Thanks For Attending DDS Brooklyn; Round 2 Tonight In Monsey

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Over 500 people packed every seat in the house in Brooklyn last night.  I had a great time and I sure hope you did too!  Over $6,000 was raised for the Yeshiva Gedola of Carteret.

Tickets to tonight’s seminar in Monsey are still available. Doors open at 7:30pm and the seminar starts promptly at 8pm. Best seats go to those who come first!
-Click here to purchase tickets to DDS Monsey on 06/25
Click here to read more information about the Monsey seminar.

Pictures from Brooklyn:































































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Beautiful event. Thanks, dan. You’re amazing, answering every n00b question with patience & your signature smile.


Thanks for a great seminar!!!!


Thanks for the feedback 😀

Thanks for coming.
I deleted your question though as what happens at seminars stays at seminars…


It is us who should be thanking you. Great DDS!


i was by the first one, and this one as well it was gr8,
just one question, anywhere i can see on dans deals which cities [deleted] (you rushed at that part)


Good to see you again lyla, and thanks for the UA swag, gave some out and got other stuff back!

Not something you’ll find discussed online, sorry for rushing…I did stay an hour afterward to answer everyone’s questions.


Deleted posts make me curious 😉 If you ever do one in Israel, you have your first ticket sold 😉


sorry – can you send me an sm?


Learned a lot thanks!


I stuck around until the very end to get a few of my long- time questions answered, but with the tight crowd around you never stepping back, I never got a chance to ask them. I have a few quick questions ( and they are not newbie questions, I did plenty if research but couldn’t come accross a solid answer)
You can probably answer them all in less than 30 seconds, where can I ask you?



Will you match me to 55K+$50 if I do 😉

Monsey seminar tomorrow night 😀
Have you tried DDF?
I hung around until every question was asked AFAIK.


Thanks Dan was very nice and informative!!

One small thing, it’s not right to over book and people have to stand, was probably 50 people or more who didn’t have a place in the beginning then they took chairs on the side, And a few people were still standing the whole time.

Thanks again.


I was told there would be seats for 600.
513 seats were sold. Not really sure what happened.

There were more seats available on the far side and I even made an announcement for people to move over there from the door but people didn’t seem to want to.


I knew some info beforehand, and I was happy and shocked that you touched this info (since i realized in the past that you don’t really like to talk about it on you site or forum, I guess not to kill it ) but I’m missing some info as I wrote before

In any case it was amazing, and thank you very much


Go to Monsy again tomorrow night… Very funny 🙂
seriously, you can answer them in 30 seconds, questions are generally ( not all) related to topics exclusively discussed at seminars, so I wouldn’ find the info on DDS or DDF apparently.
I have 5 quick questions, perhaps ou can give me a number that you will agree to answer and I’ll select the most pressing 2-3. Hmmm? 🙂
Thanks ever so much


Sorry Dan – I don’t understand what you mean, and have been trying for an hour to use what you taught us to book my flight to (you know where), and now the United site is down for maintenance… I thought I scribbled it down correctly, but can’t make heads or tails of what I thought you said. All I’m looking for is the airport or city name to use. It would be greatly appreciated!


@Cook: Do you have any idea how many hundreds of people have 5 quick questions to ask ? Do the math. Read through DDF & you’ll find most of your questions answered.


Very true, though those hundreds probably didn’t attend the DDF seminar and not get a chance to ask.


Dan I would like to arrange one in Lakewood if possible for u . A lot of ppl waiting for one. Pls reply either way thanks so much.


It was a pleasure getting to meet you in person, and being able to be an integral part of it.



@Eric: There were over 545 seats set up, with approx 520 paid seats. There were a significant amount of seats left empty, while people chose to stand by the doors.

Isaac s

@dan,you are the man. Your delivery was very clear and smooth. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! I hope to see you again soon.


Anyone who wanted to ask had the chance.

Already did a LW seminar.

Thanks for your help!

Yup, not sure why people didn’t migrate to the other end.

@Isaac s:


I’m a woman, and couldn’t push through the human ( male) barrier tightly fixed around you, they stuck like body guards to you, was waiting for that faithful crowd to dissolve, and then the manager guy asked that everyone leave,
Of course I’m not blaming anyone, I’m very greatful for the enlightening info you shared…
If you can extend your generosity and answer, if only 2 of my questions, I’d be more than thankful.
Perhaps you can pm your response. My DDF member id is Elikip.
Thank you


@Cook:Can’t you ask your questions on DDF? I am sure many would help.


Thanks dan. It was a real crash cource. Now i need to go to your site and read everything more on detaill. Btw i think you gorgot to talk about car rentals.


Just one question. a bussiness card is a pull on your private credit score?


Great seminar thanks for all your great work. About BA availability your screenshots that you showed us yesterday still I assume are for last year. Since BA only shows the first few flights (which are typically morning flights) what’s the work around it to get afternoon or night flights.


I was at the seminar last night…. Thanx Dan…. I had go leave early due to family related issue and couldn’t stay for Q&A just wanted to no if it’s true that chase only gives 2 cards per 30 days as recon told me wen I called to get approved for sapphire after getting a Marriott and Hyatt card a couple weeks earlier


Interesting seminar last night. Former Clevelander. Family of 6 off to Hawaii next week. Thanks again.


Dan I understand that u did Lakewood already buy I’m understanding that ur doing doubles already? And even if not Lakewood is so big a lot of people still didn’t get to hear you. Thanks in advance. Pls reply.


@Cook: You didn’t have to push through anyone. There was a mike & everyone had the opportunity to ask a question & Dan waited patiently till everyone finished asking. Plenty of ladies asked too.


Where can i find more info about avianca? Didnt see it on the page with sll go/ links


Great seminar, a bit too quick though (didnt even have time to write notes), when will you be making a seminar for next level?


some things (I mean the real stuff) just need to be a bit better explained and give time to write down


Maybe use the tool called Google to find out what Avianca is?



He spoke for 2 hours! If you really want to understand a lot of what he said you need to spend time and do your homework online. You can’t expect to become an expert from one seminar.


Dan, will you be making a DDS in Baltimore anytime soon?


Lots of women got on the mic and asked questions.

The questions you wrote are not 30 second questions.

Was part of Priceline hacking.



Not true, HUCA.


The Lakewood seminar still had seats for sale on the day of the seminar and at the door.

I did a repeat in Brooklyn because the last one sold out so quickly.

I think at this point I’ve met the demand for NY/NJ for the time being.

I can spend 2 days instead of 2 hours.
But who has 2 days to waste?

Point is to give you the ideas to dig deeper.



Thanks so much Dan. It was really excellent. Can’t ever imagine why anyone would complain. You shared tons of stuff for both beginners and experts alike and stuck around until midnight answering questions. It was well worth the cost and then some.


More than collecting miles, people’s favorite pastime is complaining…c’est la vie.


@JimJam: If someone on picked up one or two things over the entire seminar, such as how to save hundreds of dollars on flights, that would already make all the time and the small entrance fee well worth it!


Thanks DAN the seminar was great. While I knew most of what was discussed was def worth hearing some cool tricks to booking hotels and flights. However, you mentioned something during the seminar that I was wondering if you could expound on it or can point me in the right direction. Something about the Banana Republic… i couldnt hear the last part of what you said…


Dan, we’d love to have you come to Baltimore. Any chance of that soon?


Plus one… when is Baltimore


If the issue is a place, we can start looking


Issue isn’t a place. It’ll happen, just not now.


@samuel: Yes just the spending wont show up on your credit score


I probably know things better than you do, but there is still new things to learn, and by scanning through in 30 secs, doesnt really help much, and you cant search these things online. I understand that it can take 2 days to go through everything, but thats why I suggested than Dan makes next seminar for pros, and covers less topics in more time. perhaps I’m wrong.


Nice DDS Dan.


Thank you dan!
My husband went and came back with 3 pages of notes and was explaining it all to me until after midnight!
Next time I am coming too.



It’s training – complaining leads to compensation.


Thanks so much! It was great!



But 15k monthly with only 4 transactions, how do you pull that off?

clear thinker

Thanks dan for a seminar really done right!
you were really great beyond expectations!


so sad missed it. was on vacation.hope u make another one soon.


I’m not into the whole “miles thingy” but I am a casual follower of Dans Deals. I was suprosed to see how l friendly Dan was. He has a sense of humor, and overall it was a very pleasant event. Thank you for giving your time Dan, tizku Limitzvos!


@ybeeds: you must understand that boro park chasidic men wont sit mixed with ladies and the empty chairs were between the ladies, they should of move up everything and make more place for men and less place for the ladies


Dan, when will you be making one in Jerusalem?

Boro park

Looking for a ride from boro park, ready to pay please contact me @ trg261@


beuiful event in monsey thanks
think should sell cd’s from the seminar ??!!

NCO Chasid

The Seminar here in Monsey was fabulous. Huge amount of information delivered smoothly and engagingly. There were chiddushim for all levels.

(I was also zocheh to see you afterward when the chevra with you went out for supper.)

You are a class act through and through.

My one question to you is this: Who instilled the middah of chesed within you? That is someone I would like to learn from.