Year 4 And Counting!

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Today is the 4th anniversary of this site, which for me means that I just turned 24 years old!

It’s been a heck of year, I’m still amazed that between racking some 50,000 elite qualifying miles (I was a 23 year old single religious jew living in Cleveland…why do you think I racked up so many flying miles?), getting married (!), and finishing up my MBA (I graduate in December!) that I’ve found the time to keep up the site.  And hey-we’re coming up on 2.5 million hits!  Here’s hoping that I can keep it going!

So, any votes for your favorite deal of the year?

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The deal that I helped broker the merger that acquired the most priceless deal Mimi Goldberg Eleff.

loyal reader

Mazal Tov on your 4th anniverssary!
You taught me about alot of interesting happenings on the net…to include the posting (for lack of a better word) of amex close to Xmas…where if u click within a few minutes of it being posted you get great deals or win fabulous prizes (I have). You taught me re starwood. I have gotten to fly business class, and never want to go back to flying any other way!
Thank you, Dan….keep ’em coming:-)


Happy Birthday!
My favorite deal of the year was Alaska Airlines Credit Card.

K must have saved at least a few hundred thousand dollars for people from this website….

Also we can’t forget the tudor hotel deal— unless that was from last year??


thanx for the site…i check it daily. best deal for me would def be my free trip from FLL to the Bahamas 🙂


Happy Birthday!


MAZEL TOV DAN! ! ! ! Favorite “deal” of the year was definitly the frum boy who won on ‘the price is right’!! Awesome job! Keep it up! 🙂


Thanks for the site Dan! Buying coins at face value on my Starwood AMEX, what could be better???????????????????


Any good deals from JFK to LAX are great!


Thanks Dan, Love your site- i went on an all starwood points vacation to the Bahamas recently and I only have a Starwood card since August! all thanks to Dans! You are the best! Congradulations!

joe has got to be one of the all time greats! keep it up dan!!


*this by far is the best deal ever
November 24th, 2005
HOT! 1 GB SD Card $36.99 Shipped After $20 Rebate


$276 rountrip ticket to hawaii and 5 nights hotel.

Yona Doe

Best deal, Business class with AliTalia to tlv for under $500

Best Deal by Far

40,000 starwood points for 6 free southwest flights with a companion pass for a year…


Mazal Tov Dan!!
I really enjoy your site, great deals all the time. Keep it going, with this cold weather we need some more hot deals.


Yasher Koach….new user, but love the site. Keep it up!


LGA-ORD for Succos. I bought 6! you saved me a mint! I am hoping something will turn up for Pesach. Thanks


Hawaii Roundtrip with 5 Nights for $280


Round trip to Hawaii from Pittsburgh for $237! Most Amazing deal ever!


Yona Doe
how do u do alitalia to tlv under 500 in bus class?


loved the free laptop deal, and my trip (and friends trip) to chicago for like 30 dollars on jetblue…only knew about it thanks to you!


dan!keep it up!

best deal:
LAN tlv-jfk for pesach
2 adults 1 child for $1372 !!!!

lets see what happens, the delta deal may not bee too bad!



I didnt know that your are going for an MBA…..
Any good deals on one of those ( tricks,tips….)???


NCO Chassid

The three-dollar LGA-FLL round trip tickets. Some of them were $0 I think.