Purim Shtick: DansDeals Mayor Of Lakewood, Shaloch Manos, And Music Videos

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Happy Purim to all my Jewish readers!

Some 20 years ago, a friend of mine who runs Shmais.com used to do a fantastic Purim shpiel section that I loved, but as with any joke post there will be people that love it and people that hate it. Feel free to skip this if you’re just looking for deals 🙂

I started blogging in 2004 and over the years people have sent me random DansDeals references that have made their way into Jewish media and social media.

I’ve compiled some of them here for your Purim enjoyment at my expense.

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Apparently I’m now the mayor of Lakewood, NJ:


And on the Lakewood, NJ school district payroll:


And featured in help columns:

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Or as what you want to be when you grow up:


I apologize in advance to the martians:



Ah the seminar days…


DansDeals Seminar 5 Towns, 1/8/14


Then there was the 3 minute column…

I guess DansDeals has made it if it’s now a Shaloch Manos theme 😉


And a Dan impersonator:


One DDF member’s wife even made him a DansDeals birthday cake:



Over the years I’ve seen some DansDeals mentions in Jewish music videos.

Browsing the old DansDeals site at 2:02:


A shout-out at 0:25:


But this video by the Baltimore’s Choir to Inspire definitely takes the cake. I don’t really have the words to properly convey my thoughts here…but the kids did a great job. My son Rafi giggled hysterically when I showed him the video but he said they lied about one part. He said that really he’s my biggest fan 😀


I will say this much though, maybe they should have cast Benny Friedman as me?


A happy, healthy, and safe Purim to everyone!

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Happy Purim! Your the best! Thank you for everything.




A freilichin Purim


You have a mommy/coupon blog and your making yourself out to be some sort of cultish messiah?! Then what are all the rest of the mommy/coupon blogs?
Get real, and keep doing what you do best and post deals and coupons.
Happy Purim to you.


I was able to give more matanos lievyonim because of Dan’s deals!


lol!!!!! i enjoyed this post, but apparently you need to drink a bit more… except that you’re probably one of those depressed drunks…


While I am at it, can someone be yotzei by transferring UR points?


No, only Marriot Bonvoy


Dan worked hard to get where he is. It’s Purim, be happy that another Jew is successful!


Lol. Ever heard of ddf? This blog has a massive following that contribute material on a huge forums called ddf. There is a wealth of information on there.

Stop by for a visit, and you’ll learn that this blog isn’t a mommy coupon place.


Get real…you don’t know about Dan MHM! 😉

Devorah Leah Lederman

Now THAT’S taking things a little too far, lol!


ditto…its a cute post.


Great call with Beni Friedman 🙂

Mountain Man



Mmm…Purim sticks (drool)


You’re famous, Jewishly


Who doesn’t want a bargain it’s in our DNA
So wishing you many years of bargain hunting and sharing your finds with amcha
A freilachin Purim wdkl-lkwd


thank you dan and have a happy purim and if you dont mind writting a nice tr on your last few months trips would love to know what you did and where you went

ani yehudi

Ditto that for me!! Waiting for your tr’s Dan..

Shulammis Saxon

This was fun to watch! A Freilichen Purim–and thanks for caring about Yiddishe Gelt!


Wishing all of you a freilichen Purim and wishing that we could celebrate Shushan Purim in Yerushalayim. I”YH next year and get all the great dandeals there


If there is a video attached I did not see it so you may want to hold off for a sticky comment


Thank you dan for all that you do. I really enjoy your site. Happy Purim!

Yekusiel G.

The story with Benny Friedman was classic.
Thanx for all the savings Dan. Keep up the great work.

Sylvana Haber

My first cup of coffee and a quick check of Dansdeals every morning! I’m addicted to both!




You also made it into the Yated’s Purim parody news, in the Lakewood section.


True this. Pretty funny piece, actually


Dan all your YouTube links are not working on a mobile phone.


Got it to work after clearing cache.


שמחחת פוררים

Crazy Daddy

Obvious oversight….


Great laugh, and great read, plus well written, as always. Thank you to Dan and his team. Have a Happy Holiday to all!


You are too good of a person (and a mentch) to be mayor of Lakewood, with all their issues, problems, and Chillul Hashems. Purim Parody or not.

Joe s

Love the Benny Friedman story


Dan. Bentch you for the millions you’ve gained for klal yisroel

Dan is the man

Ata pashut gadol, Dan. Gadol. Ayin alecha chabbi. Kappara ! Tamshich la’asot chayil