The Best Day Of The Week For A DansDeals Seminar In Jerusalem?

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Thanks to the recent USAirways business saver glitches as well as some family events I’ll be headed back to Israel for the first time since 2010.

Only seems fair to make a DansDeals Seminar while there, but first, a day of the week needs to be chosen.

Please vote only if you will be able to attend!

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Feel free to comment about which restaurants I need to hit up and suggestions for kids activities as well 🙂

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Since Purim is on Friday in Yerushalayim, most people wont be sober enough for a Motzai Shabbos !

old school

Instead of hitting up restaurants in Yerushalayim, how about
hitting the up Western Wall, the Old City, graves of the righteous
etc. These are fine kid activities as well. What do you want them to think Yerushalayim is all about? Food?


Valid point.

@old school:
Do you think I’ve never been to the holy land before? Have gone several times and have done those things and will do some of them again.

But those things don’t change, the food does 😀

anthony B

new place, carne di maiale, in tel aviv near Kfar Maccabiah. Italian place. They have food I’ve never found in a kosher restaurant before…very unique dishes.


Not for food, but check out The biblical zoo it’s amazing.


Check out Bleecker Bakery in Machaneh Yehuda for a casual sit-down milchig place. I’ve had a couple good experiences there. It’s right next to (the IMO highly overrated) Cafe Rimon, and it has a similar menu and prices with better food and MUCH better service.


It’s pronounced “Yerushalayim”. And you’re worried about Kashrus. Might as well have the seminar on Shabbos itself!


We were in Israel during Yeshiva winter break with 2 kids, age 7 and 3.
Activities: Eretz Breishit in the desert (Yishuv Alon, about 40 minutes from Yerushalayim) and Dig for a Day in Beit Guvrin were both great activities for kids and adults.
Food: If you eat Rabbanut, Focaccia Bar on Emek Refaim was very good and inexpensive. If you’ll be in the Tel Aviv/Yafo area, have someone watch the kids and make a dinner reservation at the Na Lagaat for dinner in the dark…great food and experience.


Definitely go to vino socco in Herzeliya (meat) and Blue Sky in Tel Aviv (dairy). Highly recommended!


There’s a Cafe Rimon in Machane Yehuda??? I think you mean Ben Yehuda.

Potbelly Tootsach

Maybe you are only looking for the classy joints when you say “restaurant” but if you happen to pass through RBS try Pinat Hasova hole in the wall pizza falafel. Love their unique pizza + rotev. Can’t seem to replicate the rotev back at home no matter how hard I try.


Papa gayos all u can eat for 180 shek (minus 10% coupon)…. DO?

ari F

Go to the Tachanah Rishona. Its the old train track in Jerusalem (near Emek Refaim street). Its a beautiful walking/biking path. You can rent electric bikes/segways. Also has a whole restaurant area connected with multiple restaurants and Re-Bar Yogurt which is delicious!


Remember that its Shmittah, which makes kashrus even more complicated than usual. The Temple Institute in the Rova is a great family activity. There is also a dig for archeological finds through the City of David web site, where kids can dig through rubble pulled off the temple mount by arab construction. Both activities require reservations. There is also the tunnel tour, which changes over the years.


@Yosef_S: bleeker bakery has closed down. @Fafa: I heard about blue sky do u know the kashrus status there?
For meat I would recommend lechem basar in the first train station. Small menu and expensive, but good food. Rodriguez is also a good option with a bigger menu and great food.
For dairy: ricotta (on top of Rodriguez) and both cafe rimons are good choices


If you stay at the Waldorf Astoria, the breakfast is awesome with great service. Was just there.


Dan, disadvantage to scheduling it on Motzash – It’ll be more difficult for ppl to fly in from America just for the DO.


It would be hard to get there on Motzei Shabbos for those who don’t live in Jerusalem because there is no transportation till after Shabbat


Lechem U’basar is a must.
Its a new restaurant in Jerusalem’s old train station. Aim for the 1.5 kilo ribeye (they dont offer it every night, yet). Hashgacha is Machpud, mashkiach is always onsite. Ask your Rabbi about eating sirloin or fillet minion (the real type) based on the sefardi mesora.
Papagaios is a good fress house (Brazilian Table). More quantity than quality.
Red Heifer is a very nice place to eat. Selection is great and so is the food. I think they charge more than its worth but def worth a shot.
Entrocate or Rodrigez (the former being better). Best hashgocha wise restaurants (outside of the geulah grease producers obviously).

Many many more in Jerusalem and all around Israel. We are growing with the demand b”H! Milchigs has expanded even more even more even more…


We are anticipating your visit!


For Meat try Noya for something different.

For Dairy Gabriela is a good option.


@anthony B: how do you spell that in Hebrew?


@@Yehuda: You’re absolutely correct. That’s what happens when I try to reply to DDMS and DDF at the same time! Whoops!


Any plans for a seminar in the Pittsburgh/Cleveland area in the near future?


Cafe Rimon near Brn Yehuda is superb
On the other hand, Bleeker was anything but….and evidently many people agree as Bleeker is out of business while Cafe Rimon is busy as can be.


restaurant lechem basar in tel aviv and Yerushalayim
לחם בשר


So the public has voted and Bleeker Bakery did so poorly that it closed down for good, while the very nearby Cafe Rimon is teeming with people day after day and night after night. Yes, great food at Cafe Rimon.
BTW the location of both is/was not Machaneh Yehudah but the mid rachov just off of B n Yehudah.

anthony B

@sharabob: Google IT!!


Everyone at the table must join n the all you can eat deal…or nobody at that table can choose that deal., For most the ala cart menu is the better deal. The all you can eat deal starts with the cheapest meat in the hope that you will be filled before the better meet arrives at your table.


Theres a small sushi bar… Maybe 4-6 seats in the entire restaurant/bar.
The place is a hole in the wall, but its amazing. the chef prepares you whatever he feels like at the moment. You tell him your likes and dislikes in terms of fish etc and he prepares an amazing boat for you.
Its called SushiYa


Forgot to mention mehadrin kashrus


@Yona: According to that logic, how can you explain the countless mediocre (at best) establishments that are open today, while countless of wonderful places have sadly closed?


You should definitely try Deca in Tel-Aviv, it’s milchig and Mehadrin.
Very nice decor and unique dishes.


Motzei Shabbos ftw

Ess or Fress

Definitely try Waffle Bar! THere are several branches. I think the one on Paran and the one on Kanfei Nesharim have Rubin Hechsher(best after the Eida)


Hey Dan check out חבה its a great dairy restaurant in machaneh Yehuda


What time would you call the seminar’s for?

Sharon Cohen

My favorite place in Jerusalem is Eucalyptus, which produces updated versions of biblical period meals. The chef is a treasure-trove of info about native local foods and seasonings.
The food is delicious, but expensive.


Now you’re speaking my language! I’ll second the recommendation for Papagayo in Talpiyot. Also Hamotzi in Nachlaot (just outside machane yehuda) was excellent.

HaOchlim LeMa'adanim

Jerusalem info.

-Entrecote (Har Chotzvim) has real delectable fresh liver. Try it.

-Machneh Yehudah shuk: Melech HaChalva for freshest halva you’ll ever taste. It’s not just better than the stuff we get in the states, it’s an entirely different experience!

-Pitzuchim at Mashiach on Malchei Yisroel…

-Cheapest nosh, nuts, spices and dried fruit in the country is on Meah She’arim coming from kikar hashabos on your right hand side just after it gets narrow.

-A little further down Meah Shearim: 8 shekel falafel (I call it a happy meal-it’s run by Breslover Chassidim :))

-Best money changers are in Beis Yisroel-Mir area or Shmuel Hanavi off Yechezkel.

General Info

-Don’t rely on changing US cheques (or checks) in Israel, they made some about it and now it costs 3% or more.

-Even among establishments which accept CC (there has been advancement in this field since 2010), many still do not take AMEX. Be advised.

-You had better consult your rabbinic authority with regards to Shmitta. It gets very complicated, especially when making purchases with cash as opposed to credit (issur schora) or throwing out food (Hefsed)…


Lechem VBasar at the old train station in jlem is a must. It’s way better than it’s tel aviv counterpart even though it’s on the port in tel aviv and that itself is worth it. Gabriella’s for dairy and Gabriel’s for meat. The sweetbreads at Gabriel’s on their new menu is a must! Lucciana in mamilla for a very solid dairy meal, most but not all desserts there are amazing! Service at times is lacking.
Keyara in rechavia is also a very consistent solid place as well and their upstairs sheyan for some Chinese isn’t bad. Sosumi in rechavia is a sushi place which is very very good. Tibs in Ben Yehuda is a very solid and quick place for some sushi and pizza. (The real tibs is in Paris).
The Waldorf dairy has very slim pickings and the meat is very solid but would definitely choose keyara or Lechem VBasar over that. I won’t comment on red heifer cause I have given it a few chances and they keep disappointing. Entrecôte is pretty decent but haven’t been to Rodriguez which is across the street which is supposed to be a bit better. Noya is also a pretty good meat place. I take no responsibility on the hashgachas of these places. And also don’t forget about eluna!!


id love if you can make it to the kosel and maybe to kever rachel and if you have time stop by the mir and learn alil, it would give me a smile.


Reb Dan wanted to know which day for the seminar.
Not which restaurant! Btw lots of yeshiva guys would
Love to come. They won’t have to miss Seder on a motzei

Chibku Ashpatos

Steer clear of heter mechira. No Rabbi who does not have Zionistic leanings condones it, but many Zionistic leaning (charda”l) Rabbis are against. This makes you wonder if those who are pro are not biased by their [halachic?!?] politics instead of being led by purely Halachic considerations. [Rav Kook was against it (aside for horaas sha’a when it was pikuach nefesh..)]




@Chibku Ashpatos: I don’t know where you put Rav Ovadia but he very explicitly held that H”M is a “heter gamur”




If it ends up being Motzei Shabbat make sure theres enough time for people to get there who live outside Jerusalem (please!). Better yet make it Tel Aviv 🙂
Vote for Sunday!


I always thought Hashen had a capital H, but maybe I’m wrong. He does, however, raise some valid points. Anyway a Jew doesn’t go to Yerusalayim for the food. There a great vegitarian place on Yaffa just off Ben Yehuda. Shmitah certainly complicates things.


This is a really fun place for kids but not in jerusalem. It’s called gan guru. It has free roaming kangaroos and fun mazes among other things. Here’s the link:

chaim yankel

love halva too like some of the previous commenters but beware one of the main halva stands in machne yehuda shuk does not [when I was last there] have a teuda (certificate of kashrus) so make sure to check.


somehow i’m always surprised by the number of obliviously self-righteous and obnoxious people who comment here. just hoping that they’re all just trolls and don’t actually think that they’re in a position to dole out unwanted and unwarranted criticism whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Herbert Samuel at the Ritz Carlton in Herzlia. Best kosher restaurant in the world. And you can eat oustside overlooking the harbor. We were there last summer during Operation Protective Edge and the view of the rockets and iron dome intercepting them over the water was amazing. Hopefully you won’t have the same experience. Have the chocolate egg for dessert.

judy rebacz

People are making the kashrut and shmitta thing into a big deal which it’s not. Decide if you hold by regular Rabbanut, Rabbanut Yerushalayim or Mehadrin. Whatever you did in the past unless you have changed your level of observance should still hold now. The major supermarket chains are all heter mechira or the haredi ones have produce from outside of Israel or from Arabas and non-Jews. Some small makolet/grocery stores will sell Otzar Bet Din produce. Everything is marked and if you don’t see the teuda, ask. By law, the store must have the teuda explaining what their policy is, same with a restaurant. If they don’t have one, don’t by or eat there.
The Bloomfield Sci. Museum is a great hands-on place for kids and the zoo is also wonderful.


Hi Dan,

Tel Aviv Hilton is a must! Even if you don’t actually stay there just go there for the food. They have a full day lobby menu (dairy), a lunch pool bar menu (meat) & a restaurant for dinner (meat).

Food there is the best in the country! Trust me, I’ve been to every restaurant in Israel.


@Yosef_S: bleekers closed down new place though called Tibs sister location to the one in Paris. Very good food they have sushi.


Hi Dan
I was wondering will the seminar be geared towards people living here? or will it be more for people living in the states?


Im sure most people know this already but theirs an app called “ELUNA” that has coupons for alot of restaurants around israel. Usually 10% off. Each coupon costs 3 shekel.


@Ari: I don’t know what ur kosher standards towards shmita are. But many of these restaurants don’t have the most reliable shmita adherance. I suggest you check that out before. It’s a deoraisa and an especial big zechus to be stringent with the halachos of shmita.


@Lia: I second that!


@Moshe: that vegetarian place: village green; one of its kind! Is extremely stringent with their kashrus. There’s a mashgiach temidi there that can be trusted a thousand percent. Just have a shmooze ith him.


@Avi: that is completely inaccurate on your part.

Mad Travel

SushiYa is not mehadrin, just passed by to check (has not been for years).


@Chibku Ashpatos: There is significant eidus that RS”Z held of H”M. Ask R’Nebenzahl.
Also,there is no such thing as ‘Purely Halachic’as you put it – pure Halacha takes everything into cheshbon, including politics.

joel jerusalem

Happy to see you in the Holy Land.
you need to visit the biblical zoo in Jerusalem.
add the science museum for the kids.
eat at “agas v tapuach” (dairy), in safra sq in Jerusalem.


@anthony B I did, nothing comes up in English (other than this comment thread). That’s why I wanted the name in Hebrew. Basically, can you provide more information? Please?

Someone concerned for clal Israel

I really cannot believe the comments on this post. It is really disappointing how some people feel a need to condemn and give rebuke when this is a public forum. Please do not view their comments as coming from the religious community of yerushalyim or Israel. I truly hope that people will see that these comments were not proper and ask for forgiveness. (It really amazes me how easy it is for people to say hurtful and disgusting things when there is anonymity).


Gabriel on Shlomtzion Hamalka is fantastic. I recommend the chateaubriand!
Looking forward to the DDS!!


@Someone concerned for clal Israel: The variety of opinions on these threads make for a very interesting read better then most novels. The variety seems to represent real life..I’ll enjoy reading this thread again and again. 🙂



Morgan Freeman that you? God has joined this discussion! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule.


Now your going? I just got back!
“Ricotta” in har chotzvim is really great milchigs. Try the fried haloumi cheese and sweet potato salad and the tiramisu is also grreat.


kids love the chocolate CREPES in ben yehuda, where they make them in front of you. you can also make a custom frozen yogurt.


If I am from Chicago, can I vote twice? Or does my dead relative or pet have to vote the second time?


I vote for Kansas City!


Cherry a dairy restaurant in Tveria is great

Mark B

Go to Noya in Jeursalem, just a 5 min walk from Mamila. It has good food and its Mehadrin.


“Please vote only if you will be able to attend!”

Dan, everyone should be assuming meshiach will arive which means everyone can attend and everyone can vote so your comment means nothing


Gabriela is a must! Their goose liver is even must-er!


@gandew, after moshiach comes we would not need dans wisdom anymore, we would have everything that we need and we would not need to learn “hacks” that will get us more.
However, being that the coming of moshiach is imminent, we should have the seminar earlier than later so we could take full advantage of the wisdom of dan up until moshiach arrives.


all i want is a lil love and care

dan's poop

dan, please do not give a seminar in eretz yisroel. what a chilul hashem. those who live in eretz yisroel should not be part of the leech society that you promote.


Try Deca in TLV. It’s a Diary Fish restaurant. Really incredible. A bit pricey but worth it and mehadrin.



Hey Dan,

Mendy does have a valid point regarding the sobriety of some folk. Another factor to take into account is the many bochurim who leave back to US the days after Purim. The later you make it the more bochurim gone.


Looking forward to seeing you, Dan!
If someone doesn’t have a credit card, should they still come to the seminar?



Just sayin

@ Mary
Not that I believe anyone actually uses a dd comment section as their guide to Halacha, I still feel it important to point out that shmitta is a rabbinic mitzvah not deoraysa. Of course this is not a license to be lenient just a attempt at truthfulness.
@dan- blind museum


in the old train station in jerusalem- לחם בשר is amazing meat place. by kikar safra אגס ותפוח italian milchig in jerusalem.
you can also go to לחם בשר in Tel aviv by the port. its the same exact menu apparently just location might be nicer. and for best shwarma you cant miss halo teyman by the gas station!!!!
happy eating! 🙂


Whats the basic outline of the seminar?
Trying to figure out if I should come or is it focusing more on people who live abroad and just happen to be in Israel for the time being.
I made aliyah, but do use US cc and like to fly once a year or two.


I don’t know the ages and personalities. We like to do hikes, If you guys like water hikes (you can end up in water till your knees or waist) I can give you some family friendly fun hikes up north.

Dan's Fan

I second the inaccuracy of some of these comments:

1)Shmitta in any restaurant/falafel place/ commerical food dispenser in at least Yerushalayim (however you spell it) is observed quote “L’chumrah”. That means by the charedi standard of dafka NOT “observing” shmitta at all. Not Heter Mechirah, Not Otzer Haaretz. It is all Nachri (read Arab and imported) which is the only standard public establishments can use. (Not my choice but when you have non observant or foreign workers in a restaurant its really the only option.) So unlike “regular” years or “regular” products, there is nothing to be machmir on….there is only one standard. In our home we actually observe shmitta. Anyone eating out is eating vegetables (fruit hasn’t kicked in yet) that is Nachri

2) I have said this before: Melech Halava (the guy with free samples and the crown) in the shuk has no hechsher whatsoever. Last year they were cited by the Rabbanut. (Likewise Bashar cheese) I do not understand how you can be nitpicking on details of shmitta when it is a non issue (if you’re cooking at home its a different story) and advising people that the best halavah in the shuk is at a place that has been cited for not being kosher.

3) Rodriguez, Ricotta, Entrecout are waaaaay off the beaten track. Taking kids there? Not the best idea. The hechsher is very good. But count in travel time.

4) I rely on what I see posted here. (Thank you Dan) But you know what they say? “Time magazine is an expert on everything except what you are expert on?” These comments are not up to your standards.


@serokipa: for starters, Gabriella is milk restaurant so its unlikely they serve liver. second of all its highly unlikely that he eats that boot-leg hechser


If u like shwarma go to halo taiman in yerusalem its by a gas station near tachana, best veal shwarma I ever had


@mk: you are correct, I meant to say gabriel, (Gabriela’s sister, fleshing restaurant.) And the last I checked, the hechsher was bet yosef, one of the leading Israeli hechsherim.


If you want a delicious Fish Restaurant -try in Talpiot – Pninat Hayam
anyone whoever went there goes back!!


Motzai shabbos purim is NOT a wise idea…


sheyan /keyara /lechem basar

if you want good liver lafa and dips go to ציון הגדול תלפיות

David G

On March 10 my wife and I are taking you (our treat) out to BlueSky on the beach in Tel Aviv Made aliya in August and it is by far the best place we have been. If you prefer Meat then we can go downstairs to the Chef’s other restaurant Lumina

Let us know what time you want to meet there.

Dan's Fan

And it continues: Pinat Hayam (@BN) has been closed for many years. I doubt “anyone goes back” because it is now a car dealership. Please fellow Dan’s fans, do not post when you aren’t sure.


Lechem u baser is the right place to go, its the new hot place in town!!!

Abt the seminar maybe make it during the times that bochrim could attend also, like during bein hasdarim like 2:00 pm or later at night like 10:00 pm