Welcome To Dansdeals.com! The New Home Of Ctownbochur.com And Ctowndeals.com!

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We’ve finally made it onto our own servers and off of Google’s Blogger platform!

Ctownbochur.com and Ctowndeals.com will continue to forward to Dansdeals.com without interruption.

-There is an easy to use search button at the top of the sidebar

-You can rank any post from a scale of 1-5 by clicking on the stars.

-You can browse past deals via sorting  by category or by month posted.

-The home page currently displays the 40 most recent deals,  at the bottom of the page is a button for previous entries that will take you to the previous 40 deals.

-There is an RSS feed/Firefox Live Bookmarks links for recent comments as well as posts in the sidebar.

Please post any bugs as a comment on this post.

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12 Comments On "Welcome To Dansdeals.com! The New Home Of Ctownbochur.com And Ctowndeals.com!"

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Dan– I tried to sign up online for the AMEX gold business card and was denied online…I dont know why no financial info was taken and i just made up a business name and left out the business ID. Will this hurt my credit that they denied me online???


I cant access any of the articles that you have in the drop downs on the side because it takes me back to blogger and says page not found. thanks.


test comment after DB optimization


Congratulations!! it looks great!!!


come on dan!! the original one was so much better for the treo browser. can you do both??


ctownbochur.blogspot.com gives me a 404 (page not found) error.

My biggest issue with the transition from Blogger is that comments posted on the legacy CtownBochur site will not be migrated to this site.



when I go to http://www.ctownbochur.blogspot.com/ I get

“Page Not Found”


hey dan the blogger is not working i mean the ctownbochur.blogspot.com


Asher-All of the comments from the legacy site have been migrated here.


Hi Dan,

I like the new changes.
ctbochur.com still works for me.



Dan, Mazel tov! Great site! Just need some good DEALs on two more.
1) Cell phone calls from Israel to USA, and USA to Israel, Whats best deal?
2) Best DEALs on flights to and from Israel.


Hi Dan

Good luck on dansdeals!!!
Can you post bank promotions? for example $100 for free when opening a new checking account