So Apparently The DansDeals Facebook Group Does Have A Point…

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If you only read you’re missing out on half the fun.

-DDF (DansDeals Forums) is an incredible resource for trip planning, mileage collecting, credit card info, deal hunting, and so much more. Many of the deals I post originate there, so people that follow it religiously get a heads up before the masses.

-You can get live alerts of deals via Twitter and have Twitter text you about new deals.

-You can like and get alerted of deals on the new DansDeals Facebook page.

-You can follow my travels and more on Instagram.

And then there’s the DansDeals Facebook group, where there are 26,700 people discussing just about everything under the sun. It consists of mostly the same old questions that are repeated every day as there is no order or Wiki for Facebook groups like there is on DDF. When I started the group Facebook allowed me to mass email all members when there was a great deal, but Facebook took away that functionality. The main reason the group still exists is that its members banded together in protest when I suggested that the group be deleted.

But today a nice thing happened. A member and her 3 kids were stuck in the TLV airport for 26 hours during a delay. She lives in Chicago, but was only able to make it to NYC before Shabbos today. What followed was pretty awesome. An absolute outpouring of offers for free rides, hospitality, and food. It worked out in the end, but the post is well worth the read.

It takes an awesome moderation team to keep things in order and it’s no easy feat, but posts like this show the good that can happen when the power of 26,700 people can be harnessed in one place. And that brought a smile to my face today.

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Wow!!! Mi Ke’amcha Yisrael!!!

Good Shabbos to all!


Dan so don’t wana hear no more that sentence anymore : “an i still have no idea why this group is all about”.


But is it safe?

M. L.

Good to hear that!!!!
Thank You for posting that here as I don’t have Facebook and don’t plane to have an account
Shabbat shalom

baruch kaufman

how can you dare suggest that people get facebook accounts when you know how much harm it causes.


@baruch kaufman: no one suggested anything except for your ignorance and twisted view on an inspiring story. Have a good shabbos mevorchim and try not to call others out for things you don’t agree with. Even if that’s your life’s mission.


Baruch Kaufman – please let’s increase ahavas chinam. I too do not use Facebook nor do my teenage children. I agree that it can be very dangerous. That being said, without giving a haskama to certain uses of technology, one can and should always cheer any situation when one Yid grabs an opportunity to help out another. While we individually should be vigilant in our own shmiras mitzvos, the mitzvah of giving others mussar or tochacha has specific limitations which would make it impossible for most regular people to give mussar en masse to untold amounts of unknown people. Giving chizuk to klal Yisroel plants a seed which can grow and see great reward. Kol hakavod to all the baalei chesed, who reached out to help their fellow Jew! Gut Shabbos.


Jeez! You guys ever consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Baruch Kaufman was joking?


That’s so beautiful!


but it misses me 😉


Ashreinu, mah tov chelkainu, a mah naim yerushaseinu


Why joking. Its a Mitzvah Habah BAveiru


@Mendy: Ever thought that Baruch Kaufman was right, although maybe he should of suggested it in a nicer way. Are you going to come to the rescue when my daughter falls prey, due to all those social stuff. Maybe we should be more careful about suggesting that people follow us on facebook and all the alike (which was the part BK was referring to in Dan’s post).

baruch kaufman

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding earlier, I was in no way trying to give tochacha (mussar). I’m not in the position to do that at all. I was just talking out of hurt, after losing a good friend to that garbage so I couldn’t stay quiet. But, I wasn’t trying chas v’shalom tring to tell other people how to lead their lives, that is not any of my business. The churban came because of sinas chinam not facebook or the like. anyways I did like the story and I hope that Dan send it to us “only-website” users also so that we can share in Klal Yisroel’s simcho’s

Please forgive me for the misunderstanding,may we only have peace.