Quick Thoughts On The Samsung S22 Ultra, And How It Compares To The Google Pixel 6 Pro

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From 2002 through 2011 I was an avid PalmOS phone fan, moderating a PalmOS phone forum, and moving from the Samsung i330, i500, and i550 to the Treo line after Samsung killed off their Palm phones. After PalmOS was killed off, I have been on the Samsung bandwagon since 2011, going from the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S4, Note 4 Edge, Note 8, and  Note 10+.

Over that time, Samsung killed off some features that I loved, like having a user replaceable battery and an IR remote control, but they still had some unique features like magnetic payment via Samsung Pay and micro-SD storage.

But Samsung killed off those final features last year and for the first time in a decade they failed to release a new Note phone.

Last August, Samsung said the Note line was done and instead of releasing a Note, they released 2 foldable phones. I tried the Fold 3, but I was not a fan.

With nothing tying me down to Samsung, I gave the Pixel 6 Pro a shot. It had a great camera, but I found it to be very buggy and didn’t care for Google’s locked down software approach so I went back to my aging Note 10+.

I was excited when the news broke that Samsung would make the S22 Ultra a Note in everything but name.

Samsung.com had major tech issues on the launch date, but eventually I ordered it with $250 in free accessories and $425 off for my Note 10+ trade-in. Samsung raised that trade-in value to $500, which they matched for me. They recently raised trade-in values yet again, and they gave me a site credit to make up for that as well.

Here’s what I think about the S22 Ultra and how it compares to the Pixel 6 Pro.

The good:

  • The plethora of wide-angle and zoom cameras take excellent photos, though the Pixel 6 still has the lead over Samsung for photo quality. However this is a big upgrade from the Note 10’s camera and the zoom lens is really great for far away shots or even seeing detail on the moon. The photo software allowing for background blur and erasing unwanted objects, is also great.
  • The phone runs extremely smooth with 12GB of RAM, with nary a hiccup to be found. And the screen is incredible.
  • I don’t love in-screen fingerprint readers, but this is by the far the best one I’ve tried. It’s very fast and accurate, which is much more than the Pixel 6 can say. And it doesn’t need to brighten the screen like on the Pixel.
  • Face unlock is fantastic and I wouldn’t buy a phone without this. It’s mind boggling that Pixel 6 doesn’t offer this option.
  • 5G is much better than past versions of it.
  • The S-Pen is more responsive than ever and is great for taking notes, coloring, or selecting part of the screen to save. But perhaps it’s most useful feature is using it as a remote control to do things like snap a selfie or better yet, a group picture from afar. It’s unfortunate that the S-Pen shifted from the right side to left, but c’est la vie, at least it’s back!
  • I do like that the volume rocker and power button have migrated back from the left side to the right side.
  • The battery life isn’t anything to write home about, but typically lasts through a full day of heavy usage, which is much better than on my Note 10+. The super fast charging is much better than on Pixel 6.
  • The phone brings back 45W charging, something that Samsung stripped out of the Note 20 and Fold 3, which is fantastic.
  • Samsung allows you to easily hide contacts without phone number, something that Pixel does not.
  • In general, I’m a fan of Samsung’s One UI software, which adds Android customizations that Google has stripped out from vanilla Android as they work to simplify options. For example, with one swipe down, you can toggle your WiFi on and off, something that is stupidly difficult on Pixel. Samsung even allows you to add customizations like adding the brightness bar on top of notifications.
  • Samsung allows you to turn the phone on and off by double tapping the screen, a nice feature.
  • Samsung’s one-handed shortcut app and gestures like screenshot swiping are excellent.
  • Unlike with Pixel 6, my WhatsApp easily restored to my new phone.
  • The phone doesn’t run as hot as Pixel 6.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth work better then on Pixel 6.
  • While Pixel 6 has impossible to remove “At a glance” and Google search bars on the home screen, the S22 is fully customizable, allowing for 7 rows of apps.
  • The look of the camera islands on the back is love it or hate it, but it certainly gives it a distinctive look, which is saying something for today’s slab phones.
  • I love the wide range of colors! I decided to wait a little longer and hold out for the Blue color. It stands out and even gets compliments, again, something that’s rare for a slab phone these days.
  • It doesn’t have any of the bugs that plagued my Pixel 6 Pro.

The bad:

  • I hate that Samsung killed off the micro-SD card. Yes, I went with the free upgrade from 256GB to 512GB launch offer. And yes, my Note 10+ has 256GB of storage and I had a 256GB micro-SD card, so the storage is the same. But I like backing up my photos locally to my computer and now I can no longer just pull out the memory card to do so. Plus I don’t have the redundancy of having it backed up on the card.
  • The phone is expensive, but trade-in offers are generous.
  • Samsung has removed magnetic payment via Samsung Pay, so there are stores, such as Walmart, where you won’t be able to use that feature any longer.
  • The phone is wobbly when placed on a surface due due its array of cameras.
  • I have always enjoyed having a big phone, but as other phones copied the Note’s size, the Note kept getting bigger. I felt like the Note 10+ was as big as a phone should be, but the S22 Ultra is even bigger, thicker, and heavier than it. Frankly, it’s a bit much for my hands to handle, and that’s exacerbated by the Spigen case that I got for it. I got annoyed at how big it was with the case and tried going caseless, though the phone is slick and is sure to drop. I dented a corner doing that before putting the case back on, though I find myself going back and forth. I think that the size of the S22+ is the sweet spot for a phone, but downgrading to the S22+ would mean giving up on the zoom camera, superior selfie camera, the S-pen and more. So, that means my options are between going caseless and relying on insurance when it inevitably breaks, or using the case that makes the phone slightly too much to handle.
    • It’s worth noting that JJ also upgraded to the S22 Ultra and doesn’t think it’s too big, even with the Spigen case.

Overall though, the phone is an excellent flagship device, a worthwhile upgrade from the Note 10, and a worthy successor of the Note line. I’m very happy with it overall.

But to be fair, I got my wife a Pixel 3 when they had the free phone offer in 2018. She tried upgrading to the S22+ for several days before ultimately switching back to the Pixel 6. She didn’t like that the Pixel seemed buggier and didn’t have all the features the Samsung had, but her top priority was the camera and photos is takes of the kids and the Pixel does still have the lead over Samsung if that’s your only priority. Android brand lock-in may be nearly as strong as iPhone vs Android lock-in these days.

Do you have an S22 Ultra or Pixel 6? What do you think of it?

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I was waiting and waiting when will you write the comments 🙂


Still don’t see any significant changes between the S21 ultra and the S22 ultra, except for built in s pen


one number ( 21 to 22)


Glad you’re enjoying your new phone.

One day you’ll be on the iPhone team.

It’s just a matter of time :o)

Enjoy and use your phone for only wonderful things.


IPHONE SUCKS! Apple still lightyears behind in their software and cameras!

Trade in Dilemma

I got the S22 Ultra recently and I love it!

14 days passed, I did not send in my trade-in device, and Samsung charged the trade-in amount to my card. Is there any chance that Samsung would still accept tge trade in? Should I chat with them to see if they can still honor it? Or just ship it back now (I have the shipping label)?


They extended mine twice already. Just chat with them.

Trade in Dilemma

Awesome. Thanks


I miss the MicroSD also, but you can just plug the USB into the computer to back it up, which is less annoying than properly ejecting the MicroSD, removing the case, ejecting the SIM slot, removing the card and plugging it into the computer.
Also note that some cloud backups have a phone app that allows you to back up to the same repository that you back up your desktop to (I sincerely hope you back up your desktop).


Especially if using a laptop with thunderbolt 4. I’m on an S21, and speed is quite impressive.


great post @Dan as always.., was looking to buy the s22 ultra, but hard to justify spending 1300 dollars for it(after taxes on amazon), anywhere that offer it for cheaper now?


Thanks for the article tho I’m still a pixel 6 pro fan.

Did u ever write about iPhone vs android?


AGREED! pixel i did not really find any bugs and camera is still BEST in market!


@dan I’ve tried getting them to match the trade in credit as originally only got 700 for my note 20 5g. But not having any luck any ideas?


Have had a pixel 6 for months and the android interface is clunky and the fingerprint reader is atrocious. The photos are amazing however, so I agree with that.


Nexus/Pixel user since 2015 with no plans on switching brands or OS anytime soon. Currently on Pixel 6 Pro. No issues at all, excellent camera, very good battery.


I upgraded to the S22 ultra 512 (green) as well. My previous phone was also the note 10+ 256 with a 512 GB SD card. So far everything seems to run smoothly besides the battery life is running out very fast. Much faster than the note 10+.it is a bit heavier though. I use the holster shell case from Encased, so it doesn’t feel bulky at all.


Did you ever try the one plus ? How does it compare?

Helpful person

OnePlus has gone down the drain since merging with oppo

Helpful person

I just switched from the OnePlus 9 to the Pixel 6 and that’s because Oxygen OS isn’t nearly as smooth as the Pixels stock android and the pixel is a way smoother phone in general. And yes the OnePlus fingerprint reader works better and it also has insanely fast charging but I still think the pixel is better in general.

Former pixel user

Switched from pixel to Samsung (s22) and very happy. Only thing better about a pixel is as you said, the photos (and batterey)


@Dan Did you get them to match the trade in credit increased offer over the phone or by chat?


I got the s22 ultra. Upgraded from a s9(didn’t want to give up memory slot)
Having issues with voicemail app auto saving voicemails.
And 5g networks sucks.
Service was better when it was 4g only.


Call me old school but I still adamantly refuse to get a phone without an SD card slot. (My ideal phone also includes a 3.5mm jack though I’ve kind of accepted I will need to get past that one day)

Bradley Waddell

never heard of “magnetic payment” – Samsung Pay, and Google Pay use NFC (near field communications) radio to pay and it works great. Would be surprised if your phone cannot run Google Pay – although it does keep changing names.


Samsung owns the patent and it was on their phones and some watches before near universal adoption of NFC with updated terminals. Typically if you find an old terminal that doesn’t support NFC, the magnetic payment often does work. Google pay does indeed work but Samsung has the OS tailored to its own apps…something that is making me want to switch back to a Pixel.


I had the Pixel 2XL which I loved. Pixel 6 Pro is extremely buggy and I can’t wait to get rid of it. I’m debating between the Samsung Ultra and the next iPhone. I’m sure that both will be better than the Pixel, but not sure between the two. iPhone probably better photos and some nice compatibility since I use a Macbook laptop, but I like the idea of having the pen and some things about the Android OS.


Had the pixel 3 and 4 and now I hate the 6. Especially the buggy fingerprint reader and no face unlock.


So no google pay on the S22 either?


Slightly off topic but I am still using Samsung Galaxy S Active 8. I really wish they would bring back the active line but they probably won’t because they are so indestructible. It’s been around 3 years with this phone with outstanding battery life and no case necessary.


What am I doing wrong that I’m not getting my battery to last a full day on my S22 Ultra? I don’t use it it excessively. I’m trying to figure out what to do when I Travel. I need a power bank that will support fast charging. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

A mayivin

Dan, now it’s time to try ‘Good Lock’. You can download it from the galaxy store (barf). It’s a made by Samsung app to customize your Samsung even more.

My favorite section is ‘Home up’:
-You can customize the folders, that when you open a folder, it stays small in reach of your thumb, and not full screen.
– You can shorten the list of apps when sharing something.
– You can change the look of the multi taking.
– You can loopp pages.
– and more…


Just bought a new pixel 3 recently and installed lineage os. Costs $200 for a solid phone with system updates and unlimited Google photos storage. I expect to stick with old pixels for a while.


Very happy with my (free) Pixel 3



BOLDBEAST recorder with Android 12/S22 Ultra?

My S22 Ultra that I ordered via Google Fi 2.24.2022 finally was delivered this week (512GB unlocked) imagine that it was a Beijing/Shanghai shutdown issue IDk.

Loved using BoldBeast since Note9 – was wondering if it’s working for you and if so how did you do it.