW that this person was saved because of Shabbat. All we know is that Shabbat is A saver (this story was not meant to PROVE that), and that this person was saved. You can definitely still say that the saver and the saved just coincided. God might have had a completely different reason for saving him…


@Rational Jew: Actually observant Jews do attribute it to”A” when Muslims are saved or not saved or any one else for that matter, since that is the Arabic name for who observant Jews and observant Muslims both believe is the Creator of the Universe. But regardless this was not supposed to be a theological or philosophical debate. I think Dan intended this to be an inspiring story and chizuk for anyone who may sometimes feel that being bound by whatever lofty principles a person believes in, is a burden and a restraint when it should be seen as a benefit, even when we don’t see the benefit like we did here.

Miriam Leah

Amazing story. Thanks for sharing. Truly inspirational.👏


hey Dan thanks for the story bet you didn’t expect this much flak for it lol but gotta say the travel agent is a very brave fellow saying he doesn’t feel comfortable flying another Jew on shabbos that takes a lot of inner strenth

and @?? yes it does say if you keep shabbos shabbos will keep you


I just thought it was a nice inspirational story, if not a bit chilling.

Didn’t expect it to go viral and didn’t expect it to be so controversial. Ah well.


Unfortunately, the plane was destined to disappear and we do not know why or what G-d’s plan is.

However, though teshuva, Tefila, and tzedakah, we can erase/change own personal gezeirah/destiny.

So the overall destiny happened, tragically; however this man, through keeping Shabbos, was able to change his.

Proud Fanatic

@Sari: I disagree with non-fanatic jew as much as you do, but how dare you mock his IDF service?!
During the Yom Kippur war, Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz (then Rosh Yeshiva of Mir) gave a speech to his Yeshiva, saying the following:
As we sit here doing our duty defending the jews with our Torah study, we shall keep in mind the soldiers on the front who are putting their lives in harms way for our sake!
He went on to compare them to 2 people of whom the Gemara Bava Batra Daf Yud says “Ein Kol Briya Yechola Laamod Bimchitzatam” for being Moser Nefesh Letovat Haklal!
In whatever Matzav this veteran here is, Rabbi Shmulevitz did not exlude him of the above.
Whatever bad things he might have said or done, his service in the IDF is something out of our scope!
Don’t you DARE mock that!!
Argue his point (for I agree, there’s a lot wrong with what he wrote), or don’t argue at all (as I do, for it doesn’t even need arguing).


Wow. Chazakh Oubarookh. am israeal chai…..


@David etc.
If you would rather, take this moral of the story.
The Travel agent might have thought that he could be losing a customer by being a Shomer Shabbos. It turns out that he saved his customer by being what you call “fanatic”.

Go ahead try joining the bandwagon and you won’t only be chosen, but you will feel chosen as well.

And by the way I AM PRAYING for those whose fate is unknown as well as those whose faith needs strength.


Thanx wow


G-D does run the world. He watches our every step how much does he love even the ones that are so far from him.


Amazing!! Bought tears to my eyea



I had chills running up and down my body while reading this amazing story.


@Dan I am surprised you allow some of these negative comments through. You allowed this blog to turn a beautiful story about keeping shabbos into a debate on Judaism and belief g-d. Let them blog about their belief (or lack of belief) in Judaism elsewhere.


It’s really a no-win situation.

I can turn off comments but that’s boring and stifles expression.

I can more heavily moderate comments but then people start sending me hate mail about how evil I am for only allowing positive comments in. Or only allow comments that agree with me which is not my intention.
In fact I did have to moderate some comments on this post and people have expressed their displeasure. But if I let those go through I’d start getting blocked by the internet filters…

Perhaps though it would have been wise to turn off comments for posts like this and for the Pesach post as the negatives seem to outweigh the positives.
Something to think about.


it was great and brought tears to my eyes. If we only knew how much shabbos does for us we would do more to honor it.

Dan Fan


First thank you Dan

@ Anonymous: The Sharon/rebbe story is total bunk. Here’s the link you cited:
When the general was in Kfar Chabad to convey the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s greetings to his Chassidim, he related an interesting anecdote. As Sharon was about to leave 770, the Rebbe had asked him not to board the plane he was supposed to take back to Israel, but to switch to an earlier flight. The general did not understand the Rebbe’s intention, but he did not wish to refuse his request and he agreed.

“A few days later, after Sharon was safely back in Israel, that same plane – the one he was originally scheduled to be on – was hijacked to Algeria. All of its Jewish passengers were taken captive, while the non-Jewish ones were allowed to leave. According to some women who were released, the Arab hijackers were looking for ‘someone important,’ and they were angry when they realized that he wasn’t aboard. As was later revealed, the entire incident was a carefully planned operation to kidnap the most reviled object of hatred of Israel’s enemies, General Ariel (Arik) Sharon, whose military exploits have long been a thorn in their side. Unaware that he had already returned to Israel, they had hoped to snatch him off the hijacked plane.

There never was a plane leaving from NYC that was hijacked. The plane involved left from London. Sharon was leaving 770 in BROOKLYN and supposedly on the Rebbe’s advice he delayed his flight. Right. All the security arrangements, all the seats on the flight for his group, new hotel arrangements, etc etc had to be rearranged because the Rebbe told him?

This is the second time in a month I saw this story. How can you propagate complete lies? And to what purpose?


I don’t get it. What about all the people that died? The merciful Hashem?


@Non fanatic Jew:
Are you guys all there? No one mentioned anything about
Racial hate or Judaism being the only way. The only
Implication coming from this is you saying that
The Jew should have perished as well so as not to portray racism.
Just because you clearly have an issue with your religion
Doesn’t mean you should find something on a website to
Trigger it and allow you to launch into a tirade of nonsense
Which has no relation to this story in truth.

Happy Thanksgiving

Dan, thanks for sharing. Who has time for haters?! More deals & inspiring stories!


Wow. No words. This is so inspiring. Thanks

our choice for caring

A decree is a decree!
A tragic decree is tragic!
As well we see Abraham our father begged Hashem to forgive non jews from tragedy in Sedom.
To be saved from this tragic decree needed this special extra strength from a special brother caring for our jewish brother, no matter of our brothers background! We pray for our brothers in the front line all the time and a lost of any Jewish brother pains us all terribly!
Yes! Shobbos Kadesh brings our Jewish family love together. Dan did such a beautiful act because he learnt this love from our Sages of Yisroel. His actions was tough love and it was love for another jew!
With this kind of love, will bring for the end of all tragic decrees for all man kind, With the Bais Hamikdosh being built!

Howard L. Silverman, Ph.D., D.C.

Miracles happen every day but we can choose to view them as miracles or not. The optamistic child see a pile of horse manure and looks for the pony. The pessimistic child see the horse manure, then sits, cries, and figures that that’s what life is all about. It is not what happens, but how we choose to respond to it.

I’ve experienced miracles, in which others were present and participated so I know that either I’m not delusional or that all involved were delusional. Many years ago I had a direct experience with G-d and years later with a couple of G-d’s angels. With each of these experiences, another person was present who experienced all or part of what I experienced. We compared experiences afterwards. Two people with a simultaneous devine experience is hard to argue with. And different people were involved with the first and second experiences. Fairly frequently I notice chance happenings to me and others that I interpret as miracles. Others don’t necessarily make the connection unless it is pointed out to them, and then they may choose to question it.

Who is to say what is reality? For me reality is that transendental experiences have happened to me a couple of times, which is more than sufficient for me to unequivocably believe in G-d and in miracles! Why me? I don’t know! Though I am much more observant than most, I am not truely orthodox. There is no local Jewish community and no synnagog within an hour’s drive. In addition, it is a four hour round trip to buy Kosher meat. But I am convinced that G-d put me lwhere I am for a reason!

I do know that you can choose to believe or not. If you choose not to believe there is a good chance that you won’t notice the Holy light that is shinnng in your eyes. You may also miss seeing much of the beauty in this world. Nevertheless I believe that G-d will still be with you. Baruch Ha’shem! Shalom!


@ Non fanatic Jew
I personally had the same sentiment after reading this article. Now is not the time to be gloating, while hundreds of families are in unfathomable pain.

To everyone criticizing @ Non fanatic Jew:
Take a step back and try to understand someone else’s perspective. Your responses speak to the exact distasteful attitude that @ Non fanatic Jew saw in this article.


Such an inspirational story! Thank you for posting!



Dan i think this post of yours is premature. Insensitive timing of this gloat story on your part is just as bad as the comments you say you are not happy with. I bet if it had been posted next week there would have been a response more to your expectation.


Kudos to the travel agent for standing up for his beliefs.
Everyone is saying how Andy’s life was saved, while 238 nonJews perished- that’s not necessarily true. No one (who’s sharing with the public, by any rate) has any clue as to what happened to with the missing flight- for all we know, all the passengers can be alive and well! Which is why we should still be praying for their safe return.
And Dan- shkoyach to you for not buckling down under the undue criticism you have received. Keep up our great work!

No its not me

@Your vitriol sounds familiar:

sorry dude…I didnt write that comment. but feel free to delete me as your “friend” on fb…. peace


In this zechus may the traveler be zoche to completely return to yidishkiet and may the agent have much bracha and good mazel


My great grandfather insisted on keeping shabos in world war1 . His superiors agreed and gave him the task of guarding the horses..One Shabbos the entire platoon was killed while he was at base observing Shabbos. Am Mikadshei Shevii..Mi kamcha yisroel..


@Jon: I shall hope u aren’t Jewish. Because if u r, u are a KOFER B’IKKUR to say the least.
Dan, unbelievable story, shows us all who the real boss is and who runs the world! Thanx so much for sharing!


This is a pathetic story. What about the Jew who gets hit by a car on his way to shul Shabbat morning? When it says “More than the Jews have kept the Shabbos, the Shabbos has kept the Jews”, it’s not talking about incidents such as these. We have no idea why these innocents were killed on the plane, just as we have no idea why this person was saved. And there must have been others who might have missed the flight who were not Jews traveling on Shabbat. I am also surprised to see comments from someone from a famous Torah website ready to retell this story.


Sari: I am quite disturbed by your reply to Non frantic as you have stated that he didn’t have ti mention that he served in the IDF because it was obvious from his comment. Excuse me, but I also served in the IDF and sharplt differ with his comment! How dare you speak colletively about the entire Israeli army? Do you know how many relifious people there serving, and how many more there are that may not be observant but beleive in G-d? Do you have any friends in the army, or do you just talk ignorantly? You sent a comment to defend G-d’s name and at the same time slandered many believers in the process.Anyhow, the chance of you changing Non frantic’s mind in the attacking manner that you displayed is like the chance of someone deciding to keep Shabbos because someone threw a rick at his windshield when he was driving on that holy day. If you really are a G-d fearing person then you will apologize and take back your words said against many people who believe in Hashem.

another non fanatic jew

Finally, a voice of sanity


The Medresh tells us that Hakadosh Baruch Hu will always open a “Pischon Peh” for the Leytzonie Hador so they aren’t forced to believe in God. With a story like this, it makes it very hard for the Leitzim to find the Pischon Peh.

@Non fanatic Jew: I think you are God who is trying to help the Leitzanim find the incredibly small opening of doubt, which even most non-Jews I’ve spoken to aren’t buying.

@Dan, could we have an IP check?


Sorry, but I just don’t believe this story. It just doesn’t sound right. The problem about the internet is that people think that things are true just because they are written down and made to look genuine.

Your fellow Jew

“Now is not the time to be gloating”

+1 !

Exactly my sentiment!

Silly billies

Excuse me – can someone please explain why this story is so widely believed without a shred of evidence? If this story were true it would already be picked up by media or at the very least a local Chabad newsletter.

C’mon people – wake up. There’s enough feel good tales in the Talmud to keep ya’ll happy. It’s a nice story but lets not accept it 100% by a once in a lifetime story broken by a 2bit online merchant looking for publicity (no offence Dan)

Shomer Shabbos

This was an inspiring story. Thanks dan!!
I know quite well it was meant to inspire, and uplift and knowing the way we are as Jews, our hearts and thoughts are with those who were on that flight and who are missing.
Unfortunately there are those who know deep down that they have chosen a path that is devious from what Hashem would want for them and they are using your blog to validate their wrong life choices. A day will come for all of us were we have to face Hashem and admit to how we stuck to the truth or Gd forbid deviated from the path Hashem wanted for us. I pray that those who are posting such messages to vindicate themselves for not believing in Hashem will do teshuva and open their eyes to the truth.
Dan, I hear your predicament but I think better to turn off all comments than let the scoffers have a field day with your genuine story of hashgacha pratis.


@ Non fanatic jew:
@ Malka: Malka fantstic answer. U exactly hit the Point. I have nothing more to add…


@Non fanatic Jew:

I feel so sorry for you. So much hate, so bitter. When someone is saved from catastrophe, should he not rejoice even though others were not saved? and when he realises that the only reason he was saved was because he kept Shabbos, should not all of Klal Yisroel rejoice?


@Anonymous: Forgive me for saying so, but while well-intentioned, your understanding Hashem’s guidance of His world is skewed. As opposed to what “Thank you” said, G-d did cause this miracle. But He also caused the unfortunate tragedy that took the lives of so many. Did He do it because we humans needed a wake-up? Likely. Does He bring tragedy to those who deserve it? Not our place to say.Plenty of good people suffer, and if you want to find out more about why, check out Aish.com .We don’t necessarily get to see how Hashem works- which is comforting, when you think about it. It means there is Someone beyond our scope of understanding Who is running the world. If any of us tried running it for a day… I don’t like to think about that. While it’s true that G-d is benovelent and created the world to give goodness, it is also true that part of that goodness is to use measures of justice and punishment at times- which is more painful for G-d than for us, since He created us and does not want us to suffer. If you are confused, which many seem to be, it’s time to learn the basics. Look in Derech Hashem (Ramcha”l- Rabbi Moses Haim Luzzato) and Mesilas Yesharim/ Path of the Just (same author). Both are available in English.

And finally, let us use this coming Purim (special time of prayer) to ask G-d for the final redemption, which will wipe away all tears of sadness at last and bring all of this terrible confusion and misguided ideology to an end!


@mentchy: You might be right, but you can be sure that from now on he will much more observant of Shabbos. Mitzvah gorreres Mitzvah



Well, yes, all those who died in the attack at the Park Hotel in Netanya, on 27 March 2002 would have been saved had they decided not to have a Seder that year.

Shy Guy

Somebody needs to make a super duper kiddush!!!


I was an Orthodox travel agent for 33 years. Near the beginning I asked my Rabbi what I should do about booking Jews on Shabbat. He said that it was up to the client and I should just do what they request. I still think that some people avoided booking Shabbat flights with me because I would look down on them.


thank you so much for shairng this true strory of miracle. when i read that ,i am so proud of you and your parents you are truly a bless family. i know is shabbat ,but you will read my commen tonight, you and your family are very , very close in my heart ,proud of all of you.i am very fortunate to have you as nephew..al my love.and i believe so much in miracles.
by my own experiences.

yisroel mendelson


do not change any of the writing!

אלחנן זוסמן

Never forget what Ibn Ezra wrote:
כי אשמרה שבת א,ל ישמרני this has always been true and so will be to the very end of time.
Happy Purim to all
Elchanan Sussman.

Jack the Believer

@Non fanatic Jew: Dude you sound like a Yid who enjoys a little frum bashing, they say the biggest anti-semites are Jews themselves! No one has implied that non-Jews are less important than our non-Jewish brethren however Non_Jews have no law of shabbos and hence had every right to be on that plane and sadly nobody knows just yet what has become of them. We all pray for a miracle, both non Jew and Jew alike that these poor souls are found alive and well very very quickly! All the article implies is that one single Jew (who has the law of Sabbath observance) merited by keeping just one Shabbos he had a reason NOT to fly, a reason no one else on that flight had-sadly! Im sure stories will emerge of potential passengers who missed their flight owing to circumstance and this would either be put down to Divine Providence or not. As for serving in the IDF we are all eternally grateful to you and your comrades for keeping Israel as safe as possible from its enemies. Hashem should shower you with all the blessings that you so richly deserve.


@Non fanatic Jew:

First off go calm down! No one is happy about what happened we are all praying for the loved ones and the missing souls on board.

This is a storY about one yid helping another yid relize the inportence of shaboss.

Andrew relized this and becouse of that was not on the plane.

This has nothing to do with g-d wanting everyone dead besides his jews it has to do with a jew keeping the holy shaboss which in turn ended up saving him from being on this flight which is still missing.

So relax, grab a beer and reconsider your hate that you have to the frum jews.


wow its amazing


Thank you Dan for sharing this beautiful story. Inspirational indeed!


@Non fanatic Jew:

The only obscenity I can see here are your comments. Let’s see if you Mr “non-fanatic” can honestly answer a couple of hypothetical question: suppose one survivor of flight 309 were found today in the sea and was brought to dry land; lets say he was a Muslim or a Christian and thanked G-d for saving him. 1) would the whole world (including mr non fanatic) celebrate his miraculous survival or would everyone say “oh no we cannot celebrate his survival as so many people have died?!” 2) would anyone (including mr non-fanatic) condemn this person for thanking (his) God for his survival – I am certain not. BUT when it it comes to (orthodox) JEWS then according to “non-fanatic” he claims it is “treif” to celebrate survival – as he claims it automatically invalidates everyone else. Rarely have I heard such hateful,fanatical drivel.


Dan can I forward this story to some religious websites like Chabad and breslev?



Dear Jon,
Don’t you know there is NO SUCH THING AS A COINCIDENCE??? Shabbos and observance has and always will save the Jews. If someone tells you NOT to travel on Shabbos – DON’T DO IT!! There are many many stories that prove this exact point.
Good luck and stay safe in the future.


The man may not have flown on Shabbos, but you can rest assured he didn’t keep that shabbos (as a person who would regularly fly on shabbos). He likely didn’t eat kosher either that Shabbos (Malaysia is a Muslim country). That is a lot of reward from god for just not flying on Shabbat. Do the people who posting this all over even realize how absurd it is to claim this as being saves by (keeping) Shabbat!


@dan is david from comment made 10:31 same as david in comment 3:15am?


@Non fanatic Jew: To Non Fanatic Jew:
There is NO Jew observant or not who wishes harm to any other individual. Our hearts (the entire Jewish population and the population of the world) are crying for those lost on this flight and are davening for a safe return for all. To think that by posting this means Hashem only cares about Jews is ridiculous! It is just showing that because this Jew was following his observance and his care of others safety he would not book a flight for him on Shabbos. In no way does this state that we as a people do not care or most importantly that Hashem does not care about all of His children everywhere. Take a deep breath and daven (and by the way – Frum people are NOT FANATICS)


To add to what RF stated from the Holy Scriptures:
וְנָתַתִּי לָהֶם בְּבֵיתִי וּבְחוֹמֹתַי יָד וָשֵׁם טוֹב מִבָּנִים וּמִבָּנוֹת אֶתֶּן לוֹ אֲשֶׁר לֹא יִכָּרֵת.
What is interesting though is that the flight’s code MH370: the numerical equivalent of the first letters in the words “שֵׁם עוֹלָם” – as well as the words “ערב שבת” is exactly 370.
Just another pointer…

Steve Morris

@DansDeals: I too have a Triangle Shirtwaist fire story for you. Also 103 years ago, my grandmother got a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. She got the job on a Friday. The boss told her to report for work the next morning. She asked if she could start on the following Monday so she could spend one last Shabbat with her family. One for the road, so to speak. That Shabbat, the very day she was supposed to begin her job, was the Shabbat of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. My father was born 18 years later.


Thanks Menachem. I am kind of astounded by the lack of sensitivity here. The public gloating in this instance is more of hilul hashem than a kiddush hashem, as many people have called it. A kiddush hashem, in my eyes, is something that serves to improve mankind, and in doing so the image of the Jewish people. This does the complete opposite, potentially leading to negative feelings among people of other faiths towards the Jewish people. In addition, the tone of this article is disrespectful to these families and victims on the plane. What about the Jewish Russian who was aboard the flight? Are his deeds of no value? Perhaps he keeps Shabbat, although that is also beside the point. How would his family feel if they were to read this article? And what about every other person on the plane – all created in the image of G-d, possibly wonderful people and, for the most part, not commanded to keep the Sabbath? And of course, there are numerous theological and moral issues at hand here which most have failed to consider. If one argues that G-d saves those who keep shabbat, the implication is that there is a direct link between a lack of torah observance and calamity.That is a dangerous path to take, and a link that can be made by G-d alone, definitely not by mortal beings.


@menachem: I’ve read this entire post and every single comment and it’s clear to me that:
1)No one is GLOATING about the fact that this Jew was saved and all the passengers (it appears) perished;
2)The point of Dan’s original post was ONLY to show the protective power that we religious Jews believe Shabbos has;
3)Many ppl here have answered NFJ patiently and attempted to understand where he’s coming from but have been unable to and I’m with those ppl. Perhaps you, who said “@ Non fanatic Jew
I personally had the same sentiment after reading this article.”, can explain it us?


@Non fanatic Jew: what a racist are u!!!! Your hate for ortodox jews make me think is that a jew?? Here wee talk about the one who was saved!!! But before that wee cried about these people who was in that plane wee are people. With heart and feeling not like u who jump on conclucion and hate toward a religious jew because he shared his personal miracle…. u are an losser and a self hate jew but it not surprise here u are a israeli jiloni who was taugh that religious jews are not human but is quite the other wsy and your post show it!!!!!



It is important to post comment #47 precisely because of comment #62. There are others who miss the point. Read comments #56, #58, and #70, which gently and beautifully express the way to focus on this story. I saw no “glee” at the tragic deaths of the other passengers. We Jews mourn all loss, even that of our oppressors and tormentors. This is why we do not say the full Hallel praise during the latter days of Passover – because the Egyptians drowned in the sea.

If we fail to take note of the daily miracle of life and “nature”, let us at least take pause to reflect on the extraordinary. A man’s life was saved because someone chose to take a stand for his principles, and for his beliefs. That is a beautiful thing, whether or not you shed a tear.


There are other people like Dan and other travel agents who have confirmed that this story is true.


@Non Fanatic: There is nothing to consider when focusing on this specific act when it comes to the travel agent and the passenger. This was an act from Hashem. Why? Maybe reward the travel agent? Maybe the passenger? It’s not our job to understand why, it’s our job to recognize and appreciate the miracle of this specific act. It goes without saying of course our hearts and prayers go out to the passengers and family of the flight.


@Yael: @Yael: Maybe I missed something when I read all 260+ comments but who is GLOATING here???
And like was posted earlier MANY times we as humans CANNOT even begin to comprehend how G-d works.


@NaH: it seem to me u dint read the whole reply from the one who was suposed to fly this shsbos he requested to be booked on a good kosher place to eat that friday so maybe u reread the history?????? And yes this acount is only one who told u that he was saved because of shabos thousand of people have their own shabos miracle and not published ……. maybe u use your brains????


@Slick: Well put


Wooowww there is a lot of hilul ashem yael but u are one of them and the others who atack own people because they. Follow torah and mizvot stop to look in garbage on others eye and focus on your own garbage!!!!!


To #216
The story of the Rebbe and Arik Sharon can be seen in an interview with Rabbi Zev Segal a’h on the living torah videos. Rabbi Zev Segal is Nochum Segal’s (of JM in the AM) father.


Hh this is my 5th post here. Still amazed of the storys 3-4 points. NFJ and associates are just chilonim whoes grandparents where holy abservent jews and deep in hard also see the yad hashem but are מלא שנאה on orthodox perhaps because the recent etzers in israel and usa.
But what I’m upsat is on those few fanatic commenters who say this story doesent sound real and who believes is fanatic etc.
YES I’m the real non fanatic person. I don’t even believe the whole story . A flight with 239 ppl went missing? Can’t be found? Ehhh its a lie this whole story was made up. Show me pictures that the aircraft is missing then maybe ill believe… LOL…


Thank you Dan for sharing. Let the haters hate! Who cares!

aaron franco

@Itsyehuda: ein od melevado!!!!!


@ThankYou: If you believe that there is a G-D running the world, then please understand that nothing that ever happens is a coincidence – everything is preplanned by G-D. Sometimes, G-D sends us a wake-up call to strengthen our faith and remind us that he truly is in control. If you choose to hit the snooze button and turn over on the other side, that is your loss.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be dismissed as a coincidence, if you choose to bury your head in the sand. I would suggest you should really think well into everything that happens, perhaps you will realize they truth.
I pray to G-D that he show you the proper path.



You are certainly entitled to believe in coincidence. It’s as sure a belief as is the belief in a higher power running this world.
Belief in G-d has worked for me and many other’s but the beauty is we can chose to believe or deny whatever we wish. Glad you joined this forum.


To those arguing against publishing this story. Say you (by ‘chance’, as it were) narrowly missed an ill-fated flight. Would you feel lucky and thankful for the gift of life that ‘fate’ has bestowed upon you, or would you spend the rest of your life cowering under a rock, wondering “why me”?

Be honest with yourself.


Please be positive


@Yael: Nobody is arguing that people died because they dont keep shabbos; unfortunately, many shabbos observant people have been killed in the past.
As for saying that this article is an affront to the families that had people on that plane, why dont you think that maybe jews not keeping shabbos is an affront to G-D and the jewish nation?


@Non fanatic Jew:

Why does anyone have to be implying anything like that? I am sorry that an awesome story like this one, of how Shabbos protects people who choose to keep it, is offensive to you. I can’t see how it could be offensive to any mainstream media. This is a story of hope amidst tragedy. Nobody said anything about the other passengers at all. We are all very pained at their fate. And someone who is slated to die will die whether he or she keeps Shabbos or not. So it is totally unnecessary to resent shabbos observers. You may be finding it hard to deal with a miracle such as this one because it forces you to have to rethink what you feel about the protection of Shabbos and I am sorry you are having a hard time with that. Good luck.

Yakov A


Why WOULD you think that Jews not keeping Shabbos IS an affront to G-D and the Jewish nation?

Because you read it somewhere? Because somebody with a beard told you? Because you learned this at an Aish lecture?

Ari N.


I knew we can get a good deal on your site…

Didn’t know i can get a good dose of inspiration to boot.

Dan you rock!

Thank you


This story reminds me of the movie Final Destination.


emotional, this is bringing me to cry,
this is a real “Kidush Hashem” story


@Yakov A: Please explain yourself.

Dan Fan



That the Rebbe/Ariel Sharon story has been published many times doesn’t make it true. The last time I read it, it provided the flight number and the date. So I looked it up. What do you do with the fact that the flight left from London? No plane was ever hijacked from NY (with the exception of 9/11) and certainly not NY->Israel. The story also makes no sense. A cabinet officer (Sharon was not PM then) can not change flight reservations on a whim.

I think what this thread proves is that what you read on the Internet needs verification. Despite that I too thank Dan for posting it.

Ari N.

@Mo: I have to agree.

@Dan: Dan, interesting predicament.

I usually avoid reading comments for exactly this reason, and they’re usually an insult to my intelligence too.

Every single response i got from friends was “Wow”, “Amazing”, “Inspiring” etc.

Blog comments are largely utilized by the negative, pessimistic minds, unfortunately…


@Yakov A: Please explain yourself.


I was/am born and raised ultra orthodox, shave my head, husband goes to his rabbi in israel every year
So what I’m going to write might shock and upset some if not most people here,
Everyone loves a feel good story, and this sure is one,
Yes at first glance, without actually thinking, it is can seem like a straight message from god, and since it’s something so many of us are always yearning for, we jump on it and share this story with joy
We’re not raised to think, to ask questions, we’re shaped in a certain form, a mould, to follow a life style, and a story like this, instantly validates everything we have every done, and /or kept, we so want this to be the case, for god to send us amessage, you see, everything you have been keeping for all these years, is being accounted for, etc
And that is why most of us, are limited to actually think this through
Excuse my grammar, english is my third language
And as much as I love Hashem,
And love my fellow yiden,
I love every single goy on the planet as well
I am NOT more than the next person, cause he /she doesn’t believe in what I allegedly have to believe in, does not make him any less, I crinch every time my little girl says ” shelechteh goy” however this is what is being taught in our moisdos!
Stop! Think!!!
Even if there is a god out there, which I have a lot of reasons to question that, our way of thinking is pure brainwash, the only way to keep us religious when the whole world around us is mocking us, is a kinda cult leadership, and that’s what we now have!
Yes, frumm yiddishkeit is 100percent a cult, and therefore our brain is wired to love such stories, as of course it makes everything more real
It obviously doesn’t make sense, as like other commenter’s said, he did way more chillul shabbos that shabbos, than he would have, had he actually been on a plane! But if anyone dare raise that thought, he/she gets attacked, because in our cult if anyone asks something or says something that questions it all, we get attacked because. Oy vay voy if there will be cracks in the system…
So yes at first I was also moved by this story, and wanted to share it with my friends, but as soon as I started thinking into it, I realized it’s just a cute hannoch teller story, that makes us feel good inside, but of course is just a coincidence,
Wouldn’t it have been easier for god to just not make the plane explode? Why go to such extreme levels, to try to manipulate that one jew not flying on shabbos should be saved?
And to all those that will call me all kinds of names, yeah the truth hurts, knowing that most of what your keeping is pure made up bs, sucks!
I have to go back to baking homon tashen, and sewing my kids costumes, cause as long as I live in the cult, I don’t really have other choices, but I’m happy to share that there are hundreds of “frumm” yiden that share my views, we still live in the cult so we have to keep a lot of things, for the sake of our family, cause we also are aware that once born frumm it’s almost impossible to leave, unless you want to risk being disowned by family and ostracized by community, but of course we know, the way we live our life now, is not what god had intended for us!
Now let the hating begin!


Yeshiva world has the story.


@surie: Could you please elaborate ?


For andy, this is not a terrible story.
For the travel agent it is not a terrible story.
For everyone who draws chizuk from it, it is not a terrible story.
For cynics, maybe it is a terrible story.


For first looking for the source of the Ariel Sharon story, here is a link


@surie: Calling BS on your story, you are 100% a troll and here is why;

You begin with the typical frum stereotype: “shave my head” “husband goes to his rabbi in israel”. Those that shave their head usually dont go to a “rabbi in israel” two totally different type of groups. (Shave head=satmar/hungerian) (visit rabbi in israel – not even sure what type but most likely yeshivish, all other groups with a rebbe live by their rebbe, only litvaks have rabbis in israel or perhaps sefardi too)

Moving on to “english is my third language”, this does not fit in with the above, if you are a Hanoch Teller reading type of person, then you are probably not shaving your head and english is your first or second language. The only way English is your third language is if you are taught hebrew or lashon kodesh, which unless you are in a real ivrit school hebrew would not be your first or 2nd language.

Most of what you write is based on a mix of totally contradictory stereotypes. (“impossible to leave, unless you want to risk being disowned by family and ostracized by community”)

But you do seem to have some real questions about emunah and bitachon, you basically are writing that you don’t believe in g-d. Which is ok but if you do really want to understand I suggest you speak to a Chabad Rabbi, you can email anonymously using the ask the rabbi on chabad.org http://www.chabad.org/asktherabbi/default_cdo/jewish/Ask-the-Rabbi.htm

Read this too:


@Thank you: nothing in this world is coincidence, it all comes from G-d!



“I was/am born and raised ultra orthodox, shave my head, husband goes to his rabbi in israel every year”

Next time try googling better for ultra-orthodox sterotypes before you pretend to be ultra-orthodox. No one says “goes to his Rabbi.” It’s a Rebbe. Also, shaving head is a chassidish thing, so you would say you were chassidish, not ultra-orthodox. Nice try though….

re: Sharon Story

I dont understand what is so hard to believe here:

It would seem that Sharon was supposed to go from NYC to London and he ended up taking the next flight which then delayed his whole schedule ending up with him missing his schedule London-TLV flight.


@Dan: Thanks.


@Non fanatic Jew:

reply to “Non fanatic Jew”: there is nothing in this story about non Jews – this story is about one Jew, I don’t understand why you got so “fanatical” – no Jew is happy when other people get killed no matter their religion. G-d has his reasons to cause this plane catastrophe – we don’t know them (if you are dying to know, He will explain it to you once you get there hopefully after 120 years, otherwise if you keep nagging to know, you might cause yourself to go earlier than your time, which I don’t advise). To me you are either mentally sick or angree – and you can’t hide your hate of Judaism. I feel sorry for you! May Hashem heal you! Amen!