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Update: Due to a bug I have temporarily disabled the highlighting feature, you will still be able to search posts and comments, but the search terms won’t be highlighted.

-You are now able to search for anything written in posts and in comments.

-The term that you search for will now be highlighted on the search results page.

-When you click on the comments of a post that came up during a search, the search term will be highlighted every time it is mentioned in the comments.

-If a post that comes up during a search has no highlighted words, than the search term only appears in the comments on that post.

-A general note about this site’s search functionality: The more search terms that you enter, the less results you will get (the search is set up to only look for posts that contain all search terms) By using fewer search terms you will get more results back…

I’ve also added a favicon. Think you can do a better job? Send it on over and share your work with the world (or at least quite a few thousand people…)

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search for words on any website by using ctrl+f in firefox it should bring up a search bar at the bottom of your browser


oh and the favicon looks nice in my bookmarks


True, but ctrl+f only searches what’s currently being displayed on the site, not the site’s history.

Glad you like the favicon!

Other Guy

Awesome Dan! I always wanted to search Comments! I was also wondering when you would make a favicon…

Keep it up Bro!


Scrable to the rescue. You can go to Google and type sprint

And that will search the site. There is a whole series of videos about how to use search engines.

Then you can also make a – to exclude a word and ~ for smiler words “____” for a phrase. Dan maybe i can make a post about this?