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Originally posted 1/18 @ 12:20pm
I’m going to be driving some 5 hours to Chicago today to spend shabbos there, after which I’ll head off on my $72(Round trip!) Jetblue flight to Long Beach, CA. (Although that can’t compare to similarly priced flights in the past to Iceland, Fiji, Or Hawaii, at least it’ll let me escape from the snows of Cleveland!)
Expect somewhat lighter posting through 01/29…

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bloggers of your caliber have been known to have someone as a proxy or surrogate to blog in their place.

i hereby submit my humble offer to volunteer for the job

(sorry, not much good with the travel deals though)


California is freezing over as well 🙁
there was a blizzard on the i-5 north of malibu, closed the road.


Hey Dan,

Where are you spending shabbos exactly in Chicago (what shul) ?

Would love to take you out for a nice dinner Sat. Night since you make me thousands of dollars a year.

Of course I would use one of my 4 Starwood cards to pay but none of the restaurant.com coupon places are any good.

How about a phat 24 oz. steak at shallots for a melava malka ?

Just tell me the shul I’ll find you.


hey Dan,
I’m in Chicago too I’d love to meet up with you and thank you in person for all of the help you have given me and continue to give me.

Can we meet up? Is that possible?



(I was anonymous in the last post)I meant to put my e-mail address in that post.


hey dan
big kudos to you
in the past month i made almost a grand for making a few phone calls
250 american express business platinum charge card
250 american express business gold credit card
200 american express business platinum credit card (50 i will have to pay them cuz i will keep it for a couple of months)
100 citi credit protector
50 first incentive not to cancel
50 second incentive not to cancel
all for spending less than one hour on the phone
in return may hashem give you all the brachos
p.s. you cant sign up for the amazing 250 bonus from american express business without an rcp code that is why i only got three cards


Hey, for a phat 24 oz. Steak, I’ll come to Chicago for shabbos!!!


hey dan your fans in cali also want to say thanks. would u go out with a girl? i’d love to treat u to a meal at LaGandola. let me know, Sarah


Dan I think you need an agent..lol
I volunteer.


do you know of any deals i can get for a round trip ticket from cali to new york……..on feb. 6 and returning feb13


Due to popular demand…my chicago schedule.
iy”h I will be davening friday morning at the mesivta, shabbos at chabad of skokie, and sunday in the ord continental presidents club in term. e.

Personal audiences are now being auctioned off on ebay-use the buy it now option and you’ll be guarenteed to come out of it a millionaire…after mail-in-rebate…(j/k)

I’m glad to see I’ve helped you guys make some money- and don’t worry I won’t abondon you for the week and a half!

-sent from my treo.


Hey Dan, I just got this email. I think they are refering to your site

Dear Sir or Madam:

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your interest in Glenfiddich single malt scotch and our hip flask program.

Unfortunately, it has been necessary to institute an early discontinuation of the program as the supply of flasks has been depleted. As you may or may not know, we have run this program consistently since January 2004 and have always had the stock available to supply our loyal customers. Unfortunately, in September 2006, this offer was picked up on some “free deal” websites and we received over 60,000 requests in September and October 2006 alone. Our supply was exhausted before we even knew what hit us!

Again, we do apologize to our loyal consumers who the offer was originally intended for. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


William Grant & SonsUS Importer,
Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky

DISCLAIMER: This email was sent from Glenfiddich’s Automated Email Information System, so please do not reply.

Thanks for looking out for us. I enjoy your site and the discounts on it


hey dan
i was looking for info regarding combining accounts (business-consumer, and business-business) and i cant find it can you please post about it
in the past few months i got ten new credit cards (and a hell-of-a-lotta rewards) but now i want to consolidate a bit


Yes Dan I have the same question as MTSB .which card should I keep?and is there a right way to clse a credit card-on the right in closing a credit dard you write only about combining not closing-please help me


when consolidating cards after the year is over what do we do about the yearly fee ? please help


anon 4:10
when u consolidate just before the year is over sign up again and get another free year and then consolidate
i think it was clear from the post on how to cancel


I’ve done that but they would just move some of teh credit from 1 card to the other so I would get the new acc.and teh 20,000 k in bonus miles just that the acc. remained open


you need to lrt a biling cycle of no activity pass before thy can fully consolidate the account



i applied for the starwood amex business (deal which you reposted this week), and i just got an e-mail that i need to call them to verify business phone number and to verify business company name. what do i give them when i call?


just call them and give them your company name (whatever it may b) and for business no. give them your cell
i did the same and i have five amex business cards


%15 off at motorola store coupon code FRND_32353



MTSB is there a right way to close a credit card?To churn a card Do I have to cancel or close the card or can I just apply again .and after how long v=can I reapply for a card?


anon 1:57dan already answered all your question check the knowledge base in the drop downs on the right side