1 Seminar Down, 1 To Go!

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Last night in Brooklyn I had a great time meeting so many new people.  I’ll admit to being completely bewildered by some of the paparazzi-like picture taking (holding up your camera phone to my face while talking to me?), but to each their own I guess…I’m just a regular guy folks!

There was a sold out, over-capacity crowd of about 450 people that packed the room.  I’ve heard feedback via email and on DDF from beginners, intermediates, and advanced mileage junkies. People from all levels have told me that they learned a lot.  It’s a tough balancing act to try to keep everyone happy, but I hope I was able to do that.

Many of the beginners felt I didn’t dedicate enough time to the second half of the presentation and that I switched gears far too quickly from a beginner level to a far more advanced level.

It’s fair criticism.  It’s tough to keep the interest of the entire crowd and it’s probably impossible to impart the tips and tricks from the second half in such a short period of time to someone who is a novice.  The intention was more to show what can be done and hopefully people now understand just how much there is to learn and will endeavor to dig deeper on places like the DansDeals Forums.  Don’t just post questions there but search for topics there where many of the concepts I talked about last night are discussed in detail.  With hundreds of thousands of posts it can be overwhelming, but there’s a ton of great info there.

I will however definitely try to dedicate some more time on the latter slides tomorrow night.  But the 2nd half will probably still be more enjoyable for advanced folks than beginners.

I think the best feedback is from those that said I summarized 2 years worth of reading in 2 hours.  That’s exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

The Lakewood seminar is sold out with over 275 confirmed reservations, but again you are welcome to show up without a reservation and if there is space remaining we will make a waitlist in the order you arrive and will try to fit you in.

Have more feedback? Loved it? Hated it? Hit the comments!

I’ll be back home late Wednesday and will resume regular site updates then.

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Was at seminar last night. Was great.
Question, can one switch from a regular United card to a Chase Sapphire Preferred Reward card without needing to pull a credit report? Also is card a world mc or visa signature (which I don’t like cause credit line does not get reported)?

Deal lover

Great seminar! Thanks a million, Dan yu da man!

Some topics in the end made me dizzy, the pace was a bit too fast, but you did great, you got quite a stage presence.

I would appreciate a post on Vanilla reload options for us Brooklynites, I know there are some threads on that, and I’ve read them, but you always bring clarity in a good neat summary.

Thanks again.


Great evant!!!! And thanks for the PJs…. One thing make sure by the second seminar don’t talk like you say ‘Ashrei’ before mincha. Thanks again gained alot of tips!!!!!


Is the seminar for men only?


Great seminar .. . For all lakewood people try to get there on time and bring along a pen and paper .


Great seminar!
But second half was way to fast. not for beginnings at all!! I felt like I wasted my time there on second half!!!!


I consider myself an intermediate & I must say it was really great!!

Most of the first half was stuff I knew, but there’s still always something here & there that I didn’t know. All in all it was a good “chazara”. I do wish the second half would be a bit slower, but like Dan said it’s just an eye opener how much there is out there & what to look out for.

Thanks again Dan!!


My only comment is – THANK YOU!!

Enjoyed it, and appreciate it – as well as everything you do.


Women too!


I am a beginner and I learned a great deal from the seminar. I drove from monsey, and it was worth the tircha. Dan is well spoken, clear and very organized in his presentation. Obviously he cannot cover everything in a few hours, but I gained the ability to now know what to follow up with via the forum archives. Thank you Dan!


Wish I could have gone! How about a web seminar?

Last Night

It was great last night, my only criticism is the way the Q&A’s happened. I left because I couldn’t really hear any of the Q’s or A’s. I would suggest in the future have everyone stay in their seats and repeat Q’s aloud and answer like that.

I really appreciate that you do this, I did find that some parts were repetitious for me personally and I learnt a few new things.
Thank you


Dan, can I request a seminar in Los Angeles ?


its was simple gr8!!!!!!!


@Dan i would be willing to host a webinar for you. We can take payments also for tzedaka or for what you wish. I am very experienced in hosting webinars.


This website should be password protected!


Is there any way you can post a web seminar that people can pay and register to watch? I’m a mom of little kids and it’s hard to get out at night but I’m really interested in hearing the info.


After attending this great seminar i can say that dan is doing the best he can . Because if he goes slower he will never finish .and he has to go home.


Was amazing!
Thank you!
Was a little to fast for me… I guess becuse I’m new in this.
Would love to go to another one and learn more


Thank you

what about a Balitmore event?

I emailed you in regards to arranging an event in Baltimore, hope my emails are not going to your spam… Looking forward to hearing back from you, many thanks.


Dear Dan,
I was at the Brooklyn seminar last night and was very happy to see you and learn from you. Overall it was great. You really should not be taking that many questions, especially from the same people over and over again. Remember the applause you got at the halfway mark when you said, there will be a question and answer period at the end? Please be firm and “gently” explain that it takes away from the lengthy shiur.
You spent an awful lot of time on the Credit cards and most of the audience are adults and understand how to apply for one.That portion could have been shortened and explain the Reloads as well as the ability to transfer to the Blue from Walmart.
It would have been nice to spend more time on the searching ability, not just rewards but the concept of finding flights at better rates. When you showed the 650 mile trick as well as the ITS search using LAX as a stop rather than a destination, it was pure Genius and the crowd was in awe.
Finally I traveled 1.5 hours to get to you and wont be able to make the Lakewood destination. Maybe you can try Monsey next time.
Hatzlocha and good travels.


I felt last night was a good seminar for me. Even though I think you left me in Honolulu because I had trouble keeping up with you, I learned alot. You opened my mind to the fact that we can do so many things if we learn the systems.


thanks it was gr8


Thanks so much for the seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The end was abit more difficult to follow.
One suggestion perhaps when showing the screenshots of different flight options and searches you can use a laser pointer to help the viewer follow what you’re referring to.


I agree with a baltimore event!


what is the 650 mile trick ?


@Jack2act: I actually disagree with you but everyone has their own opinion and are on their own level.
The first part about credit cards i fealt was much more useful since everyone uses credit cards and the credit history.
The very Lengthy talk about flights and how to search, find cheap award flights and save was good but very long and exausing to many people. I would have to assume “MOST” people dont travel that much so to be in that topic so long with a beginners/intermediate crowd can be interesting but gets exausting for the non frequent flyers.

Yehuda Kohn

Would you be interested in holding a seminar in the Teaneck/Bergen County area? I would be happy to help you organize it.

Thanks in advance,
Yehuda Kohn


Shooot… I wasn’t able to attend, What about an online Seminar with levels in the mileage field. for $$$ of course….


I signed up but unfortunately could not attend. I wonder if you considered an option for a webinar, this way people from all over could benefit.


what can i do with 17k Spirit miles


Please explain at the Lakewood Seminar how to maximize the BA 9000 points on AA and the way to search for all such available destinations.


I was there also and I think a key thing that perhaps you could have explained a little better is the best and most cost effective way to spend money to reach thresholds and not really be speding money . . .

I think that most people that are beginners and intermediates (who this was geared towards) want to know how to I get the most miles and spend the least. For example, while you (Dan) go into a staples and buy gift cards, you see the 5x bonus as money. Most of us see the 6.00 fee. We don’t have enough miles that extra few miles with the bonus are worth as much. We jusy know, open account with X airline, get 50,000 miles, get two tickets to LA with it, close account. Repeat. So for beginners the best thing is most miles from a card, easiest way to reach spending threshold and go somewhere. Therefore, I would have liked a little more time on spending thresholds.


Please consider having a webinar in the future. That way people who live far away get a chance to attend.

thx so much


where can i hear the seminar?


@Yehuda Kohn:
Dan flew in from Cleveland. People drove in from Monsey. Get in a car and drive a bit.


Last night inspired me to HUCA yet again on a Chase 3BM that I was having trouble with. Chase was adamant that I have too many cards open with them and they can’t approve me for anymore. I got approved for the SW business but they refused to approve me on the BA and SP.

When Dan said that he has 14 Chase cards and I only had 10 at the time of my app, I knew that there was a battle to be won.

Just called again and got the SP approved and the BA was forwarded to a “special credit dept” to review and reconsider.

Now I have 12 Chase card (3 business, 9 personal) and hoping for 13!

Peter Tang

any chance you’ll share the slides?

Dovid Uri

Hey great event–Many thanks for your service to our community and the wider community.!!

My feelings at the vent was that most individuals are looking for cheapest way to Israel and Miami 🙂 Most people do not have the time to fly around the world though we had a great ride traveling vicariously through you.

Thanks again!



Loved last night. Great pace going gradually from beginner to more advanced, and allowing every person to take what they can on their level, while reviewing the basics, and showing what else is out there. I thought the snapshots were a great idea, and I loved that you spent time at the end on how to do things right even when spending money (e.g. Priceline, etc.).

Great job all around!


is there any way to get a recording


When will you have a seminar in LA?

Miriam Leah

I wish I could have been there. If there is any way to get a copy of a video or audio recording, I would be very interested. Even if not, sounds ,like you really helped a lot of people understand some very
Complicated info.
Thanks for what you do and your willingness to share your very helpful information.


Is there an app that works for DDF


@isaacbp: Tapatalk


what is suggested for easy cc and good sighn up bonus for chase and amex? Also I’m 1yr au and couple months my own card


I want to do a 3bm for each


As I emailed you, last night’s seminar was excellent. You are extremely articulate and enjoyable to listen to. All of us have gained much knowledge (and quite a bit of extra cash, miles & points) since you started ctownbochur and then dansdeals.
Thanks again for everything (especially go 1,2,3,4,5 etc).



IY”H I’m attending tomorrow night and want to hopefully learn how to fix one’s credit by sending letters to credit agencies. Will we be covering that?

Sarah Leah


Thanks Dan

It was amazing, missed an important social event due to the seminar, but it was well worth it. I learnt a lot I could have picked up online but would have taken hours longer!!


Oh no! I didn’t put it in my calendar! I forgot all about it! I missed it! I had my reservation


any plans for a miami seminar? the web seminar sounds like a good idea… count me in for either one.

We want a webinar!



Great job dan!
I was probably the only neonazi in the audience so I felt a little out of place, but the boys back home will laugh their tuchus ends off when I tell them about this one!


It was a gear experience although I left by the second half it was to much info in a short time!
Thx! I learned a lot!


dan,whats with a monsey seminar


I will be attending the seminar and would like you to address:
Credit cards application with no major income
review issues from american express denial
students applying for credit card with no income and their parents have no income


@Hannah: I think he already has the topics he is discussing.


Right, so having a webinar certainly solves that problem…

Achas Ve'achas

@whYME: Yeah but then no one ELSE finds out…


Why got nasty? why the self hate? you don’t lie his point (which I neither do) just skip it. why the need to comment?

1 more reason for a webinar

@Moishebatchy: Please don’t use this forum as an opportunity to display your hate. Try to be a little more open minded and understand that not everyone has to see thing exactly your way and have exactly your opinion, I call that absolute arrogance. In any event the comment was not intended for you, no one asked you for a webinar, your a nothing, your a nobody, we asked dan for a webinar.


@1 more reason for a webinar: @1 more reason for a webinar: @1 more reason for a webinar: @1 more reason for a webinar:

“Please don’t use this forum as an opportunity to display hate.”

Do what I say and not what I do??? You seem to be responding with “hate” to Moishybatchy as well. He’s a nobody? A nothing? Wow, that’s super kind.

Mimi K.

@1 more reason for a webinar: Right on, Right on!


@1 more reason for a webinar: Why don’t you just join DDF and we can discuss this in depth?


You’re afraid to be seen at a seminar?? Oy.

I was at the lkwd seminar and most of the people there were regular yeshiva guys (including myself).

Nothing embarrassing about doing some hushtadlus to make some extra parnassah.


@1 more reason for a webinar:
If someone if a nobody it’s you. MoisheBatchy is one of the biggest contributers on this site, and is from the most knowledgeable people on the forums.
He has a big say on this site, so he is allowed to express his opposition. Rather, you have no right to bash someone who works very hard daily to keep this site informative and high ranking.


It seems to me this has just turned into a bashing fest.

@1 more reason for a webninar clearly doesn’t feel comfortable coming to a seminar for whatever reason. No one can deny that in our religious circles there are issues of people’s standards and beliefs clashing and this causes some to feel the need to “hide” things.
It seems like Moishybatchy is just taking out his anger on this idea of people who feel the need to hide, or give in to others standards they don’t believe in. And to those who seem to be against working which is a separate issue.

Instead we should encourage @1 more reason for a webinar to work on becoming secure in his beliefs and his actions so that he doesn’t feel the need to hide behind a computer screen. Or maybe he should rethink what he’s doing and if he doesn’t believe in it, stop.

Either way the bashing doesn’t have to take place. I realize when you’re talking online it’s easy to start “fighting” but everyone would be better off either just leaving this alone or trying to have an actual conversation without the bashing.

At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinions (even if their wrong) and their own feelings.


Dan i would like to go to the seminar, at the seminar i would like for you to cover, kitchen sink drains.
Toilet plumbing
and how to build a dry wall


@Pete: @Pete: u seroiuS WHY DID U HAVE TO RIUN MY DAY!!!!!!!