DansDeals Seminar: Cleveland

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Update: 200 people crowded into Chabad of Beachwood to listen to last night’s seminar.  The crowd included several people who drove in from Pittsburgh and Chicago and flew in from Houston, NYC, and California.  The questions asked were fantastic-you guys were a great crowd!

Special thanks to Rabbi Gancz of the WCC, Jason Zuchowski, and Yosef Greenberger of Shir Chodosh for all of their help.

I hope everyone had a good time-I always appreciate your feedback! 

































World famous rising star lawyer Aaron Evenchik


The 5th DansDeals seminar will be in Cleveland on Saturday night, November 9th from 7:30pm-11pm.
It will be located in my hometown synagogue, Chabad of Beachwood, 2479 S Green Rd in Beachwood, OH.

You can purchase tickets via this link.
The cost of admission is $10. Light refreshments will be served.
An admission ticket with 2 slices of Pizza is $16.
The entire ticket price will go directly to charity to benefit Chabad of Beachwood.
You will have to designate who will be attending as tickets are non-transferable.
Be sure to check your email’s Spam folder for your tickets. They should arrive immediately after your purchase.

-Doors will open at 7:30pm and the event will begin at 7:45pm. Failure to show up by 7:45pm may result in your seat being given away to someone else.
-Men and Women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend.
-Recording devices will not be allowed so be sure to bring something to take notes with!

It will start off with a beginner to intermediate level guide to your credit score and credit cards and work its way onto more challenging topics like paid airfare, hotel, and mileage ticket tips, tricks, and hacks. Finally it will end with some trivia questions with prizes as well as a Q&A session.  See the seminar link for the schedule (subject to change).

Seating is limited and all 4 seminars that I have run so far (Crown Heights, NY. Boro Park, NY. Lakewood, NJ, and Chicago) have sold out so don’t procrastinate!

Hope to see you there!

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June 24th? Wow! Advance planning!! 😉


Awesome! Are you sure you mean June 24?


Gotta love copy/paste errors 🙂


Date on ticket site is November 9th

any others in near future!

abt time your hometown gets one lol any other ones to mark off calendar?


waiting for la


Been waiting for this for over a year! Thanks Dan!


So is there still availability’s on BA for November 9 NYC-CLE?……
Ohhhh it’s motzei shabbos….. Did you do it special????


dan plzzzzz come to monsey


When will you have one around the Monsey area


Anything happening in Monsey?
And when is the next time you’ll be in Chicago?
I’m assuming nothing in la (it’s too far from you probably…)


forget the seminar, if the pizza is from kinerret im down


I’m open new speaking in other places. If you would like to volunteer to run point in another city hit me up via email.

Nothing like a Shabbos in tranquil Beachwood, OH 😉

I love you Monsey guys 🙂

It will be!


great shtikel with the pizza matzav


Lakewood wants you back asap


What’s a motzei shabbos without pizza?

Where were you in May 🙂


Another vote for a Monsey seminar ASAP.


Borough Park needs You!!!!!!!


See comment 13.

Where were you in May?


LA and BALTIMORE need u dan!!!


See comment 13.


When is Brooklyn seminar?


There have been 2 already 🙂


just signed up hope it will cle style nice and relaxed


dan how bout ungers donuts for dessert . How bout some extra secrets for your hometown 🙂


Cleveland rocks for good reason.

A custard or cinnamon donut from Ungers is always great but I don’t think they’ll do a motzei shabbos run for us 😀


Any chance for Marine park(NY)?



Any SPG hotels nearby?
Would you or your neighbors host NYers for Shabbos?


you never know with moish bet him on the O/U on attendance it might get him going


is there ganna be more info than the others or same thing?


how about isreal???


Dont forget us israelis. Im looking foward to the israel seminar the next time u visit the holy land and of course a DO with dan himself

in it for the food

Can I get an order of onion rings with that?


can one in Israel happen?


The pay by credit card screen won’t advance, but there is not message that info is missing.
I don’t want to pay by paypal or sign up for a paypal account. Am I forced to?


I fourth the request for Israel! Hope you aren’t refunding your USAirways ticket 🙂


Would be interested in a webinar or purchasing DVD of the event.
MJ Kanner


If you are interested in Riverdale, NY, let me know. I will try to help arrange.
MJ Kanner


He’s purposely having no DVD or webinars —
It’s all in person and Live, only!


@ dan
I was there! But I was a novice and only benefited from the cc stuff, now im holding in travel and need some expert knowledge planning my chasna/honeymoon travels!


can we buy discounted seats for the ladies gallery?

SoCal Dude

Dan, you gotta come to Los Angeles & conduct a seminar. I’ll run point on it if you wish.


Can you please let us know when you will be visiting Israel. We wish for some advice here! Todah


MAX Should go !!


See comment 13.

The Aloft Beachwood open 11/07 as a category 3.
The Sheraton Airport is a category 2.

I’m already booked for shabbos but I’m sure there will be future seminars in NYC.

Same, but I always try to tailor them somewhat to the local market and work on feedback.

@in it for the food:

It’s possible.

No, try another browser.

Email me if you’d like.


@SoCal Dude:
Email me.


Where’s Cleveland?


I bought 20 tickets I’ll be charging $20 a pop after the event sells out if it does not I’ll be scalping them around the corner for $8 or $4 at halftime.
Don’t worry about the name I’ll give you a old canceled cc


Going to israel oct 27. Any suggestions to see theater performances good values in shopping restaurants….jerusalem and tel aviv. boyerfs@aol.com


How does the seminar give ‘United expedite/close-in fee waiver’



Random much?

Attend and you’ll find out?


Only recently became your chosid so missed your Chicago seminar. Would love to attend next time. And I would be happy to take you out to supper at the restaurant of your choice or if you need a place to stay we’d love to have you (PM me if you want). Thanks for all your efforts


I was able to buy a ticket for myself and my sister yesterday from my phone(2 different times). My sister’s friend tried buying it and it keeps on making her make a paypal account. I did not have to do this yesterday so I tried to do it now. On both my laptop and phone I keep on checking off that I don’t want a paypal account but it keeps on looping me to create one with a password. How can she RSVP?


Try another browser or another credit card?

Igor Ivanovich

Four votes for Israel. Is that also worth a reference to see comment 13?


I am thinking about flying in from SFO. Is there a hotel recommendation that has a shuttle from the airport? Or would I have to get a rental car anyway to get to the seminar location?


@Igor Ivanovich:
We need one in israel


SFO is a awfully long way to fly in for a seminar like this…
You’d also need to rent a car to get to the seminar location.


Will there be another seminar in the NY/NJ area?


I’m not gonna lie, I am kind of excited to go to a travel seminar by a fellow Clevelander!


Dan we neeeeeeed you back in Chicago ASAP!!!


Missed it?


Dan – on behalf of all the Dansdealers who don’t live in the metropolis’ of the US – is there any way to get a private video feed of the event? I live way out there in Oregon and there is no way your running a seminar out here!
Maybe we could set up a private video feed – pay per person basis?
Wishful thinking – but worth a shot (-;

Avraham S

Dan, can you do a live feed to ustream or something similar? I am in Israel. Thanks

Igor Ivanovich


Seminar in Israel? I hope help is on the way! Post in the forums thread http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=13978


@Dan: That’s ok. They’ll gladly sell last week’s batch:)


The Aloft SPG that’s opening Nov 7th —
They said that they are not taking reservations online.

Can SPG points be spent there on Nov. 9?


South Florida is waiting for a seminar.


We need a NY Seminar – Brooklyn or Manhattan. I can bring lots of friends!

carol schottenstein

We bought two tickets but can’t find them.how can we get them resent? They were for Jordan and Carol schottenstein


Dan – come to NYC. I’ll arrange the place and time and people to attend your session. send me an email!


Dan I need a ticket to cle from lga before shabbos for the seminar can you help me find one on ba with avios. (I have ticket )


@carol schottenstein:

There were lots of flights but several others have booked them up already!

United has a 6am flight from EWR and from LGA to CLE for 10K miles 🙂


Im going for it


Any more ticks availible for a friend


As long as you can still buy a ticket via the link in this post we’ll find a seat for you at the seminar.


How do I not pay the close in booking fee. You can email me if you don’t want to post it


Any way to get cheap parking in newerk?


Monsey please!


@don: Park a stolen car and don’t pick it up.


Deh Rebbe get a shiur hant nacht.
Wish I can join.
A BP Chusid

Marilyn and Elaine

Thanks for a great seminar!

Igor Ivanovich

Wow! Looks like you had a real nice crowd! Keep up the great work!!


thanks for a great seminar!


when will you do one in Israel????


Seminar was amazing. You’re a walking talking encyclopedia.


Great seminar — Thanks!

One of the highlights is seeing how you’re accomplishing so many goals and doing so with true Chessed — you’re a real mentch who goes out of his way to help anyone —
An example included one who needed a flight to Cleveland early Friday morning and you were able to help him out online at 1am!

PS — Your advice on the game Settlers of Catan has been a real asset in our home; everyone loves playing it — Thank you!


dan, when you buy a card at $106 at stales, can you pay it in 2 transaction on same cc? $60 + balance?


Seminar was great! just wished I had a mike when you asked the 2nd trivia question . I said the answer first 🙁


I am looking to register a new business with the State of Ohio. I need to list an Ohio address as well.
I’m willing to pay $50 for a registered agent.
For more info please call me at 440-940-64 eight four.

Azis Papa

@Dan: It was a great seminar. Something for everyone. A real pleasure to attend & hear you speak about what is obviously a “labor of love” on your part. May you have much continued hatzlacha.


sounds like it was great, looking forward to the next one in NYC, couldn’t be there the other times (simchos and business obligations) but I hope to make it next time.


Here is my honest assessment. First of all, Dan, you are very pleasant to listen to. You have a nice, calm presence. You laugh and don’t take yourself so seriously. That was all very, very good.

Regarding the actual content… I gotta be honest… after lurking in the forums since April, I knew 90% of what you said in the first half of the seminar. In the second half, I knew 50%.

I felt like the seminar was for mamash beginners. But I sensed there were a lot of people in the crowd who are already your “chasidim” and who are looking for more chidushim. Having gone, I now wish that you would have called this a “beginners” seminar, and oh, if you do an “intermediate” seminar, I am THERE!


Thanks for the feedback!

I have no background in public speaking and am an introvert at heart, so these seminars are really taking me outside of my comfort zone. I laugh to cope with it 🙂

I think the bottom line is that it would be impossible to please everyone.

I heard from one person who expected it to be on a 101 level but said it was more like a 501 level and most things flew over her head.

And there are experts like yourself that hopefully learned something even if everything wasn’t novel. I’m a little surprised you expected anything different from the first half based on the description I gave, “It will start off with a beginner to intermediate level guide to your credit score and credit cards and work its way onto more challenging topics like paid airfare, hotel, and mileage ticket tips, tricks, and hacks. Finally it will end with some trivia questions with prizes as well as a Q&A session.”

The other critique I hear is that I go too quickly through the 2nd half which is often things most people aren’t familiar with. The truth is I could spend an hour on any of the 120 slides. But it would take me a week to get through it all.

Hopefully people get a taste of what it possible and start to get more involved to learn more.

I think DDF member meshugener put it best.

“Thanks Dan!
You’re quite a good speaker… Directly to the point, very easy to understand.
In just two hours, he basically said everything there’s to read on DDF…
Wish I had such a seminar 2 years ago, wouldn’t have to spend so much time DDFing…”

If I can summarize 2 years worth of reading in 2 hours then hopefully most will have felt it was worth their time.


@Dan, you’re right. You did clearly describe the first session. It was exactly what you said it would be. There was no bait and switch. I’m sorry if I implied that.

The presentation was great, it’s just that after spending six months on DDF, I was ready for a “2.0” version.

Thank you for an awesome seminar and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

וכנודע עונש המר על מונע בר וגודל השכר ממאמר רז”ל ×¢”פ מאיר ×¢×™× ×™ שניהם

SoCal Dude

@ Dan: I’ll run point on your Los Angeles seminar if needed as we need to here in LA!


Great job Dan. IMHO the second half had a lot of advanced stuff in it. My only complaint/suggestion is to have some sausage pizza next time.


Perhaps in NYC there would be a market for a 2.0 seminar, but if anything I think the seminar was too advanced for CLE.

Next time you’re around these parts we’ll have to go for some felafel pizza.


Dan r u going 2 make another seminar in the tri-state any time soon???


I spy Rabbi Chaikin. Nu? Did he ask any questions?


Can you make 2.0+ seminar in the NYC area? I would love to attend a NYC area seminar. No i wasn’t by your previous ones since i dont have the ‘zitz fleisch’ [i.e. i get ants in my pants] to sit thru a seminar where i know 75% of the stuff.


Frankly I doubt it. Like I said I can give spend an hour talking about any of the 125 slides I run through, but everyone would like to focus on a different one.

Once you graduate past a seminar you can go onto DDF and discuss things more in depth (aside from the more novel tricks which I ask people not to talk about online).


we need a seminar with separate seating


Those decisions are made on a local level. In NY seating was separate.

Igor Ivanovich


check the forums for a thread about this, http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=13978

Dan, looking forward to meeting you in Jerusalem!


yea, I was surprised to see mixed sitting. why is that?
kedush would add your credits in shomayim.


It’s a seminar on miles. No food, no davening.
Why exactly can a man not sit next to his wife and help each other understand the topics discussed?

Like I said, it’s a decision made on a local level made by the person organizing the seminar. In Boro Park it was separate and we still had dozens of people complaining why it was separate seating…you’ll never please everyone.
Pics of the BP seminar: https://www.facebook.com/shmuli.tuvel/media_set?set=a.648930385123506.1073741832.100000196529105&type=3

Dan Fan Chicago Style

I heard you answered a Brazilian woman in Portuguese!!!
Skills. You’ve got skills.


Dan, Anything to enhance Kedusha is a plus for you.
and when a man sits next to his wife, he also sits next to someones elses wife x entire group size. not ideal.

Women are perfectly ok helping each other understand, doesnt need to be a spouse. spouse can discuss after the event. in the car, at home.


@Dan Fan Chicago Style:
Lol, obrigado.

Before you judge look at the pics, I don’t see a single man who had that issue.


I would try to think what God thinks, and what the Rebbi ztl would suggest.
People not having an issue doesnt work in shamayim.
We have to do whats right.


Sounds like you may be happier off in Saudi Arabia.

Not everything requires men and women to be segregated. “Not having an issue” means that you can sit yourself to be next to your own wife and a another man. In fact everyone there managed to do that just fine.