DansDeals Seminar: Monsey

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The 12th DansDeals seminar will be on Wednesday night, June 25th at 8pm.
It will be located at the Yeshiva of Spring Valley, 121 College Road, Suffern, NY 10901.

You can purchase tickets via this link. 

The cost of admission is $12. Light refreshments will be served.
The entire ticket price (after credit card and event processing fees) will be donated to charity to benefit Cheder Chabad of Monsey, the organizers of this event.

You will have to designate who will be attending as tickets are non-transferable.

-Men and Women will be seated separately for this event.
-Men and Women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend, no kids or infants please.
-Recording devices and photography of the slides are not allowed so be sure to bring something to take notes with!

7:30pm: Doors open. Failure to show up by 8:00pm may result in your seat being given away to someone else so please plan to arrive early.
8:00pm-9:00pm: Seminar Part 1-Credit Cards and mileage earning on a beginner to intermediate level.
9:00pm-9:15pm: Intermission
9:15pm-10:30pm: Seminar Part 2-More advanced tips and tricks for mileage redemption, paid flights, hotel stays, car rentals, etc.
10:30pm: Trivia and Q&A session.

-If you are a beginner: Hopefully you will learn a lot, but I cover many subjects in a relatively short period of time. Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand many things or if you start to feel lost, feel free to stay afterward and I’ll clarify them.  Or better yet start reading the DansDeals Forums where you can learn more about anything you want to know.  There won’t be time to explain most subjects at length, so take good notes of the concepts, and read more about them after the seminar on DansDeals.com and on the DansDeals Forums.

-If you are on an intermediate level: You may know of many of the concepts I talk about but you should still learn more than enough to make attending worth your time and effort.

-If you are on an expert level: You probably already know most or all of what I’m going to talk about so feel free to attend, but don’t expect 2.5 hours of new information, it may be a complete waste of your time.  Some experts have told me that it was worthwhile, others have said it was not, I guess it depends on what kind of expert you are 🙂

Seating is limited so book your ticket first and then tell your friends 😉
Many seminars that I have run so far (Crown Heights, NY, Boro Park, NY, Five Towns, NY, Lakewood, NJ, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Teaneck) have sold out so don’t procrastinate!

Have a question or want a specific topic covered? Tweet @DansDeals using the hashtag #DDSMonsey

Hope to see you there!

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Hi Dan,

Are you planning on doing anything in the NYC area soon or should we sign up for this?


Dan can you do one in Baltimore, I’m willing to help with organizing?


what happened to BP ? very disappointing.


Are you planning any upcoming seminars in Brooklyn? If so, when?


Will there be any other seminars in the tri-state area during this trip?


Any seminars planned for Brooklyn in the near future?


Someone is trying to put together something possibly for next week in Brooklyn, but nothing confirmed yet.

I’ll make it out there one day 😀


Please tell your people to stop hiding GC at stop and shop. Caught one last week.


Great. Thanks


My people? Huh?

Dr Moose

I went all the way to MIA, and now you’re making one right in my backyard 🙁 😛

But it was worth it, I had a great time



Do you plan on doing a Baltimore seminar???


just saw someone asked and you already answered! hopefully soon!


ryan wants to make it on to the “speechless comments”


@Dr Moose: How was house of dogs ?


If we only want to attend the second part is the ticket half price?


Is it possible 2 pay somewhere in monsey 4 the event & not on l.


@Reb Yid: If the Barber will give a haircut on only a half of your head….?




@Dr Moose:
Lol, at least you didn’t drive in from 6 hours away 😉

Greesy but decent.

@Reb Yid:
Double the price.


Read the post.


Can’t wait for your write-up of the Monsey food scene. Hehe…


From a mobile device it won’t work!


Hi, Dan.
How about Newton/Brookline, Massachusetts? Do you need someone to coordinate?


Got stuck at the pay with credit card tab. Loading forever.


Can’t wait to hear Dan’s review on Monsey restaurants!


Hi Dan, Will I be able to transfer over my Seat from the Monsey seminar if you end up making it in Brooklyn?


when you coming back to chicago? if it sold out last time then clearly there are enough people with interest!

Ari Silber

Will you have a seminar in brooklyn over the summer?



If the Teaneck/5 Towns seminars were any indication, you won’t have a problem switching with someone on the DD forums.


Please send me an email, if you would like to arrange a Seminar in the Catskills, over the summer, and all year round over a weekend.


finally in monsey! We have waited so long. I am buying my ticket NOW because I dont want it to sell out before i get a chance. (if using track record is any indication it will sell out soon).


Hi Dan, how many miles is it if I want to upgrade to a first class seat for the seminar?



What will it take to get you to speak in Dallas? Dying for your seminar. My brother’s yeshiva would love to host. Please let me know if there is any level of commitments you need. Thank you.


Any hope for Dallas visit- what kind of commitments do we need to have to make this happen?

att zoe

since you are brom Brookline Mas, can you suggest reasonable hotels in the area, near shuls?


Finally a separate sitting one. May be worth a flight!

Grammar Police

@Dan: *greasy


@Yitzel: Same here! 🙂


hi dan are you going to be talking a lot about car rentals ?


When there were 2 seminars on back to back nights, one in Teaneck, one in the Five Towns, people swapped or sold their tickets.


Seats are going fast, only 300 for each gender.

290 male seat remaining
270 female seat remaining

Seems to be the more females come to the DDS’s?


See ya there


Looking forward



Dan, has the issue with Baltimore been the inability to hook up with a Chabad organization to be the arranger/charity recipient?

Ben S

Hey Dan –

Is there anyway to record the session? You could sell for a low fee. I would purchase it.

Let me know.




Time for another lakewood one!



Monsey Restaurant scene???? what scene? There are no restaurants in Monsey. Only disgusting overpriced crap!!!

Have to travel to Teaneck for that


How about Montreal?


Nice. Ill be there. thanks. easy drive for me.


@DAN Awesome! please contact me if you want me to set up, or you already have someone doing that?


@Yitzel: Are you joking? There is pretty much only nasty takeouts in Monsey. Not sure why a place/size like Monsey cant handle even 1 restaurant.


which credit card should i use to buy the tickets on? 🙂


I bought 150 tickets and I’m selling them on Amazon for $80 a pop. You think it’ll be honored?


What a joke! Separate seating? Only in Monsey! Chances are tickets were bought using money order purchased at a post office with cash!


Grow up. More than half of the seminars have been organized by non-chabad charities.

Each organizer can setup as they see fit.



Dan, I am not sure why or how you misunderstood my comment (I was looking to genuinely help,) but nonetheless, I am sorry for offending you. I did not intend to.


Seemed like it was a jab. Apologize for misunderstanding.

Typically I go with an organizer that harasses me enough to do one. And Chabad in Baltimore has definitely harassed me enough, just a matter of time.


Apology accepted…Stay Classy Dan. (That was a Jab 🙂 ) And keep up the good work.


stop with you hate to us


If the tickets are non-transferable and I purchased a ticket in someone’s name, yet can’t make it so want to transfer to a different name what can I do about that?
Just trying to understand how Teaneck and Five Town seminar attendees swapped if non-transferable and if so can I do also transfer?


no you can not pay with food stamps!however you can go to cvs or stapels and purchase a vallina up load and walmart the blue bird to cover the starwood!


Please tell your people to stop hiding GC at stop and shop.manager are looking into video camera and Caught one last week was a big chilul hashem.


Dan, any chance of a separate seminar in New Hemlstead? We’re about a ten minute drive from Monsey and I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it.

Also, how come no seminar in North Dakota?? I bet it’s because there’s no Chabad there…


People were gonna drive all the way from Brooklyn (some even flew to the Miami seminar), a ten minute drive shouldn’t really be an issue.


Hey dan how about a seminar in Canada?


I am also waiting for a seminar in Canada-Montreal.


Doors close at 8 (if I’ll run late)?


Dan I would like to arrange one in Lakewood if possible for u . A lot of ppl waiting for one. Pls reply either way thanks so much.


Hi Dan,
Will there be a minyan for mincha?