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Please note: I’m on the road this week and next week so posting will be sporadic.

Thanks to all who came out last night to the stunning Chabad of Downtown Miami building. At 140 people it was the most intimate seminar since the 1st one I did a couple years ago, but it was really nice to get to speak to nearly everyone there one-to-one.

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The 10th DansDeals seminar will be on Wednesday night, June 18th at 8pm.
It will be located at the The Rok Family Shul – Chabad Downtown Jewish Center, 35 SE 9th Street, Miami, FL, 33131.

You can purchase tickets via this link. 

The cost of admission is $10 plus a $1 fee that is charged by the ticketing website. Light refreshments will be served.
The entire $10 admission price will go directly to charity to benefit The Rok Family Shul – Chabad Downtown Jewish Center, the organizers of this event.

You will have to designate who will be attending as tickets are non-transferable.

-Men and Women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend, no kids or infants please.
-Recording devices and photography of the slides are not allowed so be sure to bring something to take notes with!

7:30pm: Doors open. Failure to show up by 8:00pm may result in your seat being given away to someone else.
8:00pm-9:00pm: Seminar Part 1-Credit Cards and mileage earning on a beginner to intermediate level.
9:00pm-9:15pm: Intermission
9:15pm-10:30pm: Seminar Part 2-More advanced tips and tricks for mileage redemption, paid flights, hotel stays, car rentals, etc.
10:30pm: Trivia and Q&A session.

-If you are a beginner: Hopefully you will learn a lot, but I cover many subjects in a relatively short period of time. Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand many things or if you start to feel lost, feel free to stay afterward and I’ll clarify them.  Or better yet start reading the DansDeals Forums where you can learn more about anything you want to know.  There won’t be time to explain most subjects at length, so take good notes of the concepts, and read more about them after the seminar on and on the DansDeals Forums.

-If you are on an intermediate level: You may know of many of the concepts I talk about but you should still learn more than enough to make attending worth your time and effort.

-If you are on an expert level: You probably already know most or all of what I’m going to talk about so feel free to attend, but don’t expect 2.5 hours of new information, it may be a complete waste of your time.  Some experts have told me that it was worthwhile, others have said it was not, I guess it depends on what kind of expert you are 🙂

Seating is limited so book your ticket first and then tell your friends 😉
Seminars that I have run so far (Crown Heights, NY, Boro Park, NY, Five Towns, NY, Lakewood, NJ, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Teaneck) have sold out so don’t procrastinate!

Have a question or want a specific topic covered? Tweet @DansDeals using the hashtag #DDSMiami

Hope to see you there!

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Will the pathetic south Florida restaurant scene be covered during the seminar? 😉

john thomlonson

Dan must be coming for game 6 of the NBA Finals…..It’s going to be hard to get downtown that night all…


Heh, enjoy LA!

Touche, I better bring a shield for the tomatoes 😀

@john thomlonson:
Game 6 is Tuesday night the 17th.


Not to be a party pooper but..

Downtown is not a central location for most south floridians. North Miami or Aventura would allow people from Boca to come. North Miami, Bal harbour and Broward are where I assume most of those who follow you reside. Downton is close to South Beach and Miami Beach. there are not that many Dans Deals types in Miami Beach, they are mostly older and more established.




It wont let me purchase through paypal, I am getting an error. Any other way?


Do it this Sunday so all the yeshiva bochurim will be able to attend next Wednesday all the schools are closed


Hsving the same paypal problem as leeboy. Any other way?


@Miami: Wrong I live in South Beach


Dan how about visiting Fuego and chops


@ Miami. I live in South Beach, Could of had it at the Jewish Museum of South Florida


Rabbi Lipskar reached out to me a year ago to offer his assistance and help and I’m happy to have the event there.

Looks like it’s 25 minutes from Aventura and 45 minutes from Boca. I’ll just have to make it worth their while 😉

Thanks for the heads up, seems like there’s a technical issue going on.
I’ll make an update when it’s worked out.

I could do it Sunday but I’ll be in Cleveland then, does that work out OK for you?

Best things at each place?


OK, Paypal should be working now.
Please try and let me know.


The Paypal is now working.




Great, thanks.


@miami….wow what a hater.

i have been on miami beach all my life. i am 48.last i checked that wasnt nearly dead. also you would be amazed who lives below the county line. if its too hard for you to travel then maybe you could use dan’s uber offer and get a ride.

see u at the party..can’t wait.


Any chance a second night will be added somewhere as i know people wanting to go but have conflicts on wednesday



I mean if there was something big going on I’d be open to making it Thursday, but otherwise moving the date at this point will cause more headache than it’s worth.


@Jeff: Let us be practical, most people coming will be traveling 30min to 1hr, anything involving the 95 means traffic once you hit the Miami Beach/Miami area, the old geezers driving 50 in the left lane slow down the whole highway


Hey Dan, just a suggestion, maybe you can make a seminar during bein hazmanim (like during Av)so yeshiva bachurim like myself can attend, and especially if you made one in the Catskills, you would have to rent a stadium for the amount of people that would show up!


@Miami: @john thomlonson:
or his brothers wedding

daniel katz

Hey Dan,
are you planning to make one in NY possibly also ? I missed your last seminar in january. would love to go to these seminars.


Definitely worth the drive from aventura! Can’t wait! If my grandchildren were annoyed with my emails about deals before, I’m sure I can make it worse!

Dan's the Man

I thought you just said there’s no good restaurants in Miami? When are you coming back to Monsey / Teaneck?


Very good.


@Dan’s the Man:
I did Teaneck earlier this year.

Miami Guy

Count me in! See you in about a week, Dan


Dan, would you be interested in coming to Newton, Massachusetts?


Folks , for the record , I reached out to dan way over a year ago and initially he replied and then consistently ignored – have all the emails to prove – this is way out of the frum area
Shame on dan


Downtown a.k.a. brickell, wynwood are young and trendy areas.. you think every one here is heimish?

Good luck dan, I wont be there but your welcome to drop in our BBQ party june 16 if miami food does not satisfy you


btw william brickell co founder of miami was from Cleveland.. dont hate lebron


hey Dan would you be able to make a seminar in Baltimore… I would be able to make the arrangements….


Dan, we attended NY a few months ago. since then all turned and much info is no longer relevant. how do we do “updates” seminar for new restrictions? (AA, UA , DL – you name it)
Welcome to MIA!

Super Speed

@Ohhh: Seriously? On his website you’re gonna do that? Have you no shame or morals? Get a life.


Brickell happens to be at the center of Miami. For People in Miami Beach its closer then North Miami Beach – its right off the highway so you dont have to deal with 163rd st or Ives Dairy and Aventura traffic – from NMB/Aventura hollywood its only 15-20 minutes


better to do a seminar and spend time in Florida in the fall/spring/winter when its not so humid?


Sunday in Cle is fine. Where do i sign up?


Looking through my emails you were able to rent out a small place or a place under construction.

This place is brand new, large, and is owned by the charity=no overhead. And they also emailed me over a year ago to do this and I ignored them until I was ready to move forward. I’ve got literally hundreds of unfulfilled seminar requests in my inbox, I suppose I can just do that fulltime and give up on the site 😉

Heh, so you’re saying LBJ is just a copycat 😉

Too bad, was hoping to meet you at the DDS.

I’ve got dozens of people who want to organize one there…one day I’ll get to it.
And the other 30 organizers will be mad at me.

New seminars don’t have dead info.

I want to experience it in its full glory.

8 months ago 😉


eventbee not loading, is there another way or another website to sign up?


Seems to work for me.


Please note that if you have TAM, GOL and Azul. GOLd STATUS it cant be matched to AVIANCA BRASIL (AmigoCLUB) until july 30.

Note that Avianca brasil is a subsidiary of Avianca (Lifemiles) and Avianca BRASIL will join STAR alliance by end of july. according to news report.


when are you doing one in israel???

you said maybe when the waldorf opens – well it’s been open since april!!!

hope to see you here soon

dov bennish

are you coming to the d


Just curious why no recording devices allowed we dont want to miss out on EVEN ONE WORD you say!?


Don’t want to see them being sold on ebay 😉

I stay afterward to answer everyone’s questions.


Thanx anyway:) great site! i will not be able to attend because im in israel


Seems to be plenty of seats left. Perhaps if someone arranged buses from the various communities (for a nominal charge) there would be more attending.

Downtown at night for most south floridians is way too far.

I am not complaining/hating, I just feel it is just a waste to make one in Miami but make it way to far for most people.

Perhaps next time use the shul of Chabad Aventura. Nice big place and central to most areas.


I’m not scared of a small crowd, I actually prefer an intimate crowd to the 500 person behemoths.

If people don’t think it’s worth a 30-40 minute drive then it’s also not worth a 15 minute drive.

I’ve yet to repeat a seminar in any city, so you may be waiting quite a while for an Aventura seminar.


Maybe move it to his uncle at The Shul and still benefit Chabad Downtown.


Feel free to arrange that.


“I’ve yet to repeat a seminar in any city”

I guess CH and BP are in two different cities? 😉


Lol, more like 2 different worlds.

Truth is I forgot about the CH seminar, been a long time. Was a real mess, shlepped chairs up from the basement, running around for a projector…
Tried to arrange on at the JCM earlier this year but they were too unorganized to make is happen and it’s probably not big enough for an NYC seminar anymore. Not really sure what other large spaces would be organized enough to put one together there again.


@Dan: The JCM has a theater which is perfect for such@Dan:

If someone does get it arranged at the Shul of Bal Harbour that would be be more central, but there is not alot of parking there.

Many people enjoy your classes but it is not 40 minutes, it can be an hour or more depending on where they are coming from.

Maybe use the Heat stadium they can use some good deals instead of wasting all that money on those big 3 who did nothing.



Google has Aventura at 29 minutes and Boca at 45. It’s just off the highway instead of having to deal with Collins traffic all the way down. And there should be traffic at 8pm anyway.


what about seminar in san diego?

Jacques Cukiekorn

Will or would you tape this lecture do those of us who cannot be thrre can still benefit from it? I would gladly pay a fee to watch it…


@Jacques Cukiekorn:
No, sorry.


Never been to a DDS but I’m curious what you say at the beginning to warn everyone about hitting the little red buttons on their phone 🙂


I don’t know how Google is telling you 45 mins. I’m attending and driving an hr (if no traffic) from coral springs which is further south then boca.


Hey Dan,
When are you coming to the Pacific Northwest area? plz…


Is there parking there?
Been down there a few times and its difficult to find


Brickell is closer to Boca, Plantation and alot of broward county then Bal Harbour as you dont have to get off the highway and spend 20 minutes crossing 163rd and going sounth till bal harbour or going to miami beach on 195 and going up to bal harbour



seconding this. Dan, please do one in Jerusalem!


Hi Dan
Can you please have someone contact me regarding giving a seminar in my area


Go Miami Go! Enjoy!


Heading to miami in a week are we going to get an updated Miami trip note?


Dan, how about Baltimore? there are alot of people there who would be interested. Plus there is a Dougies in balt, so maybe have some good wings to go along with a great event:)


How about such a seminar in Yerushalayim ?

Boca Boy

Dan your the man! I live in boca and would drive 2 hrs to a DD seminar!


@Boca Boy:
Hope to see you there?


Can’t wait to see y’all!!


245 seats still available. Can we please arrange busses from the various areas. Or at least make a carpool post on DDF or Facebook. It would be really nice to come but I can not drive that far at night that late by myself.

Can someone please offer rides. Maybe twitter #DDSMiamiCarpool


How about a live hookup in new york?


Only 73 seats left. (I believe the amount of seats was lowered, there is no way 300 could fit there, I was there once)

Can we please setup a carpool anybody? I am willing to split the tolls and gas.


I was by the seminar last night how do I find the 100 airport codes you where talking about. Thanks



Here you go

It was a nice seminar indeed.


how about a seminar in Jerusalem? I’d love to have one on this side of the ocean!