The Obligatory Site Anniversary/Birthday Post …

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Well, today’s the 3rd anniversary of this site, which for me means that I just turned 23 years old!

It’s been an exciting year for me:
-I escaped shaken, but thank G-d miraculously unharmed, from an angry slum uprising in Brazil. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!
-I was able to experience Israel for my first time, and spent an incredible 3.5 weeks there. became!
-Dozens of graphic designers submitted logos in a successful logo design competition. They were whittled down to the awesome primary site logo, designed by, which is displayed for about half of the time. 6 secondary logos were just too good to pass up on and rotate the other half of the time.
-This site has continued to grow, and recorded its’ 500,000th hit in February and its’ millionth hit last month.

It’s also been a year of some incredible deals. Please post a comment about what your favorite deal was!

Thank you for your continued support of this site, for posting helpful comments, and for “spreading the word!”

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hey, maybe this will be the year that you break the glass….and fly us all in for cheap!


Happy B-day Dan!

P.s. LOL @ Shadchan…


A big yasher koach for all the deals! Happy birhtday buddy!


Happy birthday!..wishing you a year of lots of success with the site and all else..much thanks for all the deals over the years

huge (thankful) fan

Happy birthday Dan!!! may you go from strength to strength and have only good come your way!


Happy Birthday, Shnas brocho vehatzlocho.
There have been lots of great deal, but the best for me was the free pics on snapfish, where i ordered 2773 pics for under $24.
Keep It Up!

Pittsburgh fam

All that you want (that is good for you) and all that you need (known and especially otherwise) you should receive this year.
If you count 2nd (or 3rd) place, it was a pretty good year in Ohio sports too.
Happy B-Day

Starwood Fan

My favorite deals were by far the citi $100 gas rebate and the more recent $50 rebate. No deal can top FREE MONEY!

Also, all the tips on the starwood points have been priceless.

Thanks Dan, Happy B-Day/Anniversary


Hey Happy Birthday Big day…
Ive been a fan for 3 years already..
I am in israel now and I am trying to get a reservation in the sheraton eilat for chanukah time but they seem to be sold out of rooms. Are you a SPG platinum or know of anyone that is? I think thats the only way I can get a room. Any other ideas? Thanks


So now that you are 23, when was your birthday? whats the Hebrew date


mazal tov, and thanks a MILLION for helpin out all us average joes…


Happy B-day, till 120.

The best deal by far for me is…… Sprint Sero.
The savings pile up monthly.
Thanx, keep it up.


Happy birthday!
Best deals for me have been the amex platinum that they gave $250 to sign up and $130 as goodwill and they still have not charged me the $400 annual fee!
Also I transferred 50,000 Continental miles for the 12 Southwest tickets with the companion pass!


Happy Birthday. Shnas Hatzlacha Bakol, Bgashmius Uberuchnius.

This is a great site; I have been coming here for a long time (almost from the beginning).

Great deals I use/used:
Cozi/Shuuterfly free photo books.

free book

I love the free shutterfly books!


Happy B’day!!

one of your best deals was the AMEX Starwood Cards, I also took advantage of your ad – 625.00 Israel Special, May hashem bless with all the best, what a great zechiya you have to save yiddish gelt!


happy b-day. the best deal was the $100 gas rebate as I got it about 7-8 times.


Machoyil El Choyil!!!

Stay safe and keep on pumpin out those deals fer us unwashed masses!

Starwood Fan

Hey Dan,

I just got a brand spankin new, 4 GB Ipon Nano 3rd Generation, free from the KEY Bank promo you posted a while back. THANK YOU.

You da man!


happy b-day the best deal was the starwoods card hands down


happy birthday! thank you very much for all the work you do for us


Happy Birthday!

My favorite deal was:
The $100 dollars back from Citi (I made 1200 dollars off them, 4 credit cards x 3 promotional periods).

The Bub

Happy birthday Daniel, Knew you had a thing for numbers when at well under a year old you set every calculator and remote to all number 8s. May you choose your paths well and have a content and happy heart.(4am) (9:30am(Just found out that it does not go on the web site with out your ok. Hashem help you to pick just the right mate -someone kind, loving, fun, thinking,forgiving and accomplishing and not afraid of getting stuff done. May you always be able to find chein in other peoples eyes. They should know you not only think through their problems you care about them. And my darling,If your near me or not I’ll always be here to hold your handti. The Bub