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Last December thousands of people booked $25 first class tickets to LA and $50 first class tickets to Hawaii.

The following story was posted by lawboy on DDF.

I do know of a family flying from NYC to Alaska, Hawaii, and then back home in business class from the Delta glitch, but this may even top that:

I may be one of the last people to use their Delta price mistake ticket, but I may very well have been the winner. Long story short: I booked five tickets to LA from JFK – for some reason I only got business on the departing trip. Total ticket cost: $210. We flew to LA on business (amazing!). Got free tickets to Disney (on account of a letter I sent the last time we traveled there. They sent us free tickets for our next trip).

On our return trip, Delta overbooked. They asked for volunteers to be bumped and because there were no hotels available in the area, they offered $800 per ticket! We Uber’ed back to the place we were staying for $1.78 (promotions/credits), back in the morning for our return trip for free (wife’s Uber credits) and on our trip from JFK to our house for $1 (more promotions/credits).

Mind you, they offered $400 and business for the return trip if we’d take a much earlier flight but we declined and flew cattle class (that’s what it felt like, but was still an amazing trip back. Delta’s in-flight entertainment is amazing now) for the $800.

$4000 in vouchers. Do the math – I think we came out a little ahead 😉

Delta wasn’t obligated to honor the thousands of unconfirmed tickets booked via Priceline, but they went far above and beyond by honoring them for goodwill. While I hate their mileage program they deserve major kudos for that.

Share your Delta glitch story in the comments or on DDF.

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Similar story… But only $800 payout for me 🙂


My wife and I were supposed to fly to LAX last week, business class both ways for 52.80.. my wife is 9 months pregnant so I called delta to see if I can cancel and get my money back. The rep I spoke to was so nice, he first was shocked to see how I got the tickets for so cheap then I told him it was the glitch tkts. He tried to change them for me instead of canceling them. He even tried to wave the change fee but we would need to pay the fare difference. So we canceled them and get refunded the full price…

Delta was truly helpful and understanding, I would fly Delta especially after all this!


using mine next week and so looking forward!

Dan's the man

You’re far from the last to use your Delta glitch tickets. I still have 2 more trips planned!

Tzivi Kleinbart

It’s funny that I read this post as I was about to take off on a Delta flight I got through the glitch. I flew business class and it was amazing.
There was another Frum family on my flight who also got tickets through the glitch.


Oh man…. I booked 2 tickets then for a flight tomorrow which I can not use but delta and priceline will not let me cancel or change them. Any suggestions?

Aerial Dag

My second Delta mistake flight isn’t until the end of October. Do I win for last ticket?


@elliot: you got refund for full price, you mean the $52.80?


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Dan's the Man

@elliot: Didn’t know you she’d be 9 months preg on Dec 26 when you bought the tickets?


@Dan’s the Man: This deal happened in December. A year generally has 12 months so I guess it makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Similar Story

Booked 3 tickets to LAX with 1 stop each way for $63.50. Going in first coming back in economy. when i called to get my ticket booked she asked me if its a first class ticket, i said yes and she booked both in first. HUCA HUCA HUCA got all tickets direct in lie-flat business class. On way back they changed the plane to regular business. called in to complain and got 3x 7500 miles credited.

Dan's the man

@Anonymous: It was rhetorical question. Why did he book a ticket when she was already preg and then say opps I need to cancel my ticket she’s 9 months preg.


@Dan’s the man: Oy. You’re really not getting this. Let me flesh it out for you. He booked the ticket in December, 2013. His wife is due in December, 2014. A baby takes nine months to cook. December minus nine months means that his wife got pregnant around April-time 2014. That was roughly four months AFTER he booked the tickets. Unless he knew when his wife was going to get pregnant, please don’t fault him for not knowing at the time he booked these tickets (In case there is still a lack of clarity, the months are as follows: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec. Please message again if you still need help understanding.). The end.