Stay Away From WD Passport Hard Drives!


I’ve been preoccupied trying to figure out how to recover important files from 2 of my WD passport hard drives.

They were working just fine 2 days ago, but today I discovered that one of them has what appears to be a dead motor, and the other has bad sectors!

Lesson learned-Avoid the ultra-portable WD passport hard drives like the plague! (and maybe all WD hard drives in general?)

At least I bought them from Costco, from where they’ll be sent right back to WD where they can keep the garbage they sell…

At any rate if anyone has used any good data-recovery companies please let me know!

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next time use raid 5 and scsi system and have back up


Asher O

I feel your pain, HD failures are terribly annoying. Sometimes the data you have on a drive is worth (lots) more than the drive itself.

Remember to always back-up critical data.

On a side note: Costco returns are probably sold by the pallet as scrap/salvage. I once worked for a guy who would buy pallets of this junk from Best Buy, Circuit City etc.

Asher O

I just remembered, I have numerous 2.5″ Hitachi and Seagate HDDs and i’m very satisfied with their performance/durability.

They’ve fallen numerous times and i remember being sometimes surprised they were still working.


sorry that this happened to you. I mentioned it some time back in a comment on a deal you posted for these HD’s. I had a similar problem, stuff on the drive with alot of sentimental value, but not enough to shell out the thousands for recovery. They’re cute and all, but unreliable, very poor motor, thats what all the ‘experts’ I spoke to say.


is it fair to totally bad mouth the company solely of 1 bad experience?
maybe it was the cables or your computer/laptop port!
I had a maxtor hard drive, it crashed and after a couple times of this happening i investigated and found out it was the laptop firewire port!


First of all, it wasn’t one bad experience, both of my WD passport hard drives are problematic.
And I’ve tried them with multiple computers and cables as well.

Second, their tech support was completely unhelpful.

Third, I’ve done a few google searches on these passport drives, and it seems everyone has had problems with dying motors on these things.

If you have a passport drive, be sure it’s backed up somewhere else as well!


Costco has mandatory agreements for the vast majority of their products that they have the right to return the item to the manufacturer for a full refund if the customer returns the item.

That was how they were able to have the amazing return policy.

The reason they changed it was because of the lost profit from selling the item, but they get back the base cost from the manufacturer either way except in very limited circumstances.


Those who are looking for a Media doctor
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@ anon 10:13

are you trying to say that he should dedicate 1/3 (or 1/howevermanydrivesyouhave) of his hdd space for the added ‘protection’ of a raid5 and have a backup elsewhere?

using SCSI of all things.
SATA is cheaper.


I actually work in data recovery so if you are interested send me an email