DansDeals Seminar: Los Angeles

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Update: Some 400 seats were set up so that we wouldn’t have to turn anyone away.
The seminar ran about 2.5 hours with a short break and then I stayed for another 1.5 hours answering everyone’s questions.
I got to meet a ton of great people, thanks to everyone who introduced themselves to me. From magicians to comedians this was truly a great event with awesome attendees.

Feedback is always appreciated!




























-There is parking for 30 cars available in the Kanner Hall/Shaarei Tefila parking lot.
-Bais Yaakov has graciously allowed the use of 2 of their parking lots across the alley behind their school at 7353 Beverly Blvd. which also has 28 spaces (the 3rd parking lot behind there school-closest to Martel is in use.)  Bais Yaakov will also open the gate directly behind the school for an 8 spaces. Thanks to Rabbi Bursztyn for this arrangement.
-There will be 50 parking permits available for sale in Kanner Hall good for district 47 parking. They are $3 each and will allow for parking on nearby city streets north of Beverly with signs that say district 47 permit required. Most streets require these permits and if you don’t have one you may be ticketed. Thanks to Mr. Howard Gluck for this arrangement.

Ticketing is now closed at 310 seats. 
Don’t have a ticket? You can purchase one at the door for $12 and the organizers will do their best to make sure that you’ll have a seat for the seminar.
Be sure to bring something to take notes with!
See ya’ tonight!

The 6th DansDeals seminar will be in LA on Monday night, December 23rd at 8pm.
It will be located in Kanner Hall, 7269 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.

You can purchase tickets via this link.
The cost of admission is $10. Light refreshments will be served.
The entire ticket price will go directly to charity to benefit Congregation Shaarei Tefila, the organizers of this event.
You will have to designate who will be attending as tickets are non-transferable.
Be sure to check your email’s Spam folder for your tickets. They should arrive immediately after your purchase.

-Doors will open at 7:30pm and the event will begin at 8:00pm. Failure to show up by 8:00pm may result in your seat being given away to someone else.
-Men and Women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend.
-Recording devices will not be allowed so be sure to bring something to take notes with!

It will start off with a beginner to intermediate level guide to your credit score and credit cards and work its way onto more challenging topics like paid airfare, hotel, and mileage ticket tips, tricks, and hacks. Finally it will end with some trivia questions with prizes as well as a Q&A session.  See the seminar link for the schedule (subject to change).

Seating is limited so book your ticket first and then tell your friends 😀
All 5 seminars that I have run so far (Crown Heights, NY. Boro Park, NY. Lakewood, NJ, Chicago, and Cleveland) have sold out so don’t procrastinate!

Have a question or want a specific topic covered? Tweet @DansDeals using the hashtag #DDSLA

Hope to see you there!

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Dan what about MIAMI!!!


@Dan enjoy the trip. looking forward to ur food notes…


When are you coming to Israel?


Anyone in LA willing to host visitors? 🙂


What about having it at MexiKosher 🙂


Woohoo! Live in NY but gonna be in LA for winter-break and gonna make it imy”H!

Lior Nahmani

xbox one is on available at BEST BUY NOW


There’s lots of permit parking in that area. Any parking restrictions going to be lifted and/or permits available?

look around

All the hotels are booked for that date?


On my short list, stay tuned.


@reb yid:
When they finally open that Waldorf 🙂

I’m sure a DDF DO will be in order as well.


You can contact Shaarei Tefila at shaarei@gmail.com

Rabbi Issamar

Israel still awaits… but this ain’t the place to kvetch about it 😀


When are you going to make another one in NY area ?


@Rabbi Issamar:
Savlanut 🙂

If you would like to organize an event feel free to email me.

Jon U

Wow Dan, you truly are the best, I cannot wait for the seminar.
Please plan on hitting Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Factory while in town:
-Russian – it is sort of like a garlicy Salami topped with sauerkraut
-Beef Italian – has a beef taste with some spice, topped with sauteed onions and peppers
-Chicken Cilantro – a chicken sausage with herbs and spices (it is green but excellent) topped with Caesar salad

Specialty Sandwiches:
-French Dip – it is incredible, hot roast beef dipped in Au Jus, with horseradish mayo
-BBQ Beef Sandwich – delicious, messy, and sweet

Specials and Wraps:
-Chicken Wings – the best kosher wings in the world.
-Crispy Chicken Wrap – schnitzel, bbq sauce, and cole slaw
-Barbaccoa wrap – slow cooked beef with all the mexican fixings

Wild Western Burger (not on the menu) – this is a pastrami burger with western sauce, an onion ring, and avocado



There’s paid parking at or near The Grove, and plenty of street parking surrounding LACMA. It’s an easy few blocks to walk, unless you will be wearing heels.


Will it be mixed seating like in Cleveland? Don’t mean to be a fanatic, but my wife is sometimes uncomfortable, and I want to know if she should come? thanks


@Jon U:
Thanks for the reccos 🙂

My understanding is that there will be some mixed seating and some separate seating so that everyone is comfortable.

Feel free to follow up with Shaarei Tefila for more info on how they plan on setting it up: http://www.shaareitefila.org/


I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks Dan!


Dan,come to Miami Beach for seminars the weather is much better.



the more people that you teach, the more it hurts the system, no?


We are waiting for Monsey.


I bought a ticket but haven’t received a confirmation email (I checked spam).


Dan don’t forget Pizza Mayven while there! The best Nachos!

Pats for the best Boka Grande! (I think that’s how you spell it!


@yitz: Of course Pizza Maven! It’s the best Pizza in the US. Also make sure to hit Fish Grill, obviously. Will you stop in at Cafe Elite?

SoCal Dude

Awesome, I’m in! You’re very close to world famous http://www.magiccastle.com in case you’re into magic. Let me know if you need passes, I’m a member.


Dan! I’ve been waiting for you to come to LA!
You’re killing me! 🙁
I’m flying out to Israel on the 22nd :/

Can I send a friend in my place to record the seminar? 😀



Stay tuned 🙂

Perhaps I should also stop blogging 😉

Don’t have an organizer there yet.

Email me.

Pizza Mayven is good, but best in the US?

I actually want to try Pizza Nosh in Agoura, a recall it being very good though I haven’t been there in many years.

@SoCal Dude:

Heh, dems the breaks.
Hope your friend can take good notes!

bachur in brisk

Pretty selfish comment,know ? Where did u start from ?

LA Born and Raised

1. I am sorry; Miami Beach does not have better weather than LA. It rains in the summer. I repeat: it rains in the summer in Miami Beach and is humid like crazy. And LA winter has less rain and about as warm during the day as Miami.

2. Dan,

What’s your recommendation for best pizza in U.S?


what does it take to be an organizer? I can organize one in Monsey and I have a Hall.


@LA Born and Raised:

1. Agree, no major jewish community in the US has better weather overall than LA.
But the housing prices, taxes, cost of living, and traffic outweigh the weather for me.

2. Get a time machine and go back 12 years to Sari’s in Pittsburgh.
Man did they have awesome pizza and calzones.

Email me, address is in the right sidebar.



having eaten at 25 different pizza places in the US I can say hands down that Pizza Nosh is awesome! Pizza special is great value for money and quality is there!

LA Born and Raised


Fair enough; especially housing in the frum community. It has become INSANE in the past few years.



Best pizza in America is hands down island crust cafe in Seattle, I would literally go back there just for their pizza again. Dan have u tried it?


@Domdigs: The Grove is like a 15 minute walk to Kanner Hall and LACMA is even farther. Don’t even think about parking there!

Vladimir Nikolayevich

But I think Pizza Mayven is the best!!

But I think Fish Grill is better than a pizza shop.

Vladimir Nikolayevich

Also, they have awesome eggplant parmesan, at least I remember it from years ago (22 years ago maybe was the last time I ordered it there)

love la!!!

@Dan: Ain’t nothing like LA!!! but you missed Nana’s. They closed down last year 🙁 the best milching resteraunt in the world!!!

love la!!!

and my brother almost swears by pizza nosh though i’ve never been there myself


@love la!!!:
Milky Way and Milk N Honey are pretty decent.
I think NYC’s Noi Due is excellent for milchig. Euro Fusion in Boca also has incredible milchig.

@love la!!!:
What are the best items there?

"Sari's in Pittsburgh"

Sari’s pizza and calzones were great — but, did you ever have their cheesecake?
(Original store was Ya’acov’s – he was from Cleveland… 🙂 )
Amazing cheesecake!


Had Yacov’s cheesecake, don’t remember Sari’s cheesecake.

Now Yacov’s (PIT) cream of broccoli soup with those rolls…man that was good. Though Shemtov’s (MIA) cream of broccoli soup is pretty good as well.


This became all about which pizza shop the best.
I’ll say pizza Mayven. Say hello to Mr Ullman


What is it with us Jews and our food?
5% from Chase?


when are you doing nyc again?
i really want to attend


we would love one in monsey!


Well the history of Judaism is they tried to kill us, they failed, let’s EAT!

Of course LAs real claim to fame is Tierra Sur, my 2nd favorite restaurant in the world.

Anyone reviews on the new 26 yet?

All in good time.


Im sorry but if anybody thinks that anything beats Pizza Mayven, they should aquire theemselves a new sense of taste. And the same goes to those that think that Miami is better than LA


Clearly you never had Sari’s…put on many pounds in that place!
But PM is excellent, agreed.


Dan, what is your number 1?


Asian in Buenos Aires.


Monsey! Monsey!



Best pizza in America is hands down the pizza at island crust cafe in Washington state. Anyone that has been there will tell u the same. I could go back to Seattle just for their pizza and garlic fries.


Cool, will have to make it up there sometime.


I’m going to add to those cheering “MONSEY”.
Please Dan…


@Dan Ive stopped trusting what other ppl tell me that i have to try which is better than Pizza Mayven bc i cant even count the number of times that i have tried other places in Brkklyn and Lkwd that are officially the best but just terribly failed.


You have to make a seminar in Flatbush


Dan, what about Baltimore


Pizza Mayvn, try nachos, cheese horn and fried onion slice. Like no where else, And I guarantee it…9oops he is gone)


I paid for 3 tickets and it charged my card and I didn’t get a email with the tickets. I checked the spam folder what do I do?


Dan, sorry a little off topic, i think that you would appreciate the new restaurant in NYC its called Reserve Cut expensive but delicious.



I am excited for your event. I bought 3 tickets and have not seen the tickets in the spam folder. Can you confirm that I’m actually reserved for the seats?


Wow! I’m in Portland, OR – I’d love to fly in. Any good flight options with any type of miles – in and out for the seminar?


@SoCal Dude:

Hi SoCal Dude, a member already forwarded me tickets, could I get your email to ask a recommendation from you?


Pizza Nosh and Island Crust Cafe would take the top 2 spots in any competition…island crust in seattle might edge out as its offers a bit more of an expansive menu (expansive, not expensive) though its debatable…seattle has a lot to see so definetely worth a trip


If this post didn’t get enough comments about food yet, today should just add more being that its a fast day and everyone stomachs are growling 🙂

Tanta T

Let’s give credit where it’s due.
Pittsburgh fressers and Yaacov’s reminiscers: Sari’s cheesecake is Dan’s great grandmother’s recipe. That’s where Yaacov’s got his recipe.
Grandma Dot’s cheesecake = best cheesecake EVER.


I don’t know about Island crust specifically but the vaad hakashrus in Seattle is going through major issues. Crc took them of the recommended list. Check the individual mashgiach out in the store.


Dan whats about a seminar in Montreal


Inevitably, someone is going to forget to bring a pen/paper. Someone should sell at the seminar. 🙂


Heard the same in BK and LW. Was never blown away from anywhere from Sari’s.

Actually Pitzman in Paris blew me away in 2010 but we I went back in 2012 the menu had changed and the pizza was terrible. Really strange.

@Flatbush yid:
Was Boro Park and Crown Heights to far away 😀

Not a bad idea.

Email me.

Miles are tough that time of year.
Better off paying $300 to Southwest or $340 to Delta.

Though Alaska has first class nonstop open (bookable with Avios over the phone). Or they have coach if you want to make a vacay and leave the Thursday before.

@Tanta T:


I don’t think Canadian seminars are in the cards.

Go for it 😀

bravo pizza fan

Bravo pizza in nyc is the best!!!

SoCal Dude

@PPLA: PPLA: send me a msg in DDF. I serached for user “PPLA” but nothing…


I see that the tickets are non-transferable, but I don’t know who I will be able to convince to go in my place. Can I just buy a ticket (before you sell out) and give it to them?

How strict are you on the non-transfering of the tickets?


If you ever do PDX, I’m there. Shalom Danny


Israel is waiting (patiently).


Dan, Paypal isn’t working on eventbee… Any other way to purchase tickets?


the credit card option worked well….

DZ The TElzer

Why no Canadian seminars, it’s only 9,000 BA miles. Not sure what the reason can be.


Just don’t want some smart alec buying 100 seats and reselling them.
That being said, I’d rather you find someone first before a ticket for them.

Lot of ribs to cover before PDX 😉

So I’ve heard 🙂

You can pay with any credit card.

@DZ The TElzer:
A lot of the content is targeted for Americans, it would mean creating a lot of new content and becoming an expert in a country in which I’m no expert.

Heck I couldn’t even tell you what to do with an “airmile”


Mr. Dan your email addres please?


See right sidebar.


Sorry, I can’t find it


I heard if you sign up for the seminar and get the ticket emailed to you, then HUCA sharei tefilla till you get a rep to re-issue the ticket as a first class seat… then you get DD platinum membership for life. Also, if anyone has any tips on how to use miles to gain access to this event please post here…


New 26 is excellent, chef is Todd Davis, formerly of Oxnard. Very pricey


Jerusalem Pizza on Ventura between Newcastle and zelzah avenue. And they cater amazing sushi!!! Awesome pizza!!!


What’s the return address on the confirmation email?
I only see CLE


Will have to try it!


tully weiss

Thank you Dan. I received my email


Having lived in la and nyc, pizza de solo or bravos in nyc is definitely the best out.


@Dan: I already have over 10 cards from chase/amex/citi etc, and know most of the basics. Do you believe I will learn things here?


I’m not going to tell you that everything will be news to you, but I’d be shocked to hear from someone that didn’t learn anything.


any thoughts of offering (for pay) a video hook up to access the conference?


Another request for Miami please (specifically N. Miami Beach). TY so much!


Wish I could make this one but wrong time of the year. You guys make me laugh when you talk about the best pizza in the US. Young grasshoppers have a lot to learn.



We need one in Monsey, you will sell out in no time!


Dude, Dan. When you going to jump on an avios deal and come do a seminar in MIA?


Is Israel next?


hey dan welcome to coming to los angeles the second most favorite was la scienne well the chef from that restaurant is opening a brand new restaurant this sunday called ditmas kitchen and cocktails google it looks amazing.


Very cool, loved La Seine!

But I just called the number listed on their facebook page to make a reservation and the guy who answered was unbelievably rude!
HOW DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER? We are NOT taking any reservation right now. We don’t even know when we’re opening”

Uhh dude, the number was right on Facebook.



What is your cutoff number for LA registrants?

Big Boy

Dan I think it’s time to thank you again for all the wonerful deals I got all thanx to you, The latest addition was the S110 for my wife and that kicking printer for my best pictures.
I would like to mention that till 12/21/13 Staples is offering $20.00 off a $100 online ink purchase and for this printer there is a combo package of all 8 colors for $125.00 the link for that is

In addition to that coupon they also offered me $15.00 off that specific ink package when I looked at that item While being logged into my staples account which totals more than $35.00 in savings (after tax) So you might want to let the olam know.


Dan, how about a visit to Israel with your seminar?


hey dan dont know when you are coming but you should give them a call and let them know who you are they are doing a preview opening on sunday by invite only and whoever is there is being comped to critique the food i am sure you can arrange that for yourself


Lol, didn’t have much luck with my first phone call 😀


Any chances you can record it for those who are not living in the big Jewish communities?


While we’re on the topic of best pizza in the world, I vote for La Pizza in North Hollywood! (Le Sushi down the street is good too)


My father’s visiting from the UK if there any point me bringing him along? He doesn’t have a SSN, so I don’t think he could get a US credit card…


@pizza. Jerusalem pizza in encino/tarzana puts LA pizza to shame!

Say What?

@anonymous, Your out of your mind, Jerusalem Pizza has tasty pizza!

Crown Heights

Dan, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you do another one in Crown Heights?! PRETTY PLEASE?!

Crown Heights

@Dan: How can I email you?


Do we need to print out the tickets? Or can just bring my phone with the email? Also can I take notes on a phone? Or you can’t have your phone out?


crown heights seminar! last one was great but it seems that you have around 100 more slides to cover now! please come back


when are you coming to monsey? we are all waiting


do you need to print ticket?


Dan, can we get some info in mileage runs at tonight event. Thanks

Bramis Pizza

Brami’s Pizza in the valley is amazing!!! I haven’t been in years but I really miss their nachos supreme and their roles, sooo gooood!


anyone with live updates???

Bramis Pizza

Oh and sushi at sassi’s in the valley, their dynamite salmon is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I fantasize about it sometimes, I miss california


Dan great seminar ! Learned a lot .enjoy LA


That was an awesome seminar. Thanks Dan!

Dan's LA

The Seminar was amazing!! Thank you Dan!!


Any way we could get a recording or even summery of what was spoken about for those that attended. It was very good but there was alot of info to take all at once and would like to go over it again thanks it was great seminar

SoCal Dude

Great job Dan! Thank you for being so generous & assisting us at this seminar. It was also great to meet some of those “virtual friends” I’ve made in DDF & put a face to the nickname! Also, I now feel more educated & motivated to make more happen for my family & I in 2014! Thank you!


Dan thanks for coming to LA. I came just to meet you and hope you will have lunch with some friends before you leave LA.


@MaaYanky: read this too late .. could’ve connected you with family friends

just a thought

wouldn’t it be nice if all had such hislahavus to attend/seek sometype of shiurim or learning ..that’s the real deal


Dan when is the next NY Seminar??


Dan, the seminar was really great, and may I mention that your blog is a great service to everyone and it has created a big Kiddush Hashem around as you might have been able to see and understand from the turn-out. Thank-you for your time, patience, and assistance. Give yourself a big yasher koach. Please hold another one in LA soon, as you see the interest is high and please always come back for anything you might want to do there. Just a couple of post seminar suggestions. For the next seminar, please schedule more time for the actual seminar portion to go over each slide, as there was a lot of information in each slide, and obviously there was not enough time to allow more time for people to read each slide carefully. As another attendee asked above in his comments, when time allows, please write up some sort of summary with notes on each slide of the seminar with the web-pages that you referenced from “www.DansDeals.com” and the other webpages that you referenced on each slide to get more information – in order to help those attendees who might have been slower note takers or more novice to the information. Enjoy your time in L.A.. I recommend coming up to a relatively new restaurant, Eilat Grill (High End mediterranean steak-house) on Burbank Blvd in Valley Village, as that restaurant has at very nice mediterranean steak-house ambiance, good food, and great high end in house baked pastries for your desert! ( I don’t work for them :-)), but definitely worth a try – and it’s not far from Universal Studios if you come that way… Also, if you come that way, for milchig, try Toast Cafe on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks.


I spy a favorite cousin Chaya front row center- wish I was there! Thanks for taking the long drive!


Dan great job last night! Thanks for coming and being so gracious in answering our questions. jj1000- awesome to meet you. Much continued hatzlocha to you!


Great seminar. I wish I could’ve stayed after it ended, but time did not permit. Thank you!


Lots of fun last night and a pleasure to briefly meet you after the Q&A.


Dan you did a great job last night. For next time I would suggest a handout with summary of some of the methods. Additionally, you can give some if these methods nicknames so it would be easier to reference when asking questions.




Lets do one in Baltimore already 🙂


Another vote for Monsey


@aaron if we were to do one in Baltimore, would we be able to do it in Shomrei?

I was there

Great gig Dan! Made me realize how little I really know…


Dan I didn’t get how u did the one way award ticket United doesn’t show an option to add another city????

Dan's LA

@Alex was on the money. There was so much information that it was difficult to digest it all. We received the Roshei Perekim but in reality the Seminar could be given over a week.

festeh peyos

dan wat do you advise regarding making 2 amazon payments from two diff account in one month with the same credit card (ink bold). and wat abt making a payment for the future months using same card consecutively? too risky?

ddf lurker

thanks for the seminar.
personally it was much more beginner then I thought it would be. I did learn one or two things, reinforced another one or 2, but most of it can be found on ddf. no trade secrets except the one Dan wouldn’t tell anyways.

However if i hadn’t known this stuff from reading ddf, it prob would have have been too quick for me to really catch on and remember

Velvel B

So, Dan, I was very excited to be at the seminar in LA yesterday. A lot of information, head exploding from all the possibilities… LOL So, I’ve just opened a BlueBird acc’t. I will get the card shortly. Also, just opened a Chase Sapphire Preferred acc’t as well. So, if I understood you correctly, as soon as I get both cards, I should proceed to CVS and buy Vanilla Reload Card(s) and pay with the new Chase card to get the UR points, correct? Now, I have these Vanilla card(s) with $5,000 in charges. How do I load them onto Bluebird?


@Dan’s LA:
Thanks guys!

No, sorry.

Really tough to schedule more time.
As it is 2.5 hours is a reallllly long time to talk and have people listen.
Really it should be broken up into several nights or weeks, but that’s simply impractical.

The point of the seminar is to touch upon a wide breadth of topics and hopefully inspire you to learn more about this fun hobby.

Thanks guys!

I did say come prepared to take notes 😀

@I was there:
Always more to learn!

Under advanced search is a multi-city option.

@Dan’s LA:
I can spend an hour on each of the 142 slides. Alas that’s impractical so I spend a minute on each and hopefully you’ll be able to do the research and learn more about the ones that piqued your interest.

@ddf lurker:
If you spend so much time on DDF you would have seen the many times I said that advanced users aren’t likely to gain too much from these seminars.
I’ve heard from plenty of beginners/intermediate folks who learned a lot even though it moves quickly, so I don’t think you’re correct.
Obviously they’re not going to get everything right away but I stayed for 90 minutes to answer every last question, so if I did cover a topic too fast I was more than happy to clarify it for them at the end if they stayed.

And by taking notes people can search on DDF and find more in-depth info.

@Velvel B:

Worth noting that in LA many CVS stores carry the VR cards behind the counter, you have to ask a cashier to get them.


How would you rate the content of this seminar based on your past seminars? I know you had more slides at this one but does that mean there was even more content or just more visuals for the same content?


For the most part more visuals.
8 slides on the PGGM, 6 slides on an expedite fee workaround, etc.

LAX is also will situated for stopover loopholes so there were lots of visuals for that.

But there is new content as well.


would it be possible to put together a seminar for all the call of the shofar participants?


@Chossid: Do you really think they can host 300 to 400 seats?
Give me a brake,