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Update-04/13: I have now answered many of the questions left in the comments section…

Checking in from the absolutely amazing (All of your clothes come out pressed while you shower!!!) 3-story Continental Presidents Club here in Houston, TX. (You have no idea the routings I’m willing to take in order to get a free upgrade to first class…)

It’s my first time back in Texas since my 2 day, 14 flight Texas sized marathon some 13 months ago.

Anyway there are some really great fares between Continental (Cleveland/Houston/Newark) and United’s(Chicago/Washington DC) hub airports and Brazil, which is normally a very expensive place to fly to. For anyone looking for an amazing vacation there I’d be more than happy to share what I learned during the year that I spent there…

Be sure to come back for regular posting as soon as I get over the jetlag!

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Brazil is awesome…
However, I can’t go because I’ve been saving up trip money to go to Israel during the summer.

Speaking of which, Dan, any advice for Israel travel plans? We’re kinda on a Kollel-budget here, and I need to find some sort of deal to the holy land this summer!


amen to that!
how bout a huge post on all things israel?


How can you get free upgrades to 1st class?


Hey Dan,

Postings about Israel should be the hottest topic now especialy with Lag Bomer and the summer coming up where thousands of travelers are going to the Holy Land.

Thnx for youre great work.


Israel is a great topic… I’m sure to enjoy such a post!!


ye, write how to get the most mile for free to israel to best car rentals.. freehotls….


I just noticed that when I was signing up for the United Business card that they didn’t ask me for my mileage plus number. Did any one ever get the miles? If so to where were they credited?


Ye when u sign up for a united business cc they automaticaly assign to you a number then u have to go through a hassle to combine accounts…


I just got tickets to israel for $978-Adult and $898 child directly from el al website but this fare is running out to so the longer you wait the more your going to pay.

Once on the topic with which us airline partner should I collect milage? AA or something else?

Also to get the benefits of the business platnum amex do you have to buy the ticket on that card??

Any other travel tips to israel?

Thanks for everything


pitfan what are the days your going

Pit Fan

3 tammuz for 2 weeks.


Pit Fan:

You can collect ur mileage with either AA or DL.

You must purchase the ticket on the amex plat to get the travel benefits but you do have club entry regardless of wether you purchase the ticket on the card.

Travel tip: use ur *wood points for hotel stay it will be worth it usually!


While were all suggesting different topics… Heres another one..

Why dont you write about deltas horrible point system… You cant a ticket (in normal circumstances)for under 50K!!


dan can you please give some tips and info for isreal in the summer and for a grup and prices and tips please meany peaple want to go



With the AMEX platinum that I recently got, do I have up to a year to cancel so as not to get a 350.00 fee or am i paying pro-rated as I go along?

(yes I know i got 250 already….I still want to know about the annual fee)


OK, lets go in order here for questions that haven’t been answered yet…

Anon-9:28 AM, April 11, 2007:
Believe it or not, I haven’t been to Israel since I was an infant!
While I will look out for good fares, I cant be of much help for plans inside Israel.
That being said, if any experts would like to guest-blog here and make a post on tips and tricks of getting around in Israel please contact me!

Anon-2:04 PM, April 11, 2007:
Continental gives all elite members(even lowly silvers like me) free space-available first class upgrades.
The trick is finding off-peak and non-business people flights where there will be less elites on the flight.

Pitfan-Anon answered you correctly.

Anon-6:58 PM, April 12, 2007:
I did write about Delta’s poor availability already!

Anon-12:08 AM, April 13, 2007:
The amex platinum is supposed to charge you $300 when you first use it.
If it didnt, consider yourself lucky!

Pit Fan

I had the same luck as Anon-12:08 AM, April 13, 2007 and I called them and they said I won’t be charged until the begening of the next year (before which I will cancel if I remember).


would what “pit fan” plans to do work?
and does that always happen, that they only charge you a year after you have the card?


“pit fan” how do you know that when you cancle they wont cjarge you for all the time you had the card??


maybe what you can do is..
sign up for the card… but dont activate it.. then you can get into the lounges… and not get the charge..
“To gain admission, simply present the club agent with your Business Platinum Card, ticket valid for same-day travel on the corresponding airline that is operating the flight, and a governmentissued ID. Your spouse and children under age 21 or up to two traveling companions may join you as guests in the club room.”

Dan, would that work?


The card needs to be active.
When you go to the club they swipe it to charge Amex about $15/person entering the club.

If the card wasnt active I assume it would come back as denied.

The charge obviously never winds up on the statement, nor does it say anywhere how many times you’ve used the clubs.