DansDeals Seminar: Chicago Edition

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Update #2: Looking forward to tonight’s seminar!
All 200 tickets have been snapped up but you’re free to show up starting at 7:30pm to get on a standby list. If there are no-shows the seat will be yours for a $10 donation to the Kehillah Jewish Education Fund.

Update, 05/28: Sold Out!
Originally posted on 05/26:

I will be running a DansDeals seminar in Chicago on Thursday, June 6th from 8pm-11pm.
It will be located in the WiFi Building on 8170 McCormick Blvd in Skokie, IL 60076.

You can purchase tickets via this link.
A ticket will run somewhere between $8-$8.50 including fees depending on how many tickets you are purchasing at a time.
The entire ticket price will go directly to the Kehillah Jewish Education Fund which supports Jewish day schools across Chicago. The Kehilla Fund is hosting the event and running the reservation process, you can read more about them on their Facebook page.

You will have to designate who will be attending on the ticket as tickets are non-transferable.

-Doors will open at about 7:30pm and the event will begin at 8pm. Failure to show up by 8pm sharp may result in your seat being given away to someone else.
-Men and Women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend.
-Recording devices will not be allowed.
-There will be bottled water as well as notepads and pens available for those that need.

The seminar will cover the same topics that I discussed in Brooklyn and Lakewood a few weeks ago.

It will start off with a beginner to intermediate level guide to your credit score and credit cards and work its way onto more challenging topics like paid airfare, hotel, and mileage ticket tips, tricks, and hacks. Finally it will end with some trivia questions with prizes as well as a Q&A session.  Last time the prizes I gave away included first class airplane pajamas, amenity kits, airplane cufflinks, and even imported kosher skittles 😀

Seating is limited and all 3 events that I have run so far have sold out so don’t procrastinate-lock in your tickets while you can!

Hope to see you there!
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Dan can u come to north Dakota? Pls come to the north pole! We need a seminar in abaquree mew mexico.
Let the complaining begin!


I can see that it already did…


Bmgboy go back to your gemara and continue your Lakewood fakeing

Fan O' Dan

Dan! Don’t forget your brothers in Israel! Give a seminar here. There are plenty of Americans using US credit cards who can use your advice.


Separate seating? Mechitzah?
I can’t attend if there’s no 9ft. mechitzah


please don’t make it too basic, some of us have been following your advice for a few years already! thanks for everything and can’t wait!


Ausome ! Finally chi town is on the map


Super excited!


any reason why Dan doesnt take some of the proceeds?
he puts the work, he does the class, he deserves to be paid.
why not?

50/50 is more than nice!


whats a good cc that I can start credit with thanks


@mike: chase freedom


There will be info in the seminar that should be helpful not matter what your level of expertise is.


Is there a way to submit a question in advance?


Dan quick question.
What is the best credit card I should use to pay for the $8.50?
If I have a ink card do I also get 5 percent back?


@Rachel: I was wondering when you’d show up on this blog!


Donating the proceeds to the Kehillah Fund is a wonderful idea. Thanks Dan!


how can I confirm my res?

mrs weirdo

call the reconsideration line to confirm your res..


How about Toronto? Please!!


@esther12: : i second That Motion




Tierra Sur on me!


When will you make one in Cleveland? My father is dying to learn your tricks!


Glad you are coming to Chicago. Excited for next Thursday.


@ZCN Want to Drive?


Hawks game is at 9. Any chance you will change the time. This game 4 of the Conference Finals


No, sorry.
If you’d like a refund just send me an email and we’ll resell your seat.


No worries. Thanks for all your great advice.


a friend of mine bought a ticket,but he cant make it can I use his ticket?

Chulent Fresser

Dan when are you coming To Brooklyn? dont forget about us


can u take 2 minutes at the seminar to respond to all the naysayers who say that selling points is gezel because it violates the t&c of the banks/airlines. you did this about elal ,now please respond and clarify this issue which is causing many anxiety…


Dan, were we supposed to get tickets emailed? Should we just bring the receipt or will there be a lit of some sort?


Hi are there any tickets to be bought looking to purchase now then reserve a flight from new York for your seminar Dan tx

Igor Ivanovich

@josh: Did you make it?

How was the seminar, everyone?

Dan, we are waiting and preparing for you to give a seminar in Israel! Shabbat Shalom!