Come Attend A DansDeals Seminar!

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Doors for the Lakewood seminar will open at 7:30pm and will start promptly at 8pm.

The event tonight is completely full once again, but there were no-shows on Sunday and I’m sure there will be tonight as well. If you do show up and do not have a confirmed reservation you will be able to enter at 8pm if there are available seats.

Recording devices are not allowed, so don’t forget to bring something to takes notes with!

We are looking for an additional projector screen, if you have access to one please send an email to me at
Originally posted on 04/24:

I will be making a DansDeals seminar in Brooklyn, NY and Lakewood, NJ.

The Brooklyn event will be at the Bais Yaakov of Boro Park on Sunday, May 5th. The address is 1371 46th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219.

The Lakewood event will be at Park Terrace on Tuesday, May 7th. The address is 200 Park Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701.

-Both events will start promptly at 8pm.
-The duration of the events will vary based on audience questions, but should run for approximately 3 hours.
-Men and Women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend and there will be Mechitza seating.
-Recording devices will not be allowed so be sure to bring something along to take notes with.

The seminar will be similar to the one I gave last year in Crown Heights, but with changes for developments over the past year. If you attended last year’s seminar or if you are already an advanced mileage junkie you will probably be bored.
It will once again be on a beginner to intermediate level but even advanced mileage junkies will learn a thing or 2. Topics covered will include:
-Credit cards and credit scores.
-Tips, tricks, and hacks for award tickets.
-Tricks to help find cheap airfare, hotels, and car rentals.
-A Q&A session.
-Trivia questions with prizes.

Seating is limited and last year’s event sold out in just a few days so don’t procrastinate!

You can reserve a seat at the event for a $5 suggested donation that will go entirely to the local Brooklyn and Lakewood based 501c3 charities that are organizing the events. You must reserve the seat for a specific person and seats will be non-transferable and non-refundable.

Special thanks to DDF members plainbachur, DovtheBear, and the Lakewood South Side Lunch ‘N Learn program for their help with organizing these events.

Hope to see you there!
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Dream come true!

ari F

Awesome!! Looking forward to the brooklyn event!

Mike Belsky

Are speech to text apps allowed?


That’s real nice of you to help a charity like that.

what about a Balitmore event?

@Dan what about doing an event in Baltimore?? Pretty Please!!!!!!

Miriam Leah

Hi Dan,

I live in the west coast. Is there anyway that I might be able to watch/listen the seminar from here?

Thank you,

Airfare Tricks

Will you be providing usable info about hidden-city ticketing?

in ch

Will you be making another one in Crown heights? I seem to have missed that one.


Any chance of an event in Chicago sometime?


will the lakewood seminar be on the same level as brooklyn or more advanced?

Lipa F

will the Brooklyn event be entirely separated or just a ‘Mechitza section’ אבי יוצא צו זיין ?


Dan, is it true you will be revealing the common English first name in Dansdeals?


When are you coming to the Pitts?


What about Chicago

Bottom line I’m happy u are finally giving a Shuir in lakewood on the cc & points soogyu


@Miriam Leah: offer dan to set it up he may be interested


Is there a way I can call in to listen somehow


why no recording devices?


WHAT A SHAME!! planed a free trip with dans tips… and main seminar I will be missing. 🙁

Maybe do a phone conference?


@@chaikel: Shhhhh don’t tell all the secrets, we don’t want the place mobbed 😀


Hope I dont fagetaboutit and reservation is for naught…. cant wait ro hear all the tips and take advantage of what I can 🙂


you’re not coming to sheva brachot on Monday?!?!?!?!?


The ability to listen in or “view” in would be great, short of setting one up in Monsey!


Oops I mean TUESDAY


I’m in. Thanks


What about one in monsey? Any way to watch it online?


how do i get the offer for the 50,000 bonus british airway pointscredit card advertisd ontop of your webpage?


What about doing one in Beachwood, Ohio?
We see you in the neighborhood but don’t want to bother you with questions when you’re with your family.


How about streaming video online or at least releasing it afterwards? Sounds really interesting, but would be awesome to be able to watch from home!


if we are in chicago, can you fly here and give a shiur here too? how about a recording or something for us at least?


can we pay for the seminar with points?


Are there any promo codes so I can get in for free??


Are you ever going to do a seminar for advanced level audience?


I just sent a reservation and I didn’t get any email back yet. Should I be worried? Does this mean that my accounts are getting shut down? Am I going to loose all my posts? I’m so nervous Dan, PLEASE HELP!!!

Kineret pizza

Dan when are you coming to clevleand ?


Dan I want to know more about this credit card shtick


Please come to Monsey!


Its called sneaking:) or maybe there is a 60 min grace period


just wondering how many ppl will be allowed in brooklyn? bybp is a large place

PAL fan

Hope the Q&A session won’t be so stupid

Great Site

@MEIR613: HUCA 🙂


please come to Monsey


@MEIR613: 1) I’m excited that your coming you helped me out more than once 2) really I can’t understand y your coming its for beginners


Just can’t believe the amount of stupid comments flying here. You look like a pack of ungrateful parasitical pigs… Seriously. Calm down


I hope the Lakewood event doesn’t have mixed seating. You will get raked over the coals!


dan! what cc should we use to register to get max points? also what is the code for discount? … also will the questions at event be prescreened bec some users ask the funniest questions!! you should have a forum of the stupidest questions! anyways your the man!! and thanks!!


@dan when are you making an Israel one?


Dan do we get points for attending?
I’m a dandeals platinum member , will I get a seating upgrade ?


@chashuv: like!!!!



So sad to hear. Did you call the executive department?


1)Dan if I pay $10,can I have a empty seat next to me?
2)How do I upgrade to better seats with more leg room?
3) What will you be serving?
4)Which credit card should I pay with?
5)Will you finally reveal what common name is found in Dansdeals?
6)Most important, what questions will be asked at the Q&A section?

Igor Ivanovich

@josh: @bocher: @MEIR613: @chashuv: 😉
@burns: I am looking forward to one in EY, maybe come and have 2, 1 beginners, 1 advanced. Anyone here can find out if its shayich to book the DR at Beis Yeshaya?

Dan, enjoy Lakewood!!! I am sure you will have a great time meeting all your fans! Make sure to check out Bagel Nosh!


So I understand it’s 2 class seating? Will there be lie flat seats in case it gets too long?


Please hold a seminar in the Five Towns or Queens!

Great Site

@hersh: Lighten up.

Great Site

@chashuv: +10


Please make one in monsey!


What time is it starting


Dan, are you serious? Only ages 15 and older can come?? Why are you discriminating AGAIN? 😛




Dan- are you coming to Israel any time soon? Any interest in running a seminar in Jerusalem?



Lunch 'n Learn

@MEIR613: Did you get the reservation straight? Please let me know,


I donated the $$ but did not receive a confirmation e mail yet… anyone else having the same results?


Now we have begun to fill up class N seats( J,K,L,M fares were filled up already)


@dan what credit card will be best to use to donate for he event?


Dan we have more than half minyan for a seminar in Monsey pls consider#23,26,37,42,57,66.

For now I have sent email to come to Brooklyn hope will get reply.
u can see how much I value ur info as I am willing to come all the way from Monsey THANKS IN ADVANCE.


OOPS #67 NOT 66

Marco Polo

+1 for a Monsey seminar.


monsey ny please


When are you coming to Monsey?


What are times of this seminar?


will the speech be in yiddish?

k r

@michael – I think it says the time right after you stopped reading the info above


@Dan did not receive a reply for my email sent last night

Monsey Guy

Dan, we need a monsey seminar


how many seats left for lkwd?


Dan , consider monsey tnx.


p l e a s e come to monsey


@marco polo +1



If you are doing it already, maybe a bigger place so you can service more people?? Looks like some of us missed it.


Hi, thanks for bringing it to BP. I sent in reservations for 3 including 2 of my friends. Hope to hear back from u.

chaya wolf

would love to see one in cleveland
Thanks for everything


How about the 5 towns.


will you have papers with notes on most of what u will be speaking about so people who are hard of hearing or deaf can follow along? i am only asking that since u wrote down electronic devices are not allowed.


What is all the pleading for Monsey? My God!!!!!!!!!!!! Brooklyn is not that far away! You would travel in for a wedding, wouldn’t you? Or for a meeting? Yes. So get into your car, take a friend and travel for 45-50 minutes to the event. When it is done get into your car, back out of your parking spot without hitting the guy in front and the guy behind you or honking or swearing and drive home. The end.

Chaptz Shnell

Dan, dont forget us monsey peeps


I’m in for Brooklyn as well,
Actually I opened up my first cc and signed up for the forums at the seminar in CH last year, a family member asked me to drive him over to the seminar, and I decided to pop in and TG that changed my life, so thanks again Dan, and I actually look forward on seeing you again on Sunday the 5th


Can you make a seminar for your fellow clevelanders as well? thanks!!


If an organization wants to organize it I’m willing to speak anywhere.
My email is in the right sidebar 🙂


Awesome 😀


Can I bring popcorn?


Hey, I think many of your lakewood clientele aren’t aware – yet – that this seminar is taking place.
News of this kind usually hits bmg coffee room about a week after its been published on the web.

Just don’t be surprised if you have many people show up at the door wanting to “buy a ticket” so they can attend.


@hunch: @hunch:
The bmg crowd knows all the shtick already


I’m glad you think so 🙄


@ZCN Want to organize Cincinnati? #BenefitRITSS?


Thought it is Lakewood, OH. Damn! Can you do one in CLE?


Any seminars in the Cleveland area?


It’s in the works now 🙂


1. Did any seat free up, it sold-out b4 i had a chance..

2. I know an org in CH that would do it, would you be interested in doing one in CH anytime soon.


Dan whats about an other seminar for Brooklyn?


Can Christians attend? Thanks!


Sure, we’ll have a Mohel on premises 😉

Kidding, why would I care what your religion is?

Michoel B

When is the L.A. Seminar?!


@Michoel B:
Feel free to email me and arrange it.


Dan I want to attend but need to know how many points I’m getting per dollar for paying the admission fee ? What cc should I use to pay? Which credit card has protection in case I can’t show up?

^this genius doesnt read earlier comments^


this was done already 50 times read the previous comments its old already.


hi dan. we are contemplating coming into brooklyn but we want to know if theres a possibility of u coming to monsey.


Brooklyn is just about to be closed again so you’d better be really quick.

Anything is possible if an org wants to arrange it, but I doubt it will be anytime soon.


Dan, is there any way to hack this event and get out of having to make the donation? Is there any 800 number I could call and HUCA??



I just sent an you an email to reserve a seat for Brooklyn. Did I make it under the wire?


@Dealmeister: Is there something wrong with making a $5 donation tzdakah?


@Dan: So, that being the case… when is the Jerusalem seminar? We’d be happy to arrange that, too. 😀


why not in Villuamsburg??


@Dan: Which credit cards to use to buy Vanilla reload? I heard Amex and Citibank can make troubles.

steve t

Please advise if you have an interest or need for some more sponsorship/advertising for either or both events.


Any tips for BK event parking? Will be driving in.


I missed somehow the e-mail to pay and my reservation was cancelled. Any chance I can get in for the BP event. Would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance !!!!!


i was overseas so i wasnt able 2 buy a ticket. Anyway i could still squeeze in? Im a real chossid


I procrastinated and now there r no seats left for Brooklyn event…any ideas? Will i be turned away? Anyone have extra ticket?


Anyone driving in/needs a ride there from surrounding areas? Passaic, Far Rockaway, Staten Island, Etc? We should probably coordinate a rideshare…


Sorry to post again but any tips for BK parking?


Updated the post for your situation.

Take a train/taxi?


Coming from Heights…might be easier to drive…


If not there at 8pm will lose seat, this was not stated when i paid.


Sorry, you may email the charity for a refund if you would like.



check this site to find the street parking restrictions for the area.

I checked and it looks like there are no restrictions for Sunday street parking there.

I checked for parking garages in the area and the closest on is 1.85 miles away, in prospect park.


Anyone from Queens driving in? I live in KGH.


@Dan just an idea: the guy at the door should make a list of ppl that show up w/o tix so that they will be let in in the order they arrived…just a thought. Tnx


I got a confirmation email yesterday stating:
Thanks, you now have a confirmed seat!
There will be a guest list with your name on it, nothing further is needed on your part.
I just noticed that the payment to charity does not look like it was processed on my end. I have no problem donating the 5$ but would this confirmation confirm my reserved seat?


You have your confirmed seat, but you can still donate to the charity.


@mbelsky: I grew up there and Its a very tough neighborhood to park but possibly can find parking on the Avenues


Still no confirmation, made the donation as soon as I got your email.


where can I sign up for the brooklyn seminar for 5-7-13?


Will there be Mincha and Ma’ariv?


“If you are not there by 8:00 you will lose your seat”

Just for your own good, you should make sure everyone that has a reservation is aware of that.

It wasn’t stated at time of booking.

I live in lkwd, and there are people that plan on showing up at 8:30-9:00.

Please send out an email. Thank you.

(I will not brake the news to my friends bec they will be pretty pissed when they find out. )

not fair

I agree, when I bought 2 tickets I didn’t know I had to be there by 8pm. I paid a lot to go to my yeshiva’s dinner (AFTER I reserved your seminar – because I didn’t know I had to be there by 8!) and probably won’t make it until 8:30pm and another person i bought a ticket for works until 9pm.


Are you really serious we should call a tzedaka organization and ask for a $5 donation back?!?

very disappointing.


Do you also buy airplane tickets and expect to be able to show up late?

There should be space even if you show up late, but the seminar builds on itself. If you miss the beginning you’ll probably be lost.


Last corny joke:
Will u b signing credit cards after the show?


Please do another seminar in crown heights!!!


Are there still seats available

not fair

when I buy airplane tickets I know up front that I have to get there at a certain time to catch the flight!


@dan what shaichis to an airline ticket

Sammy BP

wow what a seminar. truly a great evening.
was great for all people not only advance users.
everybody was amazed.
good work and ready for 2.0 or 1.2

Chaptz Shnell

What a great seminar.. I have a follow up question but I dont want to ruin/spoil it for the lakewood crowd. Where can I submit it? Thanks


GREAT seminar! Thanks.


Anyone going to the Lakewood event tomorrow night from Passaic. If you have room let me know davebaligo @gmail .com


THANKS AGAIN DAN, really a great seminar will take some time to absorb everything learned last night hatzlucha to you.


@not fair – please quit whining. Ty

split a ride?

I am coming in to EWR tomorrow around 3 PM flying out the next morning at 6 AM. Anyone want to split a car with me?


Dan, you are competing with the Knicks game Tuesday. Who you think will have a better performance?


@dan I have signed up tonights seminar in Lkwd, but I can not attend the whole time, as a beginner, would it be more worth while to attend earlier or later?


The earlier part is targeted to beginners and it grows more complicated as the seminar goes on.


This is mamesh bitul Torah and a big averiah


Its nuts how ppl are trying to drag Dan to their living room. I wilk be driving in from brooklyn for this. (I was not able to make the brooklyn on). Anyone in the tri state area just get in ur car and drive.


Wow, didn’t realize people would be driving in from Brooklyn.
Do you think you might be able to pickup a foldable projector screen from someone in Brooklyn to bring to Lakewood?

If you can send me an email, thanks!


@dan, it psobably not the right place 2 ask but I’m not sure were 2 post it, I was hit aith a FR from amex after beeing aproved for a gold bus & a platnium personal card, I’ve diferent other accounts with thom since 2004, never late payments or disputes etc, they asking me 4 a 450T form, my income on my tax is way lower than what I wrote wen I applied! What r my options ? Shud I fax0them the required info or ratHer close my accounts b4 thEy do?? Plz advise


Dan do you plan on having another lakewood seminar soon


As long as you make something you should be OK.



Dan the Man! If you are eating supper in lkwd GLATT BITE is the place to be!


@dAn, thanks 4 ur respond, u think I shud be OK even I lied on my aplication AND while talking over the phone with the FR team?


JUNKIE, Glatt Bite?! are you nuts?! If Dan is in town he should go to the Reserve and give a full report on what he thinks. They claim to be the best steakhouse in town and compare themselves to the city. Lets see what a well heeled traveler like Dan thinks


Looking for a ride from Monday to Lakewood for the seminar willing to pay for a ride along






@Dan, Plz answer my revious question, I’m very concerned & don’t really wannpa loose all my amex cards.


thanx for speech, wish i could’ve recorded, there was a lot of info flyin…
The highlight was the top right corner on the aa pg. with 1.8 mil miles (wonder how many cc it took for that)


Just got back from the lakewood seminar
It really clarified a lot of things for me
Thank you very much for taking the time to share all the information in such a manner
Looking forward to a more advanced seminar


Awesome Seminar tonight! Thanx for coming out to lakewood! It was really great.

Igor Ivanovich

Dan, I missed the 08701 event, hoping to help you with the EY one. Now waiting for the TR from this trip 🙂


All I can say is WOW! Truly a great seminar. A lot of great information. Thank u!!

Sorry so many ppl attacked u at the end with all thwir questions…. this IS lakewood afterall….


The lack of appreciation to Dan is unbeleivable!


@radguy: It sounds like you haven’t been at to many gatherings out of lakewood, just the same way all other lkwd bashers sound, and @chaya i dont feel that dan was wronged in any way, it was avery nice event.