What’s On Your Mind Chicago?

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Update #3: 200 seats booked and we are sold out!

Update #2: The organizer and I have decided to increase the ticket sales to 200 to allow for some probable no-shows.  There are now 15 seats for sale-go grab ’em!

Update: 1 person has cancelled, you can grab his seat via the link! Gone!


I’m excited to head out to the Windy City this week and give a DansDeals seminar this Thursday evening with the full ticket price going directly to benefit The Kehillah Jewish Education Fund, a local charity that is organizing the event.

The 185 seats sold out in just two days!

The Blackhawks apparently didn’t get the memo though and scheduled their 4th Conference Finals game during the seminar.  If you would like to cancel your ticket so that it can be resold to someone else just send an email to me (dan at dansdeals.com) and I’ll get it sorted out.

Have a question or topic you would like for me to cover or answer during the seminar?

I won’t be able to answer everyone’s questions at the seminar, but if you want your voice heard just head onto Twitter and use the hashtag #AskDD

For example you can tweet,

Would love to know which card is the best to start with for a beginner? #AskDD
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on my way

What’s the best mileage redemption from nyc to chicago so that I can attend?

Ari F

Dan I’m excited. I’ll probably be the only person to attend both the Brooklyn and chicago seminar. Got lucky to score both. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.


BA @15k round trip


@Ari F: Close but no cigar 😛


Entourage don’t count.
For that price Dan will have also attended both ::)
(as a matter of fact, all three :P)


You’re a standup guy, Dan.

your number one fan

lakewood and chicago here!


I don’t have twitter so
Could u talk about credit score credit pull ,hurts u credit ,boost u credit ,that entire soogyu please Shkloach




Dan, you may want to point out in the post that the time to ask questions via Twitter is NOW, not during the seminar. The current wording is a bit ambiguous. For anyone who thinks it’s not… well, maybe by the time you’re reading this, it will have been fixed. 😉


I’ll be there, and don’t do twitter, so perhaps I can put my question here. I know you don’t like Capitol One, (a bit of an understatement), and the only reason I ever had one was because they were (a few years back) one of the few cards with no foreign transaction fee.

Now that has changed, and a number of Chase cards also have no foreign transaction fee (though I think Capitol One is still one of the few totally free cards with no transaction fee).

But in the past I also noticed that besides the transaction fee, different cards use different exchange rates, and so some cards are more advantageous than others. A few years back Capitol One’s exchange rate was better than a few of the others – which just added to its advantages in Israel.

What’s the situation now in terms of relative exchange rates? What card would you recommend as the basic card for spending in Israel?


Since some of us couldn’t sign up and now you’re closed, would it be possible to do a recording of some sort and we’ll gladly send $$ to you or directly to the kehilla fund? we don’t want to miss out on your shiur!


No, but there will very likely be several no-shows so just show up at 7:30 and be added to the standby list.


I have an extra ticket as well. Your donation to the Kehilla fund will get you in.


i cant seem to buy a ticket from the new open slots


chicagofan Email me partyhelper2000@yahoo.com and you can purchase it with a donation to the kehilla fund which is a gem of an idea created by the Walders who are in the WI-FI building when Dan is going to give us all the info


Link should be working now.

If you would like to cancel your seat you can email me.


not familiar with twitter, can I give you my questions to address here?


I will be at Chicago and have a question:

I would like to save miles for a trip to Israel for 7 in a year or so. I have used lots of miles on good tickets to Brazil and the UK and am down to 80,000 on AA. How can I get there?


I tried repeatedly to purchase tickets this morning. Everything went fine until I reached the payment page. It wouldn’t take a credit card payment. Are there any tickets still available?

Tante T

The seminar is sold out. But if you show up at 7:30 you could be added to the standby list. I am sure there will be plenty of no-shows.


Dan –
Another question for tonite. My daughter is traveling to Israel on US Air. Has anyone had success getting any benefits – like free luggage – for a US Air flight with and American Advantage (CITI) card?


lookimg fwd to tomight.
what would be a good (free) card for a recent high school grad to open to build credit?
and what’s the best card to use out of the country?