To Blog About My Trip-Or Not To Blog?


I’ve never blogged about any of the trips that I have taken in the past. However because it seems that Israel is always a topic of interest in the comments here I was debating whether to write anything about it here.

Is there anything specific you would like to read about?
Reviews of the 5 Starwood hotels that I am staying at?

Or should I just stick to finding deals?

On another note, it’s been a lot of fun bumping into some fans in NYC and here in Israel.

At the Tudor Hotel in Manhattan, where I stayed last Sunday night, I bumped into quite a few people who were there only because they saw the $19 deal on this site!
One couple even told me where to nab a free parking spot for the night!
Free parking in Manhattan? Who knew!

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Could you share the info on the free parking with us?



hey i would love to hear about your trip! why not open a separate blog dedicated to that? that way im sure even the most lubavitch lubavitchers won’t have a reason to complain! (actually on second thought, we’ll probably find something…)


Yes! Tell us everything. I’m vacationing in Israel vicariously through you. Thanks! No sparing of details.


tell us tell us!!!


Yes- I would love to hear about your trip and the hotels that you are staying at…I would also love to hear about this free parking close to the Tudor hotel as I am gonna be there on the 12th!


twitter it


absolutely, Blog away.


no thanks – stick to the deals please!


theres really no need, but if you feel you should, have it elsewhere.


did alitalia honour those $450 tickets from 3 weeks ago?


no need to talk about trip . please stick to the deals


wow ppl thease days are so mean why is it like this dan is allowed his time off even for 365 days a year and plus im sure dan wuled want us to know and im really intrestid in his trip and he can put the deals aside ppl if you pay dan ok i can under stand you dont want his trip not that we wont want to here it but we will want both i rather his trip but you ppl dont give him money exept for ads wich you gaine form the ads also by saving come on such chutzpa for ppl to say strait out like this deals only


Please tell us about the trip!

Asher O

Please blog about your trip.


Hey dan, seeing the blog updated is like a brath of fresh air! i barly survived it..
I would love to hear about your trip!!!
Did you get any upgrades in the hotels? which ones did you stay at..???ETC!!


did you ever notice that most people commenting on the site can only spell up to a fourth grade level? at least use firefox (it has a built in spell checker!!!!)


I’d like to hear a lot more about Florianopolis from your Brazilian trip. Is it worth a vacation from Los Angeles? Where to stay? Where to eat? What to do? Where to daven? Culture, arts? What to watch out for,


know one realy cares how dans trip was . all we care about is the deals . that’s why we come to this website to get the deals . to show hakaras hatov we shop using his ads . but the website is for deals so please stick to the deals.

other yossi

have you seen this?
its a site that tells you how to get through to a human on the phone at loads places.


i didn’t think i’d have to respond, but after seeing some of the messges, i realize i do. we would LOVE to hear about your trip! it’s these personal things that give blogs character.


yes I want to hear about your trip I am sure we all will have somthing to take out of it


what!!! we all come to this website for the deals . wat do we care how your trip was. i agree with anon. please stick to the deals


you people are all so rude!
Dan- please blog about ur trip.
and for those of you who are not interested, simply don’t read it. No one is forcing you.


Im loving hearing about the trip. BTW does anyone want to buy a brand new unused lg vx8600?


Hi Dan,
Please tell us about your trip with your brothers. BTw, i want to travel from jfk to england (lhr) for sukkos. any deals? i would appreciate it.


why is it rude if we don’t want to read someones personal story?? this is dans website and if he wants to he can write about his trip but he asked us for our opinion if he should write about it . and we are answering truthfully that we are not intrested.


please stick to the deals. if u must put it on


only deals please, and how much for the lg vx8600??


As one who uses the deals u post, and benefit greatly all around from your blog, I would love to hear about your trip to Israel. I would love to hear about the bargains, and the places u visit. I hope u have a great fantastic trip…. Zeit Matzliach, un Breng Mashiach,,,,, poil alles gutz at the kevorim…..


Don’t listen to the haters Dan, post away!


only deals please. email whoever wants to hear about ur trip


Dan, this is your site- you can post whatever you’d like!!!!


ya Dan this is your site, you can do whatever the heck you want to do with it, and I say, relax till you get back, dont post deals, dont post ur trip, tell us about it all when u get back and enjoy and relax now, until its all over. ENJOY the rest of it


Personally I don’t care whether he posts about his trip or not. But I just find it interesting that people consider it insulting or “Chutzpatic” that people actually comment that they are not interested in hearing about his trip, when he clearly asked whether he should post about his trip “or should I just stick to deal”.


yes why is it “chutzpadik” if dan himself asked us if he should blog about the trip or not. he asked us for our opinion and we answered truthfullly that we werent intrested. i would agree it was chutzpah if he wrote it and we would tell him we werent intrested. but here he asked us for our opinion!!!!!