Brooklyn Seminar Is Tonight, Monsey Seminar Is Tomorrow Night

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Tickets only went up for sale on Thursday but over 470 seats have already been sold for the Brooklyn seminar and over 280 seats have been sold for the Monsey seminar.
Grab your own seat before these events sell out!

-Click here to purchase tickets to DDS Brooklyn on 06/24
Click here to read more information about the Brooklyn seminar.
-Please choose between mixed seating or separate seating when purchasing a ticket for the Brooklyn seminar.
-Click here to purchase tickets to DDS Monsey on 06/25
Click here to read more information about the Monsey seminar.
-Men and Women will be seated separately for the Monsey seminar.

The full admission price from DansDeals Seminars is donated to the charitable organizations that organize each event.

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An avid follower


It’s beyond me why you wouldn’t do these seminars to profit yourself, just like so many others do.
You’ve sold out all your seminars, by filling halls and auditoriums to capacity. Hundreds of people rush to get seats when you announce another event. That could be thousands upon thousands of dollars, to fill your pockets, and pay the annual fees on all your CCs. Nevertheless, you do it time and time again for Charities.

Dan, my respect has grown tremendously for you. Kol Hakavod. May Hashem bless you with that is good!

An avid follower


I noticed that it says that the tickets for the Monsey seminar are non-transferable. I purchased a ticket in someone’s name, yet they can’t make it so I would like to give it to someone else. What can I do about the name-transfer?

Just trying to understand how Teaneck and Five Town seminar attendees swapped if non-transferable and if so can I do also transfer?


Dan Will u be coming to lakewood



No ID will be checked at the door, so just tell them the original name.


@An avid follower:

Interesting to see that there still are people out there that don’t understand this business model. 😉


@An avid follower:

He makes enough money from links on the website, and this only makes his website more popular.


@Larry: @Y G: True. However, he could still be making a whole lot of money for himself by keeping part of this entrance fee. Besides, he is traveling on his own miles, staying at his own accommodations, transporting himself at his own expense. He doesn’t take any money toward those expanses.



If the price was higher he wouldn’t get nearly as many people. People visiting his website are worth far more than a few extra shekels from an entrance fee. But it is nice that the entrance fee is fully donated to charity!


@John: Even if your first line is true, it would still mean a few thousand dollars to his own pocket, plus the site visits.

$12 entrance fee x 500 – $1500 in costs = $4,500 for one evening


anyway you slice de pie its still wery commendable dat dan gives de profit to charity


$12 entrance fee minus $1 processing fee minus credit card fee = closer to $10


@manganator: Correct. Included that into the “$1500 in costs”


This conversation reminds me of the joke: There are two types of people- One walks away from a show and everyone he meets he can’t stop talking about the actors, props, and amazing performance. The other guy is making calculations- There were 1000 seats, 250 sold for $35, 250 for $20 and 500 for $12 total income 19,750. After all expenses the producer for sure pocketed over 10k….


BTW Looking forward to the Monsey Seminar!!


@Abka: I don’t get it


Mixes seats remaining 23
Men sold out
Woman sold out

Women seats remaining 242
Men seats remaining 172

I guess whoever does not make it to brooklyn can always go to monsey, it is only 58 minutes on google. (I am using the same logic that all were saying during the Miami seminar)


wanted to buy for Brooklyn but only left for mixed seating unfortunately i wont take it. 🙁

BTW Brooklyn is not Flatbush they dont need mixed seating…


could i buy a mixed seat and be able to sit in the separate section?

David R

@An avid follower: Do you think Dan pays annual fees?


Seems like more seats @ brooklyn were able to be squeezed in, hurry limited seats left;

18 mixed
26 woman
50 men


I wish u made one in Monsey when I was in Yeshiva there. Now I’m in Yeshiva in Israel :/ when’s the next Jerusalem seminar?


@D.: I’m just saying that it is funny how people are busy making calculations and judging how much he Dan could be making, and accordingly if what he is doing is an amazing act of chesed or if it’s just for publicity…


@Miami: thanks i bought 1

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

Ariving in NY tomorrow and hoping to make the monsey seminar… looking forward to meeting you!


I purchased a ticket for tonight seminar but I have an emergency and cant attend, is there anyway I can get a refund?

boro park

Was interesting..
How did ‘ginsberg’ get his name in blue? Free ad???

boro park

Hade to leave early nice turnout!