DansDeals Seminar: Teaneck, NJ

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Thanks to the 400 of you who packed the house in Teaneck, you guys were a great crowd with awesome questions!

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Reminder: The Teaneck seminar is tonight!

Don’t have a ticket? You can purchase one at the door starting at 8pm on a first-come, first-served basis if there is space.

If you are holding a ticket remember to show up before 8pm so that your seat isn’t given away to a standby attendee.

Be sure to bring something to take notes with!
See ya’ tonight!

The 7th DansDeals seminar will be on Tuesday night, January 7th at 8pm.
It will be located at the Ma’ayanot School for Girls, 1650 Palisades Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey.

You can purchase tickets via this link. Sold Out!

The cost of admission is $10. Light refreshments will be served.
The entire ticket price will go directly to charity to benefit AMIT of Greater Teaneck, the organizers of this event.
You will have to designate who will be attending as tickets are non-transferable.

-Men and Women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend, no kids please.
-Recording devices will not be allowed so be sure to bring something to take notes with!

7:30pm: Doors open. Failure to show up by 8:00pm may result in your seat being given away to someone else.
8:00pm-9:00pm: Seminar Part 1-Credit Cards and mileage earning on a beginner to intermediate level.
9:00pm-9:15pm: Intermission
9:15pm-10:30pm: Seminar Part 2-More advanced tips and tricks for mileage redemption, paid flights, hotel stays, car rentals, etc.
10:30pm: Trivia and Q&A session.

-If you are a beginner: Hopefully you will learn a lot, but I cover many subjects in a relatively short period of time. Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand many things or if you start to feel lost, feel free to stay afterward and I’ll clarify them.  Or better yet start reading the DansDeals Forums where you can learn more about anything you want to know.  There won’t be time to explain most subjects at length, so take good notes of the concepts, and read more about them after the seminar on DansDeals.com and on the DansDeals Forums.

-If you are on an intermediate level: You may know of many of the concepts I talk about but you should still learn more than enough to make attending worth your time and effort.

-If you are on an expert level: You probably already know most of what I’m going to talk about so feel free to attend, but don’t expect 2.5 hours of new information, it may be a complete waste of your time.  Some experts have told me that it was worthwhile, others have said it was not, I guess it depends on what kind of expert you are 🙂

Seating is limited so book your ticket first and then tell your friends :D
Seminars that I have run so far (Crown Heights, NY. Boro Park, NY. Lakewood, NJ, Chicago, Cleveland, and Los Angeles) have sold out so don’t procrastinate!

Have a question or want a specific topic covered? Tweet @DansDeals using the hashtag #DDSNJ

Hope to see you there!

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Nice! I’m there.



Something Fishy

“The 7th DansDeals seminar will be in LA”

Should say “Teaneck”.


really dan on my birthday…I have been looking forward to going and now you come to town on the only day I can’t make it.


are you planing one in rockland county or teaneck is my option?

Marco Polo

The day i leave to Israel, just my luck!


So bummed I missed the Chicago one.

y l

When is the seminar in crown heights?


Awesome. Trying to sign up but Amit’s shopping cart isn’t working on my iPhone.


Hi Dan.
any thing will come up in NY soon ?? If not I ll travel 🙂

Have a good shabbos.


Whats the max capacity?


@Something Fishy:
Still dreaming of LA 😉

Next time I’ll check with you first.

This is the only seminar I have planned right now.

@y l:
18 months ago?

Nothing else is planned.

When I say full 🙂


Please bear in mind that the motzet gidola hatorah of agudas yisroel is planning a mass gathering that night


The shopping cart is messed up.

Does not work properly


Come to Detroit!!


donation website seems screwed up


amit website is not working at all for me in either chrome or firefox. Keeps on going in a loop with other peoples cart info


The checkout page keeps showing me other people’s billing address. That makes me nervous about registering.


Check out is all buggy for me. Won’t let me buy one ticket, every time I try to update the cart it updates with tickets I didn’t order. Also random other people’s names and addresses are coming up to ship or bill to to even after I’ve entered mine. The site doesn’t feel very secure to me…


Website behaving erratically–I’m seeing other peoples’ names and addresses in the shopping cart and quantities are also getting messed up.


Unfortunately/ Fortunately I’ll be on a plane to Eretz Yisrael that I got for $600 thanks to Dan! Can we do it the 6th? That would work so much better!!!


Now I see someone else’s information in my cart. Amit’s system is FUBAR.


Dan, the cart is jumping around depending on what people check out as.. take a look you will see.


Are you gonna be doing any seminar in boro park or Flatbush in the near future? Otherwise would love to join this one but would prefer more local


there is a problem with the ordering site. tries to send orders
to addresses from the amit address book . not my address. please let me know when this is fixed. I want to order 2 tickets


please help i got billed for $20 when i ordered one and i i think it made reservation for some one selse

Messed up

Dan this is messed up I keep finding different peopless info


Seeing other people’s billing info. Not cool. Not comfortable registering this way. But I am definitely coming


Definitely something funny with the checkout from an Android…


What is with the Amit site?
Cant enter all my information. Everyone else’s billing and shipping address shows up.


I feel like this is an airline glitch that I keep on trying to get:) Please update when the site starts working.


Ha ha, I guess everyone is having issues 🙂


I would like to come. Would I get a refund if for some reason I have to cancel.



People living in Teaneck usually are more Dati than Charedi.


@dan will you be doing a seminar in my house?


Its like Healthcare.Gov


I signed up and got a confirmation email but no tickets. Is the confirmation email in lieu of tickets?


Dan, stop posting deals that dont work 🙂 🙂


dan make one in brooklyn ny please


Now Now people, don’t worry. Everyone will be able to attend, just gotta be a little meshugener and show your face!


Dan I won’t be able to make it, although I would have loved to be there. Would it be possible for you to video the seminar so that those of us who can’t make it in person, can watch it on-line?


I would like to thank the kind person who bought me a ticket but I got my own!:)If you bought 1 ticket at 11:22 with an Amex then you might want to get a refund…


I have a pending charge on my creditcard with no email. I think I just bought someone a ticket. I used a Visa, please PM me if you got my ticket.


@Moshe: Wow, more religious even than Chareidi? That’s extreme.


C’mon people. This is not an airline ticket. If you book and can’t attend the money goes to tzedaka. But you might be taking up somebody else’s spot.


Received an email confirm from amit just saying it charged my CC for $20. Does that mean I am registered? No confirmation page- resulted in someone else’s address


Unfortunately AMIT’s office is closed today.

Going to see what can be done as soon as they’re back in the office.

Please come to us

Hey dan,
Lots of big fans would love to see you in Baltimore.


You must eat at SMOKEY JOES. Get the ribs!


what is the website to buy the tickets do not see a link


Anyone want to arrange transportation from Brooklyn/CH


Received an email from AMIT

Card Type: Amex
Card Number: (Amex) ….XXXX

Subtotal: 0.00
Tax: 0.00
Shipping: 0.00
Total: 60.00

Wanted to order 1 ticket. Please help!


I would love to come, is it possible to change it for +/- 1 day, so it does not conflict with the agudah rally? otherwise I will have a hard time deciding which one to attend


@Judah the ribs at Smokey Joes are amazing.


Anyone planning on going from CH that can offer a lift?


Come to miami beach!!


When you coming to miami beach?


monsey is just a hop away. can u come? should i arrange something


If AMIT has already arranged the room I doubt there will be anything that can be done.
But I’ll ask.

If it’s just a hop away then get in a car and drive.

You win the internets.


i am definitely planning yet i wanted o help my bnai hakehilla


Any idea when will be the next one in NY?


Only in NYC is something 13 miles away from Times Square not considered in NYC.


Thanks Dan,
I truly appreciate your effort to try to accommodate this issue, as I’m sure it will effect many many others, So it’s not just 1 guy’s issue.
and of course thanks for this wonderful site, it saved me so much money so far, and gave me the chance to accumulate many miles. feeling grateful!



R' Avremel Shlit"a

Nu R’ Dan, when are you coming to lakewood again? Missed out on the first one…


@zack: @Abe:
ISRAEL: After consulting with US Moetzes, it was decided that the Rebbe’s will fly to US on Jan. 5 & the mass event will take place Jan. 7


You forgot about the 1 1/2hr traffic crossing the Hudson River!
13 miles, but a 2hr commute!


2 hour commute at 7pm?

GC Explorer

The described mess with ticketing is obviously software fault on their side. The site has never been under such volume of *concurrent* requests before to reveal the issue.
So likely it’s not easily fixable in the short period of time. I’m telling as a software developer.
The solution could be is to accommodate some other booking site if possible. Or just keep book of guests manually and collect cash at entrance…


@GC Explorer:
You’re absolutely correct, we should have an alternate booking site set up tomorrow night.


are you going to be doing a seminar in lakewood at all?


where is the link?

Can't wait!

Thanks Dan! My friends and I are looking forward to finally netting you in person! And learning some more tips 🙂


says sold out


Its gonna be divided men and women?

Monsey carpool

Anyone else interested in forming a Monsey carpool? 2DDFans@gmail.com


I am so upset. I tried booking twice and it didn’t go through and then boom! it says sold out


It is not sold out yet, please try again.

just bought

not sold out!


now I tried a third time with two different credit cards and its not processing payments. does it have to be paypal


gut voch thank you so very much the site works just bought my tickets


There is an option to pay with a credit card without logging into paypal.


so why aint working for me. two different credit cards.


thanks Dan! signed up but payment was made to a William Rothchild. Is that correct?


It says that I already signed up but I got no confirmation or email


should I have received a confirmation via email . when I reentered the info it said that I already signed up with that info although it never seemed to process.


@Dan Super excited for a seminar near Ny, when will the final decision be posted about a nyc seminar as I would drive in for this one but if you do one in Ny Ill go there instead


Just signed up, can’t wait! Is DDF celebrity mickeyg going to be there?


Unable to sign up. Giving me Wrothschild@gmail.com and only paypal option


oh wow. finally went through


Signed in with one credit card..backed out when I saw the WRothchild name. Went back in..told me I had used that credit card..Entered another..told me still used that account…clicked onward to confirm..Got a conf number but said they didnt have confirmation from credit card company and an email would be sent. No email..Dont know if they charged one card …two cards or nothing…what do you recommend?


I signed up on friday and got a confirmation. now i tried signing up and it says i already signed up with the acct information and it wont let me sign up again.
anyone else having that issue?


I had also signed up on Friday but had no problem getting tickets tonight.


Not letting me. Tried several times. Said has my account info already. Tried 3 diff cards. 2 diff emails.


i just used a different email address and it worked. hope i dont get billed twice.
Thanks Dan


I am having the same issue as you- giving me rothschild email, told me already entered. Let me enter cc and I received same message as you, waiting for confirmation. Still no email

Super Speed

Do Lifetime Platinum DDF members get priority seating?


Used PayPal. I’m in finally. Looking forward.


Are women welcome to join? Or is it a men only session


check my amex account says i was billed for the reservations plus a $1 surchage from paypal ebay

Super Speed

@Masmid: It clearly states Men and Woman above age 15 are welcome.


why not? we don’t discriminate in Teaneck


Got mine, used paypal with no issues.
got confirmation email and admission tickets.


Will there be separate seating as well?


Looking forward to seminar #2 for me. A “chazara” is needed at this time.


Hi Dan
Please keep us posted about the NYC option, as I’m waiting with my sign-up to see if this will be the case. I don’t want to lose my chance of attanding


Is it supposed to have the wrothchild@gmail.com on top of checkout? I already tried getting seats and just want to make sure this will be the final signup for the event.

NYC event

Hi, who do we contact if we would like to host a dd seminar to benefit a local yeshiva?


Dan, it seems like there are many people who are on the fence for this on. They live in NY, but would prefer not to travel to Teaneck if there will be one in their home town (Monsey, Brooklyn, etc…) in the not-too-distant-future. So although you’ve said that you don’t have any future seminars planned, it would be helpful for a lot of people if you can say whether or not you think they may possibly be another DDS elsewhere in NY soon.


@ Jonathan

Yes, Will Rothchild is the organizer of the event


The Amit sight is no longer receiving payment, please look into this matter..



@dan waiting tuned for the one in nyc
on jan 7 theres is a big atzeres in nyc iyh


Me too and have a few friends
waiting 4 the nyc seminar wanted to go to the teenack but cant go bcause the atzeres

Delta President

I truly believe that this mistake should be honored. Servers going down is no excuse not to book seat.

US Americans cannot book seats because they have no seats. 🙂


to all people that can’t make it because if the atseres, its your decision if you want to attend the seminar or go to the atseres, don’t make anyone change their plans because of you.



Why that

If you’re saying you can’t make it a different night so I hear but if not….


Holding my hopes high for another nyc event


So how can I coordinate a seminar in my city?


Dan can you discuss places to travel with a newborn


may I have atzers info?


Random but could i buy aa gift cards with my amex & be qualified for the $200 credit of airline fees?? I only used $50 towards lugage & dnt wana loose the other 150 i only have 2 days left.


Can we add another date please?


I booked on AMIT site and didn’t rebook is it possible my name is on list?


Anyway the event can be simulcast in another room at Maayanot to add more seats? I’d love to attend even if it’s a simulcast viewing in a second room.


I booked on AMIT site and didn’t rebook. Payment went through. dansdeals will have to honor all who booked


Email billr@amitchildren.org and dan@dansdeals.com with your purchase receipt.


@yitzi YES. Make sure u are registered online though


Dan- would love to attend a seminar in Bklyn. Missed it last yr. Looks like there are many others interested as well. Thanks for your consideration!




is there any way in can still purchase a ticket?


tried a few times wasnt able because all this problems paypal rothshild… Dan any help?


DAN? Is there any way to coordinate a hook-up of the event- I missed registration:(:(

Dina Zelcer

I can’t believe its sold out. My husband and I tried booking tickets earlier through pay pal when there were still seats and we got an error message.

Dina Zelcer

Definitely interested in a Rockland County event here

GC Explorer

I believe if Teaneck was sold out in such short period of time, NY event will be guaranteed fully booked.
I will wait for it. Missed this one with all the errors mess.

nyc guy

waiting 4 one in nyc


Can’t believe I missed this…


Please nyc. Thank you!


Is there anyway that more seating will be allowed. I cant believe I missed this. This must be the quickest it ever sold out.


how about renting out Madison square garden for your next seminar?


Please please please do a NYC Seminar! Love this site and would love to learn more.


Time to start raising prices next time?


Please hold a seminar in Brooklyn or Manhattan. I already have 15 people from my office who are ready to sign up and a bunch of friends who i’m sure would be willing to come as well.

Nuchie Fried

Dan can you show a slide of a step by step Walmart-ATM-bluebird-load? I can’t seem to figure it out, I keep getting error codes, unless not all Walmarts have this capability.


@Nuchie Fried: not all walmarts have moneypass atms, you need to go to one that does, use http://www.moneypass.com/atm-locator.aspx and make sure you type in walmart on the second line. hope this helps

Freddy Munch

Anyone who can’t make it I will buy your ticket. Contact me at mikekohler1@aol.com

Freddy Munch

Wrong email contact at nlestrange@aol.com


Dan, I tried booking tickets when there were still seats and got an error message. is there any waiting lists for cancellations? Thank You

Nuchie Fried

@hdawg: I really appreciate you clearing that up for me. Can it be loaded from any other money-pass ATM such as in a bank etc?


Too bad I missed out on sign up. Closed out so fast. Had every intention of signing up.

Any chance on another one anywhere in the NY vicinity in the near future? Or another way to attend?

Thanks for everything.


does it pay to go to both seminars or are they the same


@Dina Zelcer:
Do you know anyone from Monsey who is going to the Teaneck seminar? I would like to put together a carpool. 2ddfans@Gmail.com


I have a ticket to the fivetown’s (1/8/14) seminar and would like to go to the one tonight in teaneck instead.
Would anyone want to exchange tickets?


Dan, any delays flying into town ?


I hope the heating will be blasting!!!!!!!!


confirming that if I have a ticket with someone else’s name on it, I can use that ticket.


Can I take notes on an IPad or is it one of those things that you can’t use electronic devices?


If you present a ticket they won’t be asking for ID.

You can.


If I have a ticket that was emailed to me, can I just show the email or do I have to print it out?

Thank you


Hey Dan,

Can you spend a few minutes tonight, on where you see the signup bonus heading up,down sideways…



@Dan Your post about Hawaii for the kosher traveler is really great. You even included the info for car rentals. Can you provide car rental info for all of the LA travelers? And underage rental info? It would be a big help. Thanx


Hi Dan. Looking forward. If you could go over how one goes about upgrading to business or first that would be great.


Is there anyone that cant make it tonight that would like to sell there ticket? Im coming from queens ny and my friend would like to come aswell and doesn’t have a ticket you could reach me at Screeningsupplies@gmail.com


is there any details available about parking?


Bring a car, but it will need a separate ticket to get in. 😉


Thank you Dan, learned a lot and you were very generous with your time!


Dan, GREAT seminar tonight! Amit benefited financially from your generosity as did all of the attendees. We look forward to trying more of your recommendations. BTW, thanks for the Delta deal- 2 bookings to LA. Kids are already in LA soaking up the sun & having fun! The entire family will go back later on this year. $50pp/rt (which included $44.00 in taxes and fees!) As discussed, I’ll be in touch. Thanks!


Thank you for a very informative and entertaining evening. Safe flight home.

boeing flyer

@dan thanks for the evening i’ve learned alot i wish u can offer more time for us to go over because im still a little unclear on the tricks if u can post them or make a page out of it thanks


Thanks dan for an awesome and informative seminar!


I was very inpressed with the organization of the evening plenty of parking it was a very informative thanks a lot for all you do and especially to your wife who supports you in all your endeavors.


Dan, question. Ok, I’ve opened a bluebird acc’t and also got a chase ink bold to start. Now want to go to Office Depot and buy Visa gift card as you recommend. Not sure whether this card is loadable like the vanilla card or am I buying it to spend on something? Obviously, it would be much more valuable as a loadable card. Which is it and if loadable to bluebird, then how? Also a question on the vanilla cards? Can they be reloaded or do I need to buy new ones every time?