Some Of The Deals I Did In October…

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Update: There’s been a ton of comments made on older deals referenced to in this post that nobody will ever read…
Feel free to ask/comment on any of these deals right here in this post or better yet, take the discussions to where the discussion won’t die when the deal falls off of the front page.

Ever wonder which deals I actually do myself in a given month? Here’s a roundup for October:

-Deposited $60,000 of US Mint dollar coins. It looks like this is the end of the deal as the no-limit Native American coins appear to no longer be available. (Total coins deposited to date? 250,000!!!)

-Opened the new AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card for the 15,000 MR Points Signup bonus.

-My wife and I accumulated 44 stays at Hyatt hotels during October.  The total cost was $2,750 for 325,000 miles and hotel points, top-tier Diamond status with confirmed suite upgrades until 2011, and 22 free nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort in the world.

-My wife and I both opened up Chase checking accounts to get 50,000 Continental miles.

-I was able to order $120 in Borders GC’s for just $60 after $20 in instant savings and 40% off…unfortunately by the time I confirmed that the order went through and went to make a post about it Borders no longer allowing the 40% off coupon to work on the $60 GC package.

-Picked up a free after rebate LCD mount.

-Hopefully I’ll be getting a free ticket from Virgin America thanks to all 10 of my “Golden Tickets” being used…we’ll see if it really comes…

-Picked up to 2 tickets to visit the in-laws in Kansas City thanks to Continental matching Southwest’s $25-$100 zone sale.

-Got a Canon battery for just a quarter with free shipping.

Got a $25 Piperlime GC for ordering a $10 pair of flip flops after a 20% off coupon.

-Opened a Key account to get $275 cash.

-Tried to get some Dippin Dots at BJ’s for just $1.79 after a coupon, but they were sold out of the parve Rainbow Ice flavor.

-Picked up 5 Paul Fredrick monogrammed shirts for just $19/each plus shipped.

-My wife and I both got Windows 7 Ultimate Edition for free!

-Got a few codes for free Hardcover Photo Books from Shutterfly, already made a few incredible looking books!

-Picked up some AA miles and extended the lives of my entire family’s AA miles thanks to Bose. and 700 Continental miles as well.

-Got a bunch of free Banana clothing from their 15th anniversary bash including a couple of $100 winners (sometimes it pays to be signed up for spam in all of your email accounts!)

-Helped my Aunt and Uncle book 2 Continental reward tickets to go to Israel right when the rates went down from 90K to 75K with the switch to Star Alliance.

Now I just need to find a good place to burn some Hyatt nights! Any suggestions? Park Hyatt Sydney ($1,200/room value), Park Hyatt Buenos Aires ($600/room value), Grand Hyatt Kauai ($400/room  value)? Any other suggestions for the best bang for the buck?

Do I have too much time on my hands? Which deals did you do this month? Anyone else go crazy at Hyatt?

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maybe you dan can help me. im looking for a good laptop to buy for cheap. im looking for like a 15 inch screen with 320 gb hard drive and 3-4 gb ram. any deals come your way?


how were u able to open a key account if you did the gps offer?



Easy…I have a wife!


Hey Dan can i ask you a quick question? I have 135,000 skymiles and i wanna reserve two award tickets to Europe from Minneapolis for my graduation trip.. when should i book the flight using the miles? Should i use the points for domestic flights and wait until spring promotion? I tried spending my miles for a round-trip to Tokyo for christmas but it requires 120000 points instead of 65000.. so ridiculous..


Doesn’t opening all those CC acounts look bad on your credit report?


Delta’s miles are by far the worst domestic miles. It’s very hard to redeem for what you want at the lowest level.
Just keep on checking for your Europe flights as mileage availability can change daily.

Also be sure to call Delta to have them check for availability on partners like Air France, KLM, or Alitalia.

No. That’s what they want you to think 😉
My credit score is in the upper 700’s and I’ve opened and closed hundreds of cards over the past few years.


I hear that some banks no charge to deposit cash. Is this legal? Does chase do so? Which bank did you use for your coins shtick?


I’ve deposited coins at Chase, Fifth Third, Key, National City, and US Bank.


“I’ve opened and closed hundreds of cards over the past few years.”

That’s good to know. But I thought there’s no point to canceling cards, that it’s better to just let them sit in a drawer. Not true?


Do you have to cancel an existing american airlines credit card to apply for the same one again and still get the bonus?

shlomo stein

check out park hyatt milan its unreal!!

loyal reader

Dan, thanks for the laughs. I am impressed with what you’ve done…but, how do u have all this time to do this? It takes me hours to do do even a fraction of what you have done!


Do you pay the AA credit card’s annual fee? How long does it take for the miles to post? Do you cancel the card before applying for a new one?


@Dan/Ctownbochur: Thank! Is there any better way to use the skymiles then?


I’m glad everyone liked the post…maybe I’ll do it again in the future.

You can still transfer credit lines, change cards into other card types, and apply for a new card every 60 days.

Do you have any income? You can try calling them up and saying you don’t want to release you tax data and would just like a small credit line…have you tried for the cheaper AA cards or the AA AMEX from Citi?

If the cards have an annual fee you better believe there’s a point to canceling!

No, You can have at least 2 of each Citi AA card type. (Business, Consumer, AMEX). I’ve never tried getting more than 2.

@shlomo stein:
It does look nice, but is it worth going to milan in the winter?

@loyal reader:
Practice makes perfect…zrizin makdimim…

The miles post on the same statement that you meet the $750 in spending. I open a 2nd card and then transfer the credit line over so I don’t take a hit to my total available credit by closing it out. One of my AA cards is closing in on a 100K credit line!

Did you try searching for it?

Did you try calling up delta to check for availability on their partners?


60 days between apps of the same card.
You can do all 3 in one second thanks for IE/FF/Chrome…


Do i need to do them all at one shot? MC -AMEX & BUS?


dan, i applied and got approved for a citi mc aa, and two days later applied for the visa aa and was told that i needed to wait the 60 days. how did you do 3 in one month?


Is the shutterfly photo book offer still valid?


if I bought a laptop on my starwood a few years ago, and close it now, and then reapply, can i still cash in on the “extra year of warranty” from the first card? I still have other amex accounts open…


dan i read the post but unfortunately i didnt understand what you meant “You can do all 3 in one second thanks for IE/FF/Chrome…” are you suggesting if you click all three the same time you will get approved for all three w/o waiting the 60 days? dont they review the applications and see that you did that?


dan : you use the $750 for 25000 miles offer? what happened to the old 20000 just for signing up?


I think you understand perfectly.

There are 30k/35k links floating around.
I beleive the 20K ones are dead.


but there is no downgrade from AA card? is there? so you ask to transfer you credit line to the new card?



where do i find a link to the 35k or 30k offer?
first year free?




how much time do have to click all three?
a minute? a second? 2 seconds?….?

does it ALWAYS work?


I just downgraded an AA card to a hilton card the other day.
I think the 30K offer link has been posted on
The 35K is only after spending 10K = 45K total miles.

Nothing always works my friend.
Experiment and discover for yourself.


i called to downgrade my AA MC and rep said theres no such thing as a downgrade.
either he was clueless or the downgrade only works for AMEX (?)

anyway dan thanx for the ideas!!! keep em coming


They can do it, just ask for a manager.


dan,I live in lakewood and no bank around here wants to accept my 10,000 in dollar coins( they are all still sealed and rolled). Do you have any ideas for me? is there a bank in brooklyn that would take them if I shlep them in? I called Chase 800 and they told me its up to each bank to accept or not. I need to get these out of my house and deposited asap. ANy help would be appreciated


I say Hyatt in Bunoes Aires its a beautiful city and a awesome hotel was there last year…While your there go to Iguacu and stay in the Sheraton Iguacu also a great hotel


I’ve never seen Visa offers as good as the MC offers.

I’ve found Chase to be very accommodating.

Iguacu is indeed mindbogglingly beautiful, I was there in 2005 but I’d love to bring my wife there!
It’s a shame that the Sheraton Igaucu has gone from a cat. 2 to cat. 5 in the meamtime!

What kind of other stuff would you recommend to do in BA? Is December a good time to go to BA or will it be too hot? How far is the Park Hyatt BA from the jewish community or kosher restaurants?


both visa and mc are same… 30,000 after $750…? found it in the forums…


I currently have 5 citi m/c card. 1 bronze and 4 platinums. I tried consolidating them but they told me that due to the new cc laws, they dont know how it will apply to this, so for now I can do it. I dont want to close cards as I dont want to lose the credit, So I applied for another one, just to get the bonus miles, and they told me that I have the maximum number of cards allowed. Dan, did you ever have such a thing? is it indeed so? or dont they know what theyre talking about?


Let’s bring all Citi AA card questions/duscussion over to



dan which chas banks please? any in BP or Flatbush? I dot want shlep four boxes to bank and have them tell me ” we dont have the capacity to take that kind of deposit” please let me know and thanxs for the response


I live in Cleveland, so unless you want to come to a Chase here I wish you the best of luck!

Maybe a NY’er will help you out and post a comment about a good bank.

Seems somewhat hard to believe that no bank anywhere around you will take the coins…I’ve only encountered a couple banks that have ever rejected a deposit.


Im telling you dan there insnt one bank in a twenty mile vicinity of lakewood that will take these coins. Any NYers help would be appreciated


Impressive! I wonder just how many lakewooders are doing the mint thing to make every bank reject accepting them???


35k? link?


@Anonymous: Try Toms River!


@Anonymous: It would most probably help to actually have an account at the bank. No bank would take the coins if yo didn’t have an account.


Dan if you want to move a discussion to the forums, could you please post the relevant link.


Anyone should feel free to start a post at


Coins:Bank of America will take them (you might need a checking account so worse case you can opened one online and it free always so once you open the account online the. Drive into Brooklyn)

everyone is nutz

citbank in flatbush LOVES them(dont know why)
citibank in lakewood HATES them(do know why)
chase is an extremely greedy bank nowadays so they are very hard to get through -even though im premier…(at least on this side of the us


@ anon
I have deposited a total of 75k in coins in various chase branches around brooklyn and have never been turned down.


the apple bank in crown heights on albany ave will NOT take the dollar coins.
they have a policy that you are only allowed to deposit 250 coins a day, and every coin thereafter they charge you 20 cents.
after a few day of bringing 250 coins a day, they told me that i can not bring any more, otherwise they will charge me. i told them that their bank policy allows it. i was then told that the manager has the right to “bend the policy” when it suits them!!!!
understandably, due to horrible customer service, i have since closed my account and moved to another bank (chase)


You posted a little while ago about a free book in snapfish. when i tried to order it they said it expired in Nov. 2008. was this a mistake or is it still going?


I’m in NY, I give my coins to Astoria Federal, never had a problem with 4k- 5k.


to aron- which Astoria federal in NY?- to READER which Bank of America Branch are you reffering to? If I open an account with them I want to know which branch I should go to. thank you


dan for the chase bank account dont you need to set up direct deposit to get the 25000 miles