Thanks Monsey!

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Thanks to everyone who organized the Monsey seminar and thanks to the 400 people who came out on a rainy night to attend.

Your feedback is always appreciated. So far I heard from one of the mileage bloggers in attendance that he would have used more arrows and circles if it were his presentation 😉

I love talking miles but after giving 3 seminars in a week it’s time for a break!

Normal posting will resume on Friday.































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Thanks for another informative seminar.

NCO Chasid

The Seminar here in Monsey was fabulous. Huge amount of information delivered smoothly and engagingly. There were chiddushim for all levels.

(I was also zocheh to see you afterward when the chevra with you went out for supper.)

You are a class act through and through.

My one question to you is this: Who instilled the middah of chesed within you? That is someone I would like to learn from.


Hi dan my name is avi I was at the brooklyn seminar last night learned a lot thanks. I asked you about the staples and chase if they will get suspicious…

What I don’t completely understand is about the yearly fees that every year I should ask for them to waive it and if not move out all the miles and close it?

Also is the avianca card worth while?


its 327 am cant fall asleep my mind is racing so much information from gcs to avianca ill probably be searching all night and just like you dan im playing hookey tommorow!


Hey Dan! Any shot of a bachurim friendly seminar during bein hazmanim?! Mayb in the catskills this august?! Thnx


I was so tempted to ask you to sign my kettle corn bag 🙂
Still remains my favorite deal.


great seminar learned lots of new things thank you as always!!!!


Dan, I am impressed with your command of the English language, something not often seen in the Chassidish community. And for those buchrim who sit in Kollel, perhaps your time would be better spent looking for gainful employment than on Dan’s Deals. Yasher Koach Dan.


Don’t put me on the “do not fly” list, you know Im right !


What does “arrows and circles” mean ?


Thanks Dan, had a great time and learned a lot! Just for the gig, is there a trick on getting the entrance fee for DDS waived? LOL


It’s so nice to see such a diverse array of Am Yisroel being brought together by your seminar. Kudos.


Dan maybe you should start selling a recording of the seminars……….. for those that cant make it.

Joe S

Why was Darius there?


@Abka: lol!!


@fan: Terrible idea.


Zvi. If you can’t say something nice all the way don’t speak. Shut your mouth.


Dan I was at your Teaneck seminar and really enjoyed it I would have loved to come to the Monsey seminar but could not make it because the place that I work made a dinner last night but it was a special treat to see you in the restaurant afterwards it was unexpected

PS waiting for your review on the place


No pictures from the ladies side? I wanted to be famous! 😉

It was very informative. The first part wasn’t anything new to me, I’ve had credit cards from the day I was able to get one but there was an abundance of useful information within the things I didn’t know so well!

Thank you Dan


@Abka: Yes. Just put A $20 bill between your license and credit card, And ask with A smile “Can I please get A free seat?”


Thanks Dan, had a great time and learned a lot! Just for the gig, is there a trick on getting the entrance fee for DDS waived?


Yes Fishy, Just put A $20 bill between your license and credit card, And ask with A smile “Can I please get A free seat?”


@Joe S: I thought that was him. Some guy walked up to him and asked him if his name was Darius. He said no. 🙂


@Ariella: Ariella, you’re famous alright 🙂


Thanks a load! I would suggest a better speaker system for next time (really had to strain all the time) and clearer slides. The slides seemed like HUGELY enlarged photos that lost their clarity, especially for the guys way back. Tx again.


Thanks so much for another informative presentation.
Glad you went to Teaneck for food. There is nothing of that caliber in Monsey.
Safe trip back.


Hi Dan, maybe this is the better forum for you to answer my question from last night:

Is there a DDF’er/travel agent etc. who you recommend that(for a fee, I assume) can advise people (offline) how to best use their miles/credit cards for a particular travel package?

I’ve tried DDF a few times but not gotten any helpful answers — mostly I’m told to look in the same places I already know. I know the whole point of DansDeals is that you can “do it yourself”, but considering all of the nuances and the amount of money/points involved, it sure would help to get some expert advice.

Put a Face to a DDF Name

Anyone want to identify himself in the pictures?


dan thank you for coming i was waiting for this day a long time,i was delighted to meet you live and your fellow bloggers Darius from MMS and Stefan from RTC maybe you guys should do a seminar together,i have one suggestion and one question,i think you should have two seminars one for beginners and one for advanced,because the first half of the seminar is basic knowledge for people that are in the game,here is my question you had mentioned that you paid ten dollars a day for your car rental, i think i saw you getting in to a BMW after the seminar i would love to know how can you get a BMW for ten dollars a day, i would love to do that myself the next time i travel, THANKS! get some rest you sounded a little bit exhausted yesterday


Need a few more pictures of the audience. Not sure I’ve seen every angle possible. (lol)

Rapid Travel Chai

Thanks to all for a tremendous experience in the Dan’s Deals and Monsey community last night.


Thanks DAN, was great to be at the Monsey seminar in my own home town. was my 3 seminar i attended and each time u can always learn something new.


@Moshe: LOL!!


I can see myself, I’m the best looking guy in the first picture in case you’re curious!


Dan please remove pictures from ppl face…

Not nice of you…


Don’t remove my comment it’s the lest time I’m coming to your seminar…


Thank you so much for an informative seminar. I’ve been waiting for you to come to Monsey for a while now.
I’ve been following DansDeals almost since Ctownbochur…
I have to thank you for a lot of deals – cheap flights to Israel, toys for my kids, gap discounts, amazon deals, my camera etc. I have opened a couple of credit cards but have never taken had the guts to take the risk of opening more credit cards than that, mainly because I didn’t have all the info and ways to go about it clear.
The seminar was great and made many things clearer!
My suggestions for future seminars is being that this is for those to learn something new I would recommend you talk a bit slower. I know you were short on time but there were a few instances of new information I would have written down but had no time to write.
Thanks again!

Dan's the man

Dan, can you give (a little) information about what type of meetings you have with the credit card companies? You had mentioned that you almost missed a meeting when your original flight was delayed yesterday. Thanks for the great seminar!


zvi – you can’t imagine how much Dan makes from his website! With pretty much a $0 overhead, aside from paying his brother to manage it, he charges a LOT of money for a paid ad (which ALWAYS pays off for the advertiser) and tweet.

Plus he gets miles and points for referrals. He’s doing alright:) He should have much success for helping us all.


Dan again please remove that pictures from ppl faces, it’s not Leagel and not מענטשלעך


@NCO Chasid:
Appreciate the kind words.
Talk to my parents 😀


Inside joke.

@Joe S:
Why not?

Lol, maybe next time!

I was thrown off too, almost didn’t recognize him without a bowtie 😉

Everyone has something else they want to learn about.
There are 168 slides. I spend at most a minute on a slide when I could spend an hour on any given slide.

I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Priceline+elite status 😀

@Rapid Travel Chai:
Thanks for coming!
Always good putting faces to blogs.

3 seminars…that’s devotion!

Talking slower would make a 2.5 hour seminar turn into a 4 hour seminar…

@Dan’s the man:
That’s when being on DDF pays off!

Considering some advertisers have told me they made over 30 times profit what I charge for an ad I don’t think it’s too much 😉

Lol, that’s not much of a threat when running seminars is a money losing proposition 🙂

Actually it’s legal to post pictures of anyone as long as they’re not in their own private house.

Especially when you’ve seen that I’ve posted pictures from every seminar in the past.