Thanksgiving For 9 Years Of Blogging

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Exactly 9 years ago on my 20th birthday, while on bochur shlichus (volunteer mentoring/teaching) for the year in Brazil, I started  That would evolve into,, and finally in 2007 when the previous owner of the domain name let it expire and I snapped it up for $8.

There’s always something about birthdays and deals for me.  Sure my birthday always falls around Black Friday, though Black Friday used to be very different than it is now as I wrote about here.  Now you would have to be nuts to wait outside in the cold as it can all be found online for less though the deals this week are always great.

In 2010 my wife planned an elaborate surprise birthday party for a Saturday night but had to ruin the surprise to get me to leave my computer.  I wasn’t just being obstinate, there just happened to be free tickets to Vegas with free Limo transfers, free nights at the Bellagio, and free Cirque tickets going on that night. Even got lamb chops and rib-eye comped on that trip. So I went to the party and at the party I wound up booking all-expenses paid trips for myself as well as all of my friends…quite the party favor.  In 2011 smack in middle of my son’s first birthday party there was the 4 mile island glitch with first class tickets to Hong Kong for just 4 miles that multiple DDF readers nabbed by flying that very week.  And of course this past Saturday evening was the crazy United fun. Can’t even imagine what would have been if the  Vegas and United deals didn’t start on shabbos 😉

I’ve been writing about deals that I come across as well as my own life experiences along the way just about every day since 11/26/04.  I’ve come a long way during the 9 years, I got smicha in 2006, almost got killed in an angry Brazilian riot in 2007, completed my MBA and got married in 2008, and had a beautiful boy and girl since then as well. Over the past year I’ve gone from being a shy guy in person to speaking in front of thousands of people over 5 DansDeals seminars.

In the meantime, I’ve flown on several hundred free flights thanks to learning how to generate millions of free frequent flyer miles and hotel points (and hopefully you have too!).  And those first class suites and 5 star hotels are a whole lot more fun when you’re flying with someone special.  It’s been awesome to explore the incredible world that G-d has given us and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Anyway, just wanted to thank every one of my readers for coming along for the ride 😀

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I need a tissue! 😉 thanx dan


a very happy birthday “od maiah v”esrim” keep up your good work much nachus from your family


Happy birthday
Thanks for all the great deals


Thank you dan


Mazel Tov!! Thanx for an un believeable site!(And forums)!!


Thanks Dan for all your work and for helping jewish families save millions of dollars and have fun at the same time.


#Happy Birthday!!!!!


its my birthday thursday and my Hebrew one was yat kislev dan

Bal habus

Anyone have a deal on a birthday cake for Dan?


Dan! You ROCK


Thanks for the “work” you do.
Great job & happy birthday!!


Happy Birthday, Dan! Thank you for all you do!!



Azis Papa

What a beautiful story. May it and you continue m’chayil l’chayil together with your family. And thanks for taking us along for the ride. Happy Birthday!


free tickets to Vegas with free Limo transfers, free nights at the Bellagio…
How dare you tease us with deals we missed, years later.
Just kidding.

It’s been neat riding with you, Dan. Very Happy Birthday!


You are the best!!! Many more years!!


Hey dan! thanx so much! i am a kollel wife who really wanted to EY, but could never afford it! my brother got me hooked onto ur website and now i can afford to go thanx to you! i trans 50k over to klm and paid 500.00 in taxes for two ppl! used 80k ihg points plus anniversary night for my hotel stay and now i get to go to EY in jan for 500!!!! i really needed a vacation and i now get to hav one thanx to you! i also stayed in a beautiful marriott 2 bedroom suite in philly for free!!!wud have costed me over 1000.00 if i wud’ve paid!!! youre the best!!!! HAPPY BDAY!!

Simcha liff

@dan after using a full box of kleenex tissues i realize im a true chossid of u dan ,u are my mentor


I guess all I can say is “thank you”!


Happy Birthday!!!!
Thanxs for all the awesome deals you hook us up with Ur amazing!!!!!!!

big fan

happy birthday! Lots of nachas mazel and bruche in all your endeavors! I’m hooked on ur site for the past year and a half and it’s been an awesome experience! Ur good nature and generous heartcomes through all the time… Thanks a lot! (btw, perhaps you should share some sholem bayis tips, as it seems you have the tricks of the trade- I mean it seriously)


@dan does that mean your retiring lol 🙂


Thanks Dan, you’re an amazing person, and thank you for posting amazing deal after amazing deal.

And special thanks to your wife, for putting up with it all!


Dan, thank you very much.


Happy birthday Dan the Man! You are awesome and have afforded my family and I the opportunity to travel and create memories that are invaluable. Yasher koach and lots of nachas and simcha!


U rock bro!!!


Yup Dan Amazing stuff! no words are enough for what you do! Thanks


Awesome ride Dan, wouldn’t miss it for anything. Happy Birthday!


We love you! thanks for always posting! i have gained a lot from your blog – miles, points, and just tips in general. Thanks


Happy Birthday and anniversary! Wow, I am surprised by your Smicha, and MBA. I thought it most take you the better portion of the day to surf the web.

I truly appreciate your work, keep it up!


Happy birthday! Keep up the good work. Your blogging has been extremely helpful! Not just travel tips/deals but also just about anything one can get, at a deal of course!


i always thought tht u must have smicha given ur brilliant mind
happy bday!!!!!


Happy birthday
And thank you very much for all your help


Happy birthday till 120 gezunterheit. thanks for the great deals that saved me money,


I enjoyed your lovely summary. Many more years and deals ahead.

SoCal Dude

Although we should always be thankful for what we have, this is the season of thanks. I want to say “Thanks” for “Giving” us your knowledge, tips, suggestions, etc., many times not just as a broadcast message on the site or DDF but also as a detailed reply to someone who has a specific issue concerning themselves. That’s above/beyond your duty and it’s very much noted. Thank you.


Thanks and happy birthday!


happy Birthday Dan!
Thanks for all the deals over the years.




Happy Bday Dan and thank you for the formal education and constantly keeping us ahead of the curve and at breakneck speed




Happy birthday, Dan! Here’s to many more years of doing what you love in health and in happiness! Mazal Tov!

yitzy pitzy

I envy your Olam Habbah! my brother living in Israel was able to attend my wedding with his wife & baby because of you made my Simcha so much more exciting for the whole extended family.keep up the good work till 120 together with your bountiful beautiful family


Beautifully put! Major awwww! Many long happy years.


It’s all of us who thank you for all your knowledge and help.
Happy Birthday to you and your blogs!


Mazel Tov, and thank you!


Thanks for the good wishes everyone!!!


@Dan: any deal from nyc 2 mia for any weekend in the near future? Thanx!!!

Igor Ivanovich

Happy Birthday Dan!

May you have continued siyata dishmaya shelo tetze takala mitachas yadcha, osher, menuchas hanefesh, nachas kodesh and arichas yamim! Continue to be mekadesh Shem Shamayim!


Bravo !! Well said Dan, and great name too !

Rav Shach

Zal Zein G’bentched

Thank you!

Thank you for the awesome United deal!! Second time I’m booking tickets with your deals!!!

dan fan
Willie Hochman

Mazal tov and many more years of success.
Best deal we got this year was $350 tix on ELAL. Thanks


Thank you for this inspirational note! Where in Brazil were you? Most of my family is there. Happy Chanukah!


Happy Birthday and Mazel Tov on your blogging achievement. I’m glad to be a part of it! My son is heading to Israel in May or August to join the IDF. I will be watching for deals!


Mazel Tov and Tizku L’Mitzvos!!!
A Freilichen Chanukah everyone!


happy birthday dan……….. thanks for all the valuable info. i am stuck with 8,000 united milesplus that i cannot use….. any one know what i could do with them ???


Happy Birthday, Daniel! AMUS”H!