Special Welcome To Consumerist Readers!

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Consumerist.com is a great website/blog filled with pro-consumer tips and stories. After they ran a story on Thursday about Delta’s retroactive baggage fee I let them know that according to Delta’s contract of carriage you have the right to demand a refund due to the rule change.

Their current top headline is “Delta’s Retroactive Baggage Fee Entitles Travelers To A Full Refund,” with a link back to the 2nd checked bag fee roundup that I wrote back on April 23rd.

So I’d like to give a special welcome to any consumerist.com readers who have found their way over to DansDeals.com!

Along with practical advice, credit card tips, mileage promotion scoops, and travel information you’ll find some of the best deals, free stuff, and price mistakes available on the web right here at DansDeals.com.

Ask any question that you may have (well, almost any question!) and either I or one of the many helpful commenters will try to help you out.

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loyal reader

I dont know how to work facebook to sign up to get your messages. I opened an account. do u post there instead of here or before here?


When you are logged into facebook just go to the Dansdeals.com facebook page and in the right sidebar choose the option to “join this group.”

The next time there is a really good deal you will receive an email alert!


so i got that nuvi 260 thru your site…any ideas about where to get like a case, beanbag mount,etc???